Hoodsticks form a taxonomical kingdom in which alien organisms, different from the planet's algae and fungi live. There is only one species living today within this organism kingdom. The ancestral hoodsticks resembled strange totems, roughly resembling humanoid facial features but they didn't have actual mouths, eyes or hair. They moved in a rotating, flinging motion like sticks when they're thrown. It is though that three pronged tentacles at the one end sprouted out of a highly more stronged absorbent field then the two pronged ones. Hoodsticks hoods were always faced towards the direction the hoodstick is spinning so that upon collision, the hood would minimize the damage. It's DNA strand had become more compact to avoid getting injured and fit within the protective membrane. Hoodsticks had several chromatophores found in their fossilized imprints, leaving the impression that they were very colorful, possible to confuse attackers as the colors would blend together while the hoodsticks were rapidly spinning. Hoodsticks were also capable of repairing some of their internal organelle and cytoplasm membranes but only if they were able to stop spinning. To do so they would spin towards and land into mud like walls to still themselves. Then after the rest, Hoodsticks needed to move on and stirred themselves around until they were free.

Inheritable traits: Five tentacles across body, speed increasing striped and elongated organelles, two hardy hoods, chromatophores, partial regeneration when dormant.

Species found within this taxon:

A. tegumegero

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