The Kulkin, also known as the Siliks, are a race of sentient silicon-based organisms from the Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy. Not much is even known about them in the modern day, apart from the fact that they reproduce via large "manufacturing wombs" located on planets or in deep space. The Kulkin have also threatened the Milky Way in the past, primarily during the Phoenix Incursion.


The Small Kulkin ship. Armed with one light-heavy central laser, and some turret installations.


The Large Kulkin variant, with the largest being up to one kilometre in size. Armed with one medium-heavy central laser, and numerous small turret installations.

Anatomy & Silicophysiology


The Kulkin Capital Ship, a 3.5 kilometre long leviathan. Armed with one turbolaser central cannon, various turret installations, and six "gravblade" defense arrays.


Artist's representation of a Kulkin Cube floating in space, after its ship was blown apart.

The Kulkin come mainly in the form of featureless polyhedrons, ranging from complex and intelligent great disnub dirhombidodecahedrons, to the most lowly, gigantic, and numerous spheres (excluding Central Unit 0, who is a great disnub dirhombidodecahedron about the size of a Jovian planet).

Each Kulkin has a Mainframe Power Core that holds both its fuel levels (pure hydrogen in endless fusion and fission) and its sapient memory. These power cores are normally situated in the axial and primary center of a Kulkin carapace. The Power Core is made from pure silicon, and the light seen emitted from the Power Cores are photons released from data storage and fuel exhaust.

The carapace/exoskeleton of the Kulkin are ironically made out of many non-silicon alloys, despite the Kulkin being silicon-based. This is from the accretion of non-silicate matter from wandering space and planetary bodies. The Kulkin's "cells" (which are comparable to nanobots rather than organic cells), made from silicon, aggregate the matter into strong chemical alloys, strengthening the outer shell of each Kulkin from outer space's many bombardments.

Instructions to construct the Kulkin are concealed in chemical bonds within Kulkin nanobots, similar to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). However, instead of carbon's 4-valence bonds, it is replaced with silicon's similar 4-valence bonds.


A Kulkin Power Core's neurode (neuron) under a microscope. Note the photon trails that carry information to other neurodes.

Culture & Government

The Kulkin are coalesced into a loose hivemind, with the leader named "Central Unit 0" ruling from the center of the Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy. Every Kulkin Mainframe has a connection to the Central Unit through a variety of wavelength broadcasts; the most common broadcasts being sent via radiowaves. However, during the Phoenix Incursion, messages were sent via gamma rays in order to scramble human interceptors and decryption intelligence.

Central Unit 0 has been claimed to be the First Kulkin, which makes it God to the Kulkin race. As such, all Kulkin will gladly commit geno/homo/suicide in its name. The official nation united under Central Unit 0 is named the "Kulkin-Silika Hegemon", where the Kulkin united with the now-extinct germanium-based Silika (a few Silika are in existence, although not enough exist to propagate successfully; the Silika were named so despite being germanium-based due to the Kulkin's wishes to assimilate them).

The Kulkin effectively control the entirety of the Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy, although a few carbon-based client states exist on the dwarf's fringe systems.

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