Boasting a population of 132 million, the capital of the entire Th'ega Federation is well-known amongst the Milky Way's galactic community as a gleaming metropolis full of bustling circular boulevards and busy markets. As with most iceberg cities, Li'ion is divided in layers or tiers. Being a larger city that extends from the surface of Kavla to the seafloor, there are 3,038 tiers - with each one being about 1.2 kilometres tall. Four full tiers on Li'ion are dedicated to one, 178-or-so kilometre square marketplace known as the Xrestol Asthetol, which is about the size of early-21st century Washington DC. The following chapter about the Bazaar is an excerpt from Alinis Zhang's best-selling book, A Traveller's Guide to the Th'ega Federation.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Li'ion's Upper Tiers

Upon landing in one of the dozens of hangars that dot Li'ion's first tier (locally known as the Xekstiy Lionstis), I was immediately greeted by swathes of merchants frantically trying to persuade tourists like myself to purchase extravagant jewellery and cheap street-food. The smells of spice and the briney sea mixed in the bustling streets and could still be smelt from my hotel room's balcony (from which I could also spot some low-flying airships!). As you may have noticed, the overwhelming majority of hotels have "xestiy hasym" in their names. The closest English translation for this would be "smart" as in "smart television" and indicates the hotel's rooms have touchscreen walls that can be used to place games, do work or watch films. I was pleasantly surprised to see this bonus feature - that is normally found in some of the Commonwealth's best (and most expensive) hotels - in such a low-price Inn.


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