Once a small religious group of humans on Agsia, Kirisin is now a fully flourished religion with over a trillion followers inside the Milky Way, and remains inside the galaxy.


Originating on the E-Class world of Agsia, and with help of the Agsians, the religion has no belief in a god but rather it believes the mysterious dark matter that engulfs the cosmos is a way of sensing past and future events, communicating telepathically and experiencing visions. It is all written in an ancient book by Arella, the daughter of a king that once lived on Agsia. The book has no confirmed title but it describes a story of how the Humans evolved and what led to the formation of the religion.

The ending of the book describes Arella suffering a dramatic vision as she wrote the book. It mentions a world ravaged by storms constantly and then a tall, dark figure who attempts to assassinate her. Many to this day believe dark matter was the culprit of the vision.

Visions vary from mere seconds to minutes. They can predict any future event that involves the person experiencing the vision. To an outside perspective, the person would appear to be unconscious and unable to move, until the vision ends.

Telepathy hasn't been proven scientifically or religiously but many claim it has worked for them.

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