Kohults are the inhabitants of the ice giant Jarekal. They're a very secretive species but there are many reports of sightings, yet every photo captured of them is either corrupted or blurred. They seem to have the ability to teleport anywhere at will. And they've made an electromagnetic field around a star so strong that it rips ship's electronic parts to pieces if it gets closer than 1 ly, yet it doesn't seem to affect their electronics (this is a rumor, it is unknown if this is true). The picture was taken by a Human named Ratur (last name unknown) while taking soil samples off the planet Vinusis (or RS 8414-42-5-11558-148 6 in After he took the picture the creature literally disappeared to thin air. Even though they look like they would murder you if you got close, there are no reports of them attacking anyone, they mostly just... vanish. The ''ropes'' probably make them able to fly, or levitate.

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