Kito (or RS 1186-1407-7-504692-20 5 in is a warm E-Class world and one of the colonies of the Clospet.


Kito with it's biggest moon Riku


Kito is the fifth planet of the Harissi system. It supports both marine and terrestial life. It's semimajor axis from Harissi is 0.473 AU. It is around 4.288 billion years old and has a total of six moons, one of them is a temperate D-Class world called Riku.


Surface diff-1437484559

Map of Kito

Kito has a diameter of 11783 km with a mean temperature of 105°C. Its day length is 1.133 Earth days. It orbits it's parent star in 142.865 Earth days.


Kito's atmosphere consists of 71% nitrogen, 28,9% oxygen, 0.09% carbon dioxide and 0.01% neon. Despite it's temperature, water doesn't vapor as quickly as on Belef or Noma.


When the Clospet colonized Kito five thousand years ago, life only existed in the oceans. By the time Kito was fully colonized, the crime rate on Belef increased in a relatively short period of time. Since there weren't enough prisons on Belef and Noma, the government of the Clospet decided to make Kito a giant prison.

The way prisoners on Kito are treated was enough to scare all criminals off. Today, Kito is not used as much as it used to be. However, some politicians from Noma are currently in prison on Kito due to a independence movement which they supported.

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