The Koraux is an apex predator, native of Planet Astrion, but has been imported to several planets, mostly terraformed ones following the Astrion model. Koraux exist in several planets, mostly inside the Empire of Mankind's territory. They can be seen in Meldan, Elpida, Efesus, Alma, Eyen, Hangulia, Tarnis, Hamlet, Monka and many more worlds.


It is similar to a Saurus reptiloide of warm blood, they lived independently and alone for most of their lives. They are very territorial and is considered dangerous to be around Wild Koraux. Some of them have been domesticated and used by several High Families, most notably the Dalvan Family. The Koraux is in fact the emblem animal of the House.

Koraux are said to be very strong animals, with a very difficult will to turn around, sometimes stubborn and very powerful and majestic in their attacks.

They have a lot of strength and Humans usually fear them and avoid them, but the Koraux rarely targets humans as they are too small to feed itself, and prefers larger preys.


During reproduction time, the female enters a reproductive cicle in which it gets fertile and liberates several substances and hormones that attract males. Once the male has fertilize the female, he remains closeby until the female lays the eggs, around 29 Astrion days. The normal amount of eggs is between 1 and 5, being normally 3. Then they will protect the nest and incubate the eggs up until several months until they hatch. During this time, the male is in charge of Hunting and taking the food to the female. Once the issue is born, the male leaves the family and the Female is back into the lead. The Male may stay for up to several days until the new saurus are a bit more grown and independence but if the male doesn't leave, the female usually expels him from the nest. The Female would hide the family and go hunt on her own and come back. While she is not hunting she will be alongside her issue.

For sometime, especially during the late childhood of the Saurus, once they are about to get adulthood, they go hunt with their mother in order to learn the techniques and get practice. Once the mother considers their children to be big enough, she forces them to leave her territory and look for one of their own. The Saurus may join a group of young saurus for a while before they become fully independent and leave on their own.

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