"The Heart of the United Alliance and the Jord Nebula, it is among the most diverse worlds in the entire Galaxy and even the Universe. Here species from all over live in harmony and peace as equals and friends. A model for all that stability and prosperity can endure in this limited Universe. A possible Utopia for all. Kreon is a rich dense world, where everything can be found if it exists" - Scientist and Explorer Lisa Martinez
Its the Capital Planet of The United Alliance, located in the Nanda System, in the Lewis Galaxy. Today it's an ecumenopolis that evolved from an arid planet, colony of the back then, Lewis Federation. It's famous for its diversity, with several alien species living on the planet.

The planet was originally an Arid mining colony of The Lewis Federation, that lied in the Jord Nebulae. It was isolated from the central worlds of the Galaxy, on the fringes of the Federal space. Nearby colonies had also been established as well as some being settled by other alien races.



Kreon before becoming an Ecumenopolis (west side)

Originally, it was an arid planet, right before its surface was overshadowed by skyscrapers and mayor titanium buildings. In spite of being arid and with very few vegetation in its surface (liquens and barely anything else), it had huge deposits of drinkable water underground and a huge amount of mining resources on its surface. The water deposits were actually vast and deep oceans, kilometers below the surface. This could hold without problem a colony of the Lewis Federation, even if apparently, it lacked drinkable water.

The mining resources made the planet economically attractive. The surface was rich in iron, copper, and many other less common minerals. There were also some gas deposits. All this resources were exploited by mining and extracting companies, attracting many settlers from all over the Federation to this new "El Dorado". Even today, those vast mineral resources are still exploited.

The climate was arid, but temperatures were somehow low, but not too much, and the climate wasn't too dry either, what made life possible and bearable at ease for the settlers of Kreon, although liveable was still somehow harsh. Some areas even were tundric, with snow in the northern and southernmost latitudes. With the Urbanization process, the climate changed a bit, raising temperature and making it more comfortable for live. Due to this, summer is hotter and winter less cold than in the pre-urbanization days. The planet lacks big precipitations, being those pretty rare and concentrated in two separate months of the year. However, the Atmosphere is solid and clouds are common, with many cloudy days covering the skies in many areas. Fog is common in the Poles and the nearby latitudes but quite rare in other areas of the Planet.

In the few areas where the native oceans keep coming up to the surface, green oasis formed, but there were just few locations where this happened. Nowadays some of this areas have been preserves as Domes, usually called "Gardens" by the locals, being the only lungs of Kreon where mass urbanization hasn't really happened and are the only beacon of natural native live remaining in the planet. This areas are still urbanized around and are the most expensive neighborhoods of the Planet and the entire Nation, where only the richest citizens of the United Alliance can afford to live.


The Planet was first discovered by imperial scientists, but due to its far distance, the planet wasn't really mapped or deeply explored. Federal scientist where the first to actively execute exploration missions sending human vessels and other robotic missions to explore the habitable planets of the Jord Nebula, including Kreon. It was rich in resources so a big Federal program was established to settled and exploit the rich area. Kreon was first thought of being unsuitable for live or lack of prosper, due to its lack of drinking water until further exploration was carried out and vast amounts of water where discovered underground.

The Colony was founded by the Lewis Federation in 100 366 CE. Some mining companies where granted rights to operate in the planet, and thus, they were charged with the task of recruiting and bringing settlers.

With time, the Colony of the Lewis Federation prospered and kept growing in population and importance. Many cities were created, but the economy kept relying heavily in mining and extraction. Export of drinkable water was also a source of income, as well as Chemical and Industrial conversion of some mined or extracted resources. The Colony was a place of refuge, almost lawless since it was far from the Lewis Federation nucleus, and was located in a growing area of colonization on the fringes of the nation, in the Jord Nebula.

The Planet was a new opportunity haven for the poor and the most disfavoured people, looking for jobs in the mining industries that allowed them to prosper. The Planet was a chance for many to start all over again. Thus many cities and settlements began to flourish all over.

The planet wasn't pleasant, due to its aridity, and is sparse vegetation, being living conditions quite harsh in the early days. That made the Kreonians be famous as hardworking and strong people, as well as entrepreneurs. Several mining companies, like "Ypsilon", were born and developed here. This multinational operates still internationally in many planets, and its still one of the biggest mining companies in the Lewis Galaxy (and other Galaxies) and one of the biggest multinationals in the United Alliances.

Government and History


Kreon before becoming an Ecumenopolis (front)


Kreon before becoming an Ecumenopolis (east side)

The Planet was ruled by a series of Big Guilds that operated in each town and city. All together formed a planetary council known as The Guild Council. Every member of the Guild was elected by citizen vote to represent the interest of each citizen field of work, such as mining, Trade, chemistry, gas extraction, food production, distribution, hospitality, defense medical care, etc.. . Each settlement was more or less represented in the Planetary Guild council. One of the members of the Council was elected by its peers to represent the interest of Kreon in the Parliament of the Lewis Federation. Different tensions and conflicts between the Guilds and the interest of the Lewis Federation kept growing, and independence theories and ideas kept growing among the inhabitants of the planet as well as other Federal colonies in the Jord Nebula. This led to the War of Independence. Other non-human planets in the Nebula had the same issues and resentment against their nations and had also common interest with its neighbors in the Jord Nebula. So this Alien Planets also join the War of Independence. Other independent colonies also joined.

This Alliance between the planets defended the interest of the inhabitants of the Jord Nebula against the power and might of the Galactic powers.

The Federation was the most active in the suppression of this rebellion but the area was remote, less known by them than known by the locals, and several attacks and guerrilla tactics ended up with several defeats of the Federation fleet as well as other nations that also tried to bend its rebellious colonies. All planets in the Nebula joined military and economic forces to defeat their attackers, doing it so with success. All planets united in Kreon to sign the Independence agreement with a pact of mutual perpetual alliance against their enemies, joining forces and strength to gain their independence.

This event marks officially the birth of the Alliance and made Kreon the Capital. War proved to be difficult and devastating for Alien and Federal forces. The inhabitants fighted fiercely, and when attackers disembarked in Allied planets, they had to face strong opposition of the locals, with guerrilla and revolts, that proved unsustainable. This with the retreet of many of the Alien nations as well as the defeat of Federal navies in space led to the surrender of the Federation.The Federation and other Powers reunite in Kreon to sign peace with the United Alliance and finally recognise them as a nation.

The members later on, also signed the common United Constitution, making them an official separate and multispecies Country.
The Alliance was first known as the Jord Union or the Alliance of the Mining Planets, but when independence was finally signed, the name finally changed to The United Alliance, since not all planets belonged to the Nebula, nor all where anymore only mining planets. Every planet still holds much independence in many aspects, with several joined policies and actions, that have worked as a federation.

Kreon quickly became a center por the Companies and Businesses that did not wanted to pay tax on the other big nations on the Lewis Galaxy, since by that time, it was a rather small new nation. Also many companies were born from the new needs of the nation. The policy of open borders for migrants, was a magnet for refugees and migrants from all over the Galaxy and from other distant Galaxies as well. This made Kreon a very diverse world, with many intelligent species from all over the Galaxy and the known world living together. In Kreon, this led to a population explosion and economic boom, that made the density of population increase so much that the surface started to be urbanized more and more, and by 112 966 CE, it had already become an Ecumenopolis.

Today, Kreon is the most important planet of the United Alliance and in it is to be found the Huge Parliament of the Nation, the government Body of the Country and the Chancellery. Kreon hold many multinationals and other main public organisms as well as many state building and key departments. One of them is the National Bank.



The Planet holds 1 Quadrillion inhabitants, making it the most populated and dense world in the entire Lewis Galaxy by far. It makes up to 2,5% of the total population of the United Alliance, and has a huge amount of Alien species living in it. This massive concentration of population is among the most diverse in the known Universe.

In the Alliance, Slavery is completely forbidden, however it still exists undercover, and Kreon is not an exception for this, with many slaves smuggled into the Planet illegally.

The use of narcotics and other drugs have been in use since the times of the colony, but are also consider quite illegal, with only some permitted. This has put the use of them under a strict scrutinium by the authorities. Still thousands of illegal substances flow into Kreon by local bands.

About 33% of the Population is made out of Humans, 11% Aldorians of many nations, 9% are Arati, 8% are Murban, 7% Krizik, 6% Phindorians 5% Xa'Thin 4% Noraki, 3% Thesoki, 3% are Koor, 3% Shevins, 2% Yoldar, 2% Arong, 2% Assor, 1% Cristallus, 1% Klakhun, 0,8% Rhesans 0,5% Ugira, 0,4% Ko'rr, 0,3% are Serpentine 0,2% Xorthons, 0,2% are Ugnara, 0,2% are Seekite , 0,2% Werryn, 0,2% Krin, 0,1% Nok’Chu-Raa, 0,1% Korkas, 0,1% Th'ega, 0,1% Taans, 0,1% Ror Units, 0,1% Meerkeethus, 0,1 Haggard, 0,1% Antitine, 0,1% Yakon, 0,1% Zaxava 0,1% Euphorion, 0,1% Capi-Oblivione, 0,01% The Ringvarite, 0,05% Gunvixa, 0,0002% Klopn, 0,00003% Paxites etc...

The emigration to the planet was massive and thousands of people coming from other nations looking for liberty, a scape way or a place to start again settled in the Alliance and Kreon. The U.A was sparsely populated and thus had little migrant controls to attract new settlers. Kreon due to its wealth and quality of live presented many attractive opportunities. Not only migrants from other human nations like the federation came, also from the empire and the Plutocracy of Gish, or Aldorian citizens, like escaped slaves or the poor.

  • Humans: They make up to 33% of the population. They are the most common species in the planet, being the founders of Kreon as settlers from the Lewis Federation and later on, other human settlers from other nations came to live in the planet. Also humans from other United Alliance worlds came seeking opportunities to the planet.
  • Aldorians: They are the second most common species in Kreon, and one of the most common in the United Alliance. They make up 11% of the population. The first Aldorians came in the time of the colony, as refugees or ex-slaves scaping from the Aldorian High Kingdom and other Aldorian Nations. In fact, much of modern Aldorians are descent from ex-slaves who run away. Some other Aldorians came looking for trade, such as some Inosh from the Aldorian League, settling in Kreon and making commercial districts that endure to this day. Since the colony times, when Kreon was a lawless place of the Federation, many Uhara Aldorians settled here as mercenaries, smugglers or criminals. Some still take care of underground illegal business such as gambling, gun dealing and drug commerce. Some other Aldorian migrants from the Confederacy, the Dominum and other nations have migrate here in search of new opportunities. Some are internal migrants from other Aldorian member planets of the United Alliance. They are known as snobby and arrogant, since they are founding members of the United Alliance and believe themselves superior to the other migrant or immigrant-descendent aldorians, even if they make the majority nowadays.
  • Arati: They make up 9% of the Population. Some came from the Arati colonies in the Jord Nebula, with some migrating directly from the Arati nation, seeking opportunities and prosperity in Kreon. They have manage to make one of the most numerous species in Kreon, due to the Arati being native to the Lewis Galaxy and their planets being nearby Kreon and the United Alliance core worlds, while other species have to come from other Galaxies.
  • Murban: They are 8% of the entire Population of Kreon. They move to the planet for economical reasons, with some coming from member planets of Murban origin in the United Alliance, and some directly from the Murban nation. They have manage to settled in Kreon as scientists and high skill workers, famous for their efficiency they have manage to climb the social scale, with many being among the richest families in the Planet.
  • Krizik: They make up 7% of the total population of Kreon. Up to 30% are migrants or migrant descent people from the Krizik Dominium, 23% can trace back to the Krizik Regime and 22% to the Krizik Stratocracy. 25% came from inner Krizik planets, founding members of the United Alliance. Most Krizik came here looking to make fortune in Kreon, specially from the Regime and the Stratocracy. Nevertheless, the Krizik from the Dominium came as mercenaries or running away from the oppressive rule of that nation, searching a better live.
  • Xa'Thin: They were mostly attracted by economic opportunities, due to its high degree of urbanization and population. Many migrated from the Xa'Thin Commonwealth and the Confederacy, while some were brought directly by authorities to help on the urbanization process of the planet in the early days.
  • Noraki: They make up 4% of the Population. Due to their advance technologies, some of them have made Kreon their home. Some come from member Noraki planets of the United Alliance, while others, specially the less favour ones in Noraki society have tried to start again in this country and specially in the capital, Kreon.
  • Koors or Koorians: Are a species from Koor, that they call K'stoor, and make up 3% of the entire planet population. Most of them are escaped slaves from the Aldorian Nations. When Neikoor was created most of the Koor from Kreon left and its percentage drastically dropped. Still, some Koor remained in Kreon and are a dynamic species within the society of the Planet. Most speak aldorian tongues even to this day, but most have abandoned their Aldorian languages in favour of Kreonese. The Koor species has 90% of its population in slavery with 10% of them living in freedom. Out of this 10%, most live within the United Alliance, with some others living in the Aldorian Confederacy. Very very few live in the Lewis Federation. Most of the Koors on Kreon and in the United Alliance are the descendance of ex-slaves, escaped from the Aldorian Nations.
  • Shevins: Made out of 3% this species came to Kreon seeking opportunities to prosper. Some came as builders and designers for expansionist projects in the Planet and for the construction of the future Ecumenopolis that Kreon is today. As a result, most stayed and made Kreon their home.
  • Cristallus: They are 1% of the population, came as traders, inmigrants looking for new opportunities and as refugees seeking a new home.
  • Klakhun: They make up 1% of the population. Some came as volunteers looking for a new live outside the borders of their nation. But most came as ex-slaves or escaped slaves from other nations (Mostly the Aldorian Nations), with some being brought directly to Kreon as slaves and sold in the black market. Most ended up being freed sooner or later by authorities, with some still living under a slavery status.
  • Ko'rr: They are 0,2% of the Population and came to Kreon after contact from the U.A with the Ambrosia Galaxy. This led to many species flocking into the Planet either to trade, or to look for a better live here.
  • Rhesans: This species makes 0,8% of the planets population
  • Serpentine: Made out 0,3% of the entire population, they came through Kreon, thanks to commercial contact with the Ambrosia Gallaxy. Some came to live in the Planet as traders and diplomats, while others simply looked for better opportunities here.
  • Ugnara: This species makes 0,2% of the planets population, and came here after contact with the Ambrosia Galaxy. Most came as traders, but other came to start a new live in Kreon.
  • Th'ega: They make 0,1% of the Population. This species was brought here by the Aldorians of The Aldorian Assembly of Clans, after raiding Kavla and its colonies in search of slaves to sell on the black market. Most of this lots ended up being sold in the United Alliance, smuggled illegally as luxury items due to the harsh penalties imposed on illegal slavery in the nation. Some of the lots were sold on to other Aldorian Nations. Some of this Th'ega on other Aldorian Nations, scaped later on and ended up settling in the United Alliance as scaped slaves and refugees, mostly in Kreon. With time and the aid of local authorities, most of the Th'ega enslaved in Kreon proper ended up being liberated and continued to live as citizens of the U.A in Kreon. Their numbers increased steadily during the following generations. Others left the Th'ega nation voluntarily and settled in quite small numbers in the U.A, due to curiosity, work, technological and scientific investigation and cooperation agreements or as traders, right after contact between the Intergalactic superpowers and the Th'ega Nation happened. This powers took them far beyond their actual colonized territory, with many ending in Kreon, where they settled.
  • Paxites: These are an artifical species that were created by the Samians, in order to assure the survival of the Samian Hivemind. But when they were discovered by the Di'Vaornians and Nar'Gorrians, most of them were taken into the Silver League, while only a small group of them fled to Kreon to live in a more democratic society. Their population here on Kreon numbers at 30, making them one of the most endangered life on the planet. 
Kreon view

The Kreon cityscape with Nanda sitting on the horizon

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