Keglaw or "Welcoming plains" is a warm terra-type planet orbiting around red dwarf called Keftspfaw. The Keftspfaw-Kefopframin System is located in the Spawnight Galaxy. It's under the monitoring of CBRPD, which is under directive to find, research and protect any planet supplying multicellular life.


Keglaw is a tidally-locked planet, but, even so, maintains a relatively stable climate and has a normal continental drift, on it's unfrozen side anyway. The mix among Keglaw's atmospheric gases is relatively even. It's gravity nears Earth's and Keglaw's two tiny asteorite moons maintain average monsoons and ocean streams across the planet. Keglaw has a very noticable anti-cyclone on it's warm side which brings a constant dry and sunny weather. The Keftspfaw's light reaches Keglaw in specific wavelengths resulting in most of plant-equivalents being yellow, brown or yellowish-green.

Keglaw's atmosphere consists of:

N2 (62.6%); CO2 (23.1%); O2 (14%) H20 (0.235%)

Minor gases: SO2; Ne; Ar


Due to the lifeform duality on Keglaw, CBRPD's local drones are both divided into aquatic and terrestrial as well as amphibic units. Some of the drones are even congregated around the planet's icy hemisphere, probably wanting to find out if there's also a subglacial life on Keglaw.


Keglaw's life, from what has been seen, is often frantic and analytical, each organism being in devoted search for the food it has evolved to digest. Thin armor plates seem to be prominent in various creatures, seemingly prioritized for being used few times and then replaced.

Further elaboration on the organisms will be added later, using separate pages.


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