Kesi Valu is Cloderia's most technologically advanced space telescope. It operates like Earth's Hubble and has helped the Cloderians, as well as the other members of the Alliance Of Four, to map out portions of the universe. It is even able to observe star systems in a neighbouring galaxy.


Kesi Valu, Cloderian for "Solar Wanderer", is the most famous of Cloderia's artificial satellites and, to this date, the most technologically advanced. It has a diameter of 7.7 m and a launch mass of 25, 167 kg.

It observes the universe on a massive scale and sends high resolution images back to the planet it orbits. It has been operational for over a 100 years (Earth years) and has not yet needed any maintenance.


Kesi Valu's main body is held together by four krokerin rings. Krokerin is as strong as titanium, but lighter in weight. These rings gather solar energy from both Celestara A and B to power up the core.


The core is made of krokerin and diamond, just like the telescope's "eye". It generates power to the thrusters (the light blue dots on the outer ring) to make it able to manually steer the telescope. The core also powers up the outer ring's defence system.

Outer Ring

The outer ring should be a mandatory part of all orbiting telescopes; it generates a force field around the telescope that protects it from meteorite impact.

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