Kepler-22b is an exoplanet discovered in 2011.


It was the first Earth like exoplanet discovered, it orbits a Sun like star known as Kepler-22 which is located in the constellation Cygnus.

Because of its sheer size, some scientists weren't sure whether it was terrestrial or a Neptune-like gas giant.


An unmanned probe was sent to Kepler-22b in 2230 and arrived in 2231. The planet was shown to indeed be terrestrial and even have a large ring system surrounding it.

Scans also showed that the planet has a very thick atmosphere, having temperatures up to 153.7 °C. Kepler-22b is also very stormy, having rain and a plethora of thunderstorms and strong winds in its atmosphere.

Later on, a deep sea probe would be sent there to study whether or not there is life there. Sadly no life was ever found and the probe was eventually crushed by the underwater pressure before it could even reach the bottom, which was stronger than Earth's, considering Kepler-22b's enormous size.

Oddly enough, Kepler-22b seems to be the only planet in its system. Some think that it might have started out as a rogue ice world that was eventually caught by Kepler-22's gravity. Others speculate that it may have been created from various forming planets which would explain its size as well as being the only planet around its star.

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A close up view of Kepler-22b's atmosphere.

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