Kitoripaosia and its rings

Kitoripaosia is a Class O planet, or a water world. It is 0.579 AU from its homestar at the furthest point of its orbit, and 0.563 at the closest distance, its diameter is 22957.027Km, gravity is at 1.243g`s, Kitoripaosia has 7 natural satellites, 5 of which are asteroids, the other 2 are large Selena worlds. Kitoripaosia also has a large atmosphere, pressure is around 1800x on its surface than Earth. It is home to the young hive mind race, Gitorak`s, aquatic lifeforms that look like a combination of a whale and a jellyfish, the planet is unique due to the fact that life originated in its atmosphere and gradually migrated downwards towards the oceans, due to this there are massive forests floating above the planet and forests floating in the seas. this has made the Gitoraks call their planet Kitoripaosia, or `the world of air and sea forests` in their language. Also Kitoripaosia has a ring system, after the collision of 2 small drawf planet`s on a trojan path with Kitoripaosia, the remaining debris was launched to Opotrau, but a large portion was also captured by Kitoripaosia and remained there till this day.


Kitoripaosia formed 4.8 billion years ago. during this time it was really, really hot. around 1.3x the temperature of the sun, however it started to cool quickly, while cooling it captured 3 moons, however due to their unstable orbits 1 moon was flinged into deep space, only to be captured by Opotrau, that moon was Arantia. Eventually Kitoripaosia cooled to 400 degrees, here a small crust developed, and volcanic activity was common, due to the extreme amounts of gas spewed out of these volcanoes a thick atmosphere developed, here abiogenesis appeared and life suddenly sprung up in its atmosphere, due to the cooler environment in the atmosphere first life did not fry up quickly, here life then spread in the atmosphere and evolved into millions of animals and plants floating in the atmosphere, soon the planets surface cooled down to comfortable levels and life migrated downwards, soon the oceans had life and the first of early Gitorak evolved. When Gitorak evolved, they were young but strong. with a hive mind spreading across the planet, due to combined brains the Gitorak developed the first trace of sapience, this is where Gitorak history begins...


the ecosystem of Kitoripaosia is large, extremely large, about 3.4 billion species exist on the planet. From the incredibly massive space hugging hitorais to the ocean skimming liaps. the world has made an image in the galaxy of lisandor. The most unique group of species on the planet are the `Tivorks`, species that are part of this group live in orbit around the planet, in extreme swarms these lifeforms float and soak up the light given off by Kiyret, converting the energy into matter using special converters in their bodies. due to this these species can convert the sunlight into the required elements they need to survive. The planet has unique forests not known to others, flowting forests. due to life evolving in the atmosphere first, primitive proto-algea forests were common 700 million years after life first appeared on Kitoripaosia, soon enough. macro life developed soon after and the proto-algea sky forests soon got overtook by larger, more complex plants. after a few hundred million years life started to migrate downwards, eventually reaching the `surface`, life then evolved from living in the sky to diving in and out of the sea as the water protected them from predators or for sleeping, though predators soon developed aquatic abilities. after another few couple million years, half of the planet`s life was now fully or partly aquatic, and large underwater forests, either floating or anchored to the planets core, were really common on the top layers of the ocean. After a few hundred million years, a species known as `Hirioaaisa` or `Young mind` in the Gitoraks language, evolved, it had the ability to bond and share thoughts with others of its species. over another million years its young hive mind ability improved on itself until it gave way to the Gitoraks, and then Gitorak history begins.

Gitorak Culture

Gitorak`s do not worship any god, nor do they believe in any mythical entities, their civilization has evolved to that point were they are all fully atheists, however. It doesn't mean they didn't believe in gods in the past, in the past the most widley known religion was `Hitura`, where there were 9 gods, each to represent the elements in Gitorak mythology, Wind, fire, water, air, darkness, light, storm, wave and life. Each god has 1 friend and 1 enemy, the chart for each gods enemy and friend goes like this: fire hates water, and is friends with Wind. water hates fire, and is friends with wave. wave hates storm, and is friends with water. storm hates wave, and is friends with darkness. darkness hates light, and is friends with storm. light hates darkness, and is friends with life. life hates air, and is friends with light. air hates life, and is friends with wind. wind hates water, and is friends with Fire. air has no friends, so he constantly batters water so water is too weak to fight back. this was the early understanding for why there were extremely massive waves and superstorms in Kitoripaosia. Hitura still lived on even after science showed how come waves and superstorms happen. But like the rest of religion on Kitoripaosia, it died eventually. however a special `day` is commenced every year for the Gitoraks, where they celebrate and remember the old ways of Hitura.

Kitoripaosia surface


The landscape of Kitoripaosia is all ocean, no land at all. the ocean`s are nearly 100km deep, due to this the pressure on the bottom of the ocean`s compresses the water into exotic ice IV. however massive waves are common on the surface of the ocean. the liquid the ocean is made of is water.


The weather on Kitoripaosia is the same all around the planet, its temperature is around 80*C and massive waves pepper its surface due to the fact there is no land to break up the waves. It has double tides but since there is no land there was no such thing as `tides` in gitorak understanding before they discovered gravity. Hurricanes are common due to the high heat on the surface of the oceans and the colder air at the higher altitudes mixing together into extreme winds that swirl clouds into `superstorms`, life on Kitoripaosia has evolved to dive deeper into the oceans while a superstorm is overhead, while plants have developed thick root systems that are both strong and flexible to overcome extreme stress...

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