The Krins are an alien race from the planet Telyra in the NGC 4725 galaxy and are part of the Cooperative Triple Alliance, alongside the Oneru and the Chukulakans.


Their heads are "longer" than a human's head and have rather "flat" faces with four eyes and a mouth on them. While Krin lack noses, they do have long tongues that are able to pick up senses, similar to snakes on Earth.

Like Humans, they have a heart-like organ located in their chests, pumping green blood around their body. They also have a really strong skeletal structure, being able to survive a 40ft drop without fracturing. The low gravity of their homeworld only increases this advantages.

Krins are omnivorous although they mainly subsist on fruits and insects, using their long tongues to catch insects (similar to a lizard).


The Krins culture is a peaceful and unified one, focusing on wellbeing and technological advancement. As a race, the Krins welcome anyone to Telyra and have no concept of discrimination. A single monarch rules their planet, residing in a palace among the purple forests.


The Krin started out as beasts inhabiting the purple forests of their homeworld, living off plants, insects and small animals. Slowly, they began to evolve into the Krin, becoming more intelligent and forming tribal societies over millions of years.

7000 years ago they built small villages amongst the wilderness, similar to 17th century Earth.

2000 years ago they reached a state akin to early 21st century Earth, sending out probes to explore their system's other planets with manned stellar travel still being in its infancy. Their places of residence were moved out of the forests and into the deserts in order to let nature continue without disruption. Ancient villages have completely rotted away, the land they were built on, reclaimed by nature.

120 years ago, they start exploring further into space, colonizing planets beyond their system.

They eventually made contact with a group of Oneru who had escaped their war-torn planet in search of a better home. The Krin took in the Oneru and after translating was finally competed, they set off to Ubeleth to try and stop all the wars happening there. When arriving, much of Ubeleth had recovered and then allied with the Oneru, discovering the Chukulakans not long after, eventually founding the CTA with the Oneru.

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