Kolatio (or RS 8409-3620-7-552241-294 4 in is a temperate E-Class world in the Milky Way and homeworld of the Gratuas.



Kolatio is located in the Josa system and orbits it as the fourth planet. It supports both marine and terrestial life. It's semimajor axis from Josa is 0.589 AU. It has about the same age as Earth, but has seven moons in total, one of them is a selena called Viven.


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Map of Kolatio

Kolatio has a diameter of 9456 km with a mean temperature of 16°C. It orbits itself in 21 hours, 13 minutes and 49 seconds and its parent star in 187,207 earth days.


Kolatio's atmosphere mostly consists methane interacting with ultraviolet radiation of its parent star making it appear purple. It has an atmospheric pressure of 0.833. Its atmosphere is very calm, so there are no storms on the planet.


Kolatio is the homeworld of the Gratuas, a species which just entered its age of space exploration. The landing on its biggest moon, Viven, is just about to happen. Other animals, such as beings similar to Earth's elephant, live in the cold ice deserts of the continent Baridas. Ocean life developed just fine since the planet mostly consists of water.

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