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Slave world of the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres and homeworld of the slave race Seni.


A temperate E-Class world located 1315 light years from Algwethmai, Leracesi (RS 8584-63-7-947994-88 in 9.7.3.) has a diameter of 9358.4 km giving it a gravity of 0.7. It orbits its parent sun at a distance of 0.5 AU giving it a year length of 146.2 days. The day length of the planet is the least earthlike at 4.9 days. The world has four moons The planet, along with the system, is 7.8 billion years old.


With a mean temperature of 24.7 °C and an atmospheric pressure of only 0.14 the planet has a stable climate that has taken billions of years to stabilize in the thin atmosphere, which despite the thinness has a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere.

The world has many small island continents separated by a brown ocean filled with life. The land is forested with thin tall trees whose large leaves protect the native inhabitants from their native star’s radiation.


Currently the avian Seni are a loyal species to their masters, helping build colonies on other planets for the CIS as well as being loyal tacticians in the few wars. They worship the Githu, Hakoduil and Ingla as their gods and faithfully serve them in all aspects.

The planet is inhabited by 413 million who now live in large cities and have since embraced technology. The deal made with their ‘gods’ was that at the local age of 30 (12 Standard Years) the young ones are taken and placed in service to the CIS. They serve the CIS until they turn 80 (32 Standard Years) or unless their masters release them early. They then return to their home world to create a family.


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Leracesi Map

Due to the longer day, evolution took much longer on this world. The Seni’s first modern day ancestors appeared over a million years ago on one of the western continents.

The Seni spread across their brown oceans to settle other nearby islands and continents. They remained hunter gatherers due to the abundance of life in the oceans, which is where the carnivorous Seni usually fed from.

When discovered by the Githu over three thousand years ago, the Seni were still a primitive hunter gatherer species and had evolved a good intellect as well as amazing stamina. The Seni also had a pantheon of gods that they worshiped daily. The Githu saw the potential in manual labor. And, posing as gods, landed and established them as a slave species.

The Githu helped the Seni spread to other empty continents on the planet in exchange for the Seni’s help in building colonies on other worlds and serving as tacticians and spies due to their amazing hearing.

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