The Ksel'Tyct system is a binary star system consisting of the M7.4V Red Dwarf Ksellia and a L6.3V Brown Dwarf Lootyct. It was the first system colonized by the Nuq'Aks outside from their home system in 8,923 CE.


In total, the system holds 17 planets along with their moons and two asteroid belts. One of those asteroid belts orbit the barycenter from a distance of almost 1000 AU instead of a star, and holds several isolated, privately-owned habitats.


Ksell'Tyct System against the galactic backdrop. The grey dots are the outer asteroid field. Ksellia is the blue coloring and Lootyct is a faint brown dot next to it. The light brown coloration is the gas giant Ksell'Tyct Ys

One of the planets orbiting Lootyct is a Class-O Planet hosting unicellular life. However, when the Nuq'Ak colonized the planet, they introduced their aquatic animals and plants which fluorished in the relatively similar environment.

The Nuq'Ak built several oceanic cities on the ocean planet, along with multiple space colonies in the asteroid fields and the orbit of various moons. The total population of the system is estimated at 2.5 million Nuq'Aks, 1 million of which lives in space habitats.

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