Although they are common referred to as a single species, the Ketla-Anea are actually two separate subspecies of a now-extinct intelligent species known as the Tarillo. While very similar physically, the two species do differentiate in a few key ways. Ketla, who evolved closer to the poles of a newly-warmed Tarille Major, developed thicker fur as well as tougher skin to help survive the cool temperatures. Having evolved closer to the equator, the Anea lost most of their fur, while also developing larger skulls for an unknown reason. Despite these differences, cross-breeding between the two species is still possible and bears no troublesome side-affects.


Both subspecies have two hind legs as well as two "arms". These arms can be used for quadrupedal walking and running, but nowadays are most commonly used as arm-equivalents. Ketla-Anea possess three eyes each, but some Ketla have developed a fourth "eye" that only sees in infrared, which likely evolved as a way to better detect predators in the cool, polar regions of Tarille Major.

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