Keic (or Trethii) is one of the three principal worlds of the Cruzaeik Authority. As its population is quite low- only 1.311 billion Crunati (out of 2.091 Crunati total)- it is mainly an automated world. Its manufacturing areas are in the vast deserts between its crater seas, and the main cities are clustered around the only non-crater sea on the planet. Though it is a large world, its volcanism is all but dormant.


Mass: 1.5 earths

Diameter: 1.1 earths

ESI: .955

Temp: 14 C average

Gravity: 1.27 g

Atmo Pressure: 1.09 atm

SMA: 0.81 AU

Year: 292.4 days

Day: 13 hours 59 minutes

Age: 5.8 billion years


Keic is 5.8 billion years old, and the Crunati developed on it roughly 2.2 million years ago. They were mainly herbivores, but developed enzymes for processing meat along the way. They became the dominant species on the world. Two major things separated them from humanity's path: One, they were often less warlike than Humans. Two, they developed solar collectors before drilling for oil. Notably, there is more of a supply of oil on Keic than on Earth, as it is 1.3 billion years older. They created the Cruzaeik Authority- then named the Crunati Authority, of course- in their year of 1755. In 1762, they developed and sent their first manned vehicle to their primary moon. It orbited far closer in and had a thin atmosphere, allowing the craft to use much less propellant in their rocket, which was a multi-stage jet/rocket vehicle named the Phennir-Timste.

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