Krom is a lower-class terra, with a biosphere, and a hydrosphere. So far, Krom is lightly inhabited, and a massive terraformation overhaul is being set into action.

Krom houses countless interesting creatures, which will be described below. These creatures have been reported to be very unique, and beautiful.



The Rainbow Birds inhabiting Krom are very strange, as their feathers have an anomalous property that makes them act like the skin of an octopus, or a squid. This lets them camouflage very well, but they are normally in a state where they exhibit rainbows that move around on their feathers.

An autopsy of these animals show that their feathers have countless little receptors on them, which allow them to change color at will. The Rainbow Birds are also proven to be very intelligent, comparable to a crow on Earth.


Titans are large creatures that stomp around Krom. Titans can be an upward of 30 meters to 120 meters in height, and their skeletons have light bone, that can crumble if exposed to >0.2 atm. As a result, their bones are protected with thick hide, which is a sort of exoskeleton, because of how strong it is.

Titans are known to be very docile, and unique in size and shape. Some titans can look vastly different, yet they can still reproduce with any other one. How they achieve this is largely unknown.

The Titan population is at a maximum of 250 at any given time, and they have been known to reproduce once every 300 years. How they have a long lifespan naturally is unknown.


A grainy image of a Titan, and holocopters observing it. This titan is the largest known to date, and has had many tissue samples recorded of it.

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