Kingdom of Savarah is an anarchy nation, no leader no king and no government, but they ruled by themselves by all citizens, they not what you think they still have sacred law. Why? But before anarchy era, it was monarchy with king as the head of the nation, but this system was slowly decaying untill no one was the king and the government had corruption. The nation formed after the second dark age by united various of small states, after uniting they have the conflicts with elf nation in trade benefits. This nation formed by human race gathering into first human nation on 50,000 BCE. Name "Savarah" come from distortion of Chava the homeland of native savaran. Maybe there will have a monkey base civilizations.

Nations in the past


Δ 3,792 BCE The origin 

The conflict between states is growing more violent, that usually happen, But it too much for Tasuka Alderra the first king of savarah. He wants to end this loop, he do it carefully to make sure that war doesn't happen by him, he and his followers slowly destroy that states from inside. They are destroyed and replace by Nation of Savarah. He want to be a king, so he establish himself to the king, he also become the first king of Salvaiti dynasty, and rename his nation to The Kingdom of Savarah.

Time has passed, many kings were in the position, Savarah are slowly growing, some conflicts happened but not that violence. 1,452 years later Savarah start reunited every human nations, it take 40 years to complete

Δ 2,300+ BCE The end of dark age

About 252 years later, A Sotailia company, they make warp engine, unite with another companies to find their true home world. Later the government support them. They use technology that used for collect exotic species to find the home world (Earth). To find a small planet located in the vast space is impossible mission, but the company team believe it possible even it take 10 million years. They develop the way to faster finding, they found that way, then they send a few ten thousand of space ship to find that planet.

+280 yrs Few discovery spaceship lost or destroyed 

+1252 yrs They reach Laniakia super clusters.

+1269 yrs They reach Xa'thin colony

+1,284 yrs They found Earth that has perfect environment for humans but it 33 billions light years away. And path to the Earth. Bnd take a year to travel from The Corner of the universe to the Earth. And charge energy 15 time. With their current technology they can only travel in spacecraft straight for 2 billions light years with 100% energy. Their spacecraft also know as the most advanced high tech spaceship. 

+1,286 yrs First discovered spaceship that reach Earth lost signal because. They died from mosquito and deceased in Amazon rainforest. And head quarters of discovery team cancel mission to find true home because they found it. 

+1,287 yrs another team reach Earth and pick some samples from Earth back to Savarah. But not found previous ship but Babylonian civilizations instead. 

+1,287 yrs samples reach Savarah. 

+1,290 yrs Laboratory with samples from Earth leaked. And bacteria and virus from Earth infect half trillions people. And simple cold kill about 12 billions people because they don't have immune system to protect against infection from Earth but from Heriam. 

+1,290.25 yrs The scientist found the way to fight infection from Earth. 

+1,300 yrs // 2,000 BCE The researchers go to live on Earth to study their culture , religion , language etc. But they need to inject vaccines before going to Earth. And there is a new subject call Terranology.

1,998 BCE  Someone bring clothes from Earth to Savarah and it becomes fashion. And they found that ethanol(alcohol) is drinkable.

1,979 -- 1,969 BCE They catch many Earth animals specie to Savarah for reproduce and study. And Savarian on Earth has trouble with their blue-green hair. 

1,950 BCE They built temporary base on earth and charger along the path from Savarah to Earth. And Terran-Savarian hybrid appears. 

~1,940 BCE Someone take Terran to visit Savarah. (Terran-Savarian hybrid family)

1,000 BCE They abducted some Terran to study Earth inhabitants. And pet cat because popular. And start copy Earth environment project. 

540 BCE Buddhism become popular. And build permanent base in Himalayan mountains range 

0 CE Some Romanian see Savarah's spacecraft as bright spot above the place that inhabitants call "Canaan" at night. 

33 CE Someone bring Christianity to Savarah using social media.

40 CE Christianity become popular. 

132 CE They finished to copy Earth environment to their planet. 

201 CE Rice products become popular 

312 CE Rainforest from Earth take over native forest in dozens of planet 

1,200 CE Some savarian that permanent inhabitants on Earth use her technology to destroy witch hunter in Europe . This is first appearance of savarah technology to Terran but they don't understand that things. 

1,995 CE They stole 10 square kilometers of each forest , jungle , woods etc to study and plant them in Savarah colony.

1,999 CE They move Himalayan base to back side of the Lunar. Because development of local technology. 

2,012 CE There are 1,520 Savarian and 12,430Terran-Savarian live on the Earth. Most of them live in Australia.

2,019 CE Terrans explorer found 4,000+ years old spacecraft with human skeletons inside in Amazon rainforest. It confused Terrans very much. (first Savarah discovery ship that landed on Earth)

Δ Present day (Jan/01/2020)


Δ Present day (Jan/01/2020)

 It vastly unfinished now 

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