Sugarfloats are kingdom that includes a minimal amount of living multicellular beings. They resemble algae but are possibly more lichen-like given their closest cousin kingdom is fungi. They are implied to be able to photosynthesize but are only able to do so while retaining a somewhat small size and pale color. They have improved their ability to float and are able to travel very long distances through tunnels while surviving obstacles like debris. Sugarfloats are able to specialize in all kinds of niches which highlights their potential for making a diverse evolution tree. Unfortunately, considering the following history, it seems that some catastrophical event, rumored to be a temperature or atmosphere change, rendered this kingdom nearly devoid of species. One particular species at the moment Algacircumella sp. has been researched and preserved.

Inheritable traits: Photosynthesis, multicellular anatomy, lichen-like body, proficient drifting,

Species within this taxon:


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