The Large Magellanic Cloud is a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. From Earth, it is found in the southern hemisphere in the constellations Mensa and Dorado.


While it is a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, the galaxy, which contains over 10 billion stars, is observable from Earth as a faint cloud and is one of the few galaxies visible with the naked eye in dark areas. It is the largest satellite galaxy of the Milky Way and has been subject to colonization and integration by the Confederacy of Humanity immediately after the Second Galactic War. Even prior to the use of wormholes, several long-distance warp expeditions had reached the galaxy and several systems on the edges of the galaxy had been colonized (the minimum distance between the two galaxies is less than the width of Milky Way).

During the 9th to the 15th decamillenium, the Ysau Republic which is based on the outer rim expanded throughout the core, slowly dominating the central area with about three and a half million colonized systems among the many billions in the area. Around this time, the Confederacy of Humanity was also expanding in the galactic southwest, setting the large Tarantula Nebula between the human and the Ysau space. After the outbreak of the War of the Decamillenial Transition, the Ysau emerged relatively intact in comparison to the shattered humanity, and Ysau began to expand slowly into said nebula. Major border disputes are present particularly between the Ysau and the Piray Empire

While the Ysau Republic is currently the dominant power in LMC, there are multiple large interstellar civilizations around the less-dense fringes of the galaxy, including the vast human space and the loyalists of the Confederacy of Humanity.

Lmc map

Rough political map of the Large Magellanic Cloud. Stars which are not marked could be uninhabited, pre-interstellar, or part of a civilization too small to include in this map. Territory corresponds to the approximate zone of control from claimed and explored stars which do not coincide.

Alien Homeworlds

Almost every galaxy in the Universe is home to an alien civilization, including the Large Magellanic Cloud.

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