Kyra is an E-class moon orbiting the gas giant Hyperbius.


It was was terraformed by humanity into an Earth-like paradise in 3381.

Vast grasslands and small forests span much of the continents as various animals were transported from Earth to live here in a more natural environment. A lot of them are slightly shorter than there counterparts on Earth due to the slightly stronger gravity. The same goes for the humans living here as well.

It's weather is usually calm with the exception of hurricanes and thunderstorms every now and again, but aside from that, it has a summer like climate.

Kyra is considered to be a backwater world and is a quiet and peaceful place to live. While still part of the Confederacy, the people of Kyra don't take part in wars or trade with other colony worlds and limits the number of people who can visit or stay.

It makes for a nice holiday spot as well as somewhere to get a way from the struggles of everyday life.


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