"While we completely understand what you are offering, we respectfully decline. The Crown Jewel is only 150 light years in size - if we DID join, what could we offer? We WILL NOT be joining the Confederacy."
-Lanoo LVII, refusing the offer of joining the Confederacy of Borealis.
The Lanoir Confederacy is a tight-knit group of planets encompassing the entire globular cluster NGC 362, called the Crown Jewel Galaxy and contains at least 90 space-faring member planets, as well as a few planets that do not yet have their own warp drive. Under the laws of the Confederacy, and similar to the Contact Directive, no species under Confederacy rule is allowed to contact these "Special Status" planets. The punishment for this is the commandeering of the offending species' homeworld, which is basically putting an entire planet into quarantine. The length of this quarantine depends on the severity of the infraction. The Confederacy takes such breaches extremely seriously, as they want to welcome them into their confederacy when they "come of age", but disrupting natural progress to that end is frowned upon.

Confederacy heads vehemently refuse joining the Federations of United Star Systems, and, by extension, the Confederacy of Borealis, stating that by doing so would lead to the fragile coalition here fragmenting at best, and outright collapsing at worst. Even promises of protection against would-be enemies would not sway them.


The Crown Jewel initially was not a good candidate for a spacefaring nation. Further research, however, proved that notion was incorrect as there was a thriving confederacy in the cluster, bolstered by the size of the cluster itself. It takes approximately a week to traverse, with the fastest warp drive available to the Confederation, which makes trade and diplomacy between planets almost effortless.


Lanoo, capital world of the Confederacy, and moon Leshooq

Confederacy Laws

Like all nations, there are rules within the confederacy, and there is a limit to the size and speeds of warp drives that can be manufactured, to keep the Confederacy off the radars of hostile beings. Current regulations are as follows:

Warp Drives

  1. No warp drive capable of breaching the confines of the Confederation shall be constructed, and so must offline themselves when passing between the outer Fringeworlds border and the Wilds, to be onlined again when safely inside of said border.
  2. Warp drives must have a maximum speed limit of 1 Lanoir, which is the amount of time it takes to cross the Confederacy in a week, and must not operate outside the confines of the Confederacy.

"Special Planets"

  1. Special Planets are planets that have advanced life on their surface, but do not yet have their own faster-than-light travel method. Inter-system travel is excluded in this definition, even if said travel method seems fast enough.
  2. If this statute is breached, the offending partied will first be warned. If it happens again, their planet will be commandeered; the length of which is equal to the severity of the infraction.
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