The Kodhak-Pacuan Wormhole is a wormhole stretching over 13 million light-years, linking the Milky Way galaxy to the Rentxo galaxy. The wormhole opens from the Milky Way's Ratyi (of the Khodak system) and terminates at Rentxo's Nova Rexina (of the Pacuan system). The wormhole also functions as a trade route between the two galaxies.


The Kodhak-Pacuan Wormhole began construction after the Second Galactic War. Spearheaded by Terragen Co., the project was one of the largest civilian construction projects in human history. For a time during the late 99th century, economies of entire planets were dedicated to the construction of the wormhole. After its completion, the new gateway allowed pioneers and other explorers to exploit and colonize the new frontiers it opened.

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