Lacaille 8760 4 map

Map of Lacaille 8760 4

Lacaille 8760 4 is a E-Class without life and have 4 satellites (asteroids).

The planet is tidal locked from Lacaille 8760, in the night side, the surface is icy and a huge hurricane in the day side.


Located at 12.87 ly from Sol System, it has long been a terraforming project in 3942 CE[1] but was abandoned because the government say it would be pointless to put a colony in the near because in case of invasion of the Sol System would require far enough to refugee settlement, already they had colonized Proxima Centauri System for military installations originally[2].

However, there was some cities constructed with a dome where breathable air along the transition day/night of the planet in 3954 CE and next to sea, ocean and river in the day side 4012 CE.


As said above, there are some cities in transition and next to sea, ocean and river.

In 5000 CE, the population was recorded in 1.4 billion inhabitants according to the census.


  1. CE : Common Era (according to Timeline)
  2. According to the page Proxima Centauri.
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