Liminibus is the only human inhabited world in NGC 4926B. It is located in the Caskerobis System, within the small Urina Cluster in the Second Quadrant of NGC 4926B. Liminibus is one of the outermost worlds that has been colonized by humans.

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Liminibus was formed more than 331 million years ago. Single cell life formed 177 million years ago, and then multicellular photosynthesizing life arose 278 million years ago.

Liminibus has been known to humanity since 2102, having been discovered by NASA. It was named after Linda Liminibus, who was the governor of the American state South Dakota at the time of its discovery.

The first spacecraft to reach Liminibus was the unmanned probe called Tiller of Soil. The first human to set foot on Liminibus was cosmonaut Srirasmi Derfkins in 2339.

Humans colonists began to arrive on Liminibus in January 2398. These first Liminibusians set up the settlement New Mumbai, after the city of Mumbai on Earth. Jiang Li Martinez was elected as the first Gubernator of Liminibus.

In 2448, the people of Liminibus celebrated their 50 year anniversary. By then, the population had increased from 1,500 in 2398 to 13,800.

In 2531, all but one species of the native Liminibus life went extinct. The only remaining species, the fern-like Dongflorps (Dongius Florpia), survived only because the people of Liminibus cultivate it for food.

Being one of the more far flung colony worlds, Liminibus did not see much growth for 1000 years until humanity began spreading out farther into the universe. Liminibus experienced a population boom in the early 37th century, when the number of inhabitants rose from 121,000 to 4,901,000 in a span of thirty years.

In 3654, the Union of Humanity (one of the successor states of United Earth) experienced its 11th major economic depression since it was founded in 2997. For this reason many worlds under UH governance seceded, some becoming independent single-planet nations, others forming new coalitions. Liminibus, with its newly gained wealth and economic power, was one such planet that seceded. As is natural for humans, a bloody civil war was fought among three factions: the Union of Humanity supporters, the independent Liminibus supporters, and Boronskepp Corp, a corrupt business conglomeration known for exploiting entire worlds for labor and resources (see: the Terbavush Conflicts). This nine year long war that was called the War of Three turned into a stalemate, and all three factions divided up Liminibus into three entities: The Free Nation of Liminibus, who fought for liberation from the Union of Humanity, the Autonomous Province of Liminibus, under control by the UH, and the Boronskepp governed Liminibus Special Administrative Zone.

The tenuous peace among these factions did not last for long. In 3688, the Boronskepp Corp declared war on the Union of Humanity to claim its part of Liminibus. The UH at this time was fighting several other rebellions, and Liminibus was much too far out of the UH's reach, and suffered defeat in the August of 3695. This war, called the "Struggle for the Liberation of the Oppressed" by Boronskepp, and the "Heroic Defense against Boronskepp Expansion" by those who were on the opposing side, and the Union of Humanity - Boronskepp War by those who wish to remain neutral, was even bloodier than the War of Three. The Free Nation of Liminibus declared war on Boronskepp for the UH's side, but pulled out in mid 3690 when they realized how much stronger Boronskepp had become. Though the UH side fought til the bitter end, inflicting several thousand casualties on Boronskepp mercenaries, they ultimately were defeated in the Battle of Kemperlu on the 3rd of August, 3695. The UH Chief Administrator of Liminibus, Carol Dewhite Sploogehead, was executed summarily after she signed the UH Liminibus Instrument of Secession. And so Boronskepp Corp became ever more powerful.

Throughout this war, as well as after, the people of the Free State of Liminibus were very much afraid. They feared for their freedom, for the safety of their families, and the security of their future. Once shown that the might of Boronskepp Corp grew each day, President Dermot Eclair declared a state of military awareness. Every able-bodied adult in the Free State was to report to their nearest military base to be trained in the use of arms for the inevitable war with Boronskepp. Weapons and ammunition were issued to every household, and children practicing shooting rifles at school.

President Eclair was well aware that Boronskepp agents had infiltrated the Free State's government. He purged (read: kidnapped and executed) those whom he suspected of espionage and disloyalty. Because of his erratic and paranoid behavior he was quickly impeached and was replaced by Omar Jerfoff. President Jerfoff imposed draconian laws on the people of the Free State. He implemented strict training regimens, rationing of food and water, and expanded the powers of the Office of President, as well as extended the term limit from three to four (a term being five years). He collaborated with the wealthy elite to consolidate his control over the general population. Schoolchildren were extensively drilled to unquestionably obey the government and to turn in any who held negative views of President Jerfoff.

Many felt that the Free State was turning into a dictatorship, and tried to flee the planet of Liminibus entirely, but President Jerfoff declared that no citizen of the Free State would leave Liminibus under any circumstances. Lingering UH agents cooperated with Liminibusians who sought asylum and helped them escape to the Milky Way or Andromeda. Those Liminibusians who were not so lucky to flee had to contend with the ever-growing tyrannical rule of a Jerfoffian "Free" State.

President Jerfoff, as corrupt and cruel as he was, would never allow his little slice of the universe to be taken over by the plutocratic executives of Boronskepp. Commercials demonizing Boronskepp Corp would run on Free State television every fifteen minutes, depicting graphic images of people who were killed in the Union of Humanity - Boronskepp War. Much of the populace became radicalized and nearly every aspect of society was appropriated to the destruction of Boronskepp. It got to the point where expressing non-violent solutions would land one in a political prisoner's camp. One such notable incident occurred in the June of 3712 when a dissenter named Herman Vancher was beaten bloody by the Federal Peacekeepers, the Free State's police force. Protests broke out all across the country, some involving shootouts between the protestors and the Federal Peacekeepers. On 16 June 3712 the infamous Ar Rass Massacre happened, where a three-hour urban battle in the City of Ar Rass resulted in the deaths of 23 protestors and 14 Federal Peacekeepers. President Jerfoff soon learned that giving everyone weapons was detrimental to his aims, and he ordered that only government agents would be allowed to own arms. He issued the Safety Act of 3712 on the 1st of July, ordering every Free State citizen to turn in their government issued ZPOM-17 laser rifle and ammunition. This led to another violent series of riots, which were called the July Revolts. Half the nation called for the resignation of President Jerfoff, while the other half condemned the revolutionaries as Boronskepp sympathizers. The revolutionaries began to unite under a single organization, called the Liminibusians against Tyranny, led by Elisabet Frederica Shah, a Free State senator and outspoken critic of the Jerfoff regime. Senator Shah rallied the LaT to the Free State capital of Kumasi East, stormed the Capitol Building, and apprehended all high ranking Jerfoffian officials, including the President himself.

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Liminibus, 3700 AD (Red - Boronskepp, Blue - The Free State)

Jerfoff was hanged at the Old Derfkins Monument, his noose tied to the massive outstretched arm that pointed forward to the progress of humanity. Drunken celebrations erupted throughout the country, and public shaming of Jerfoff supporters became a Free State pastime overnight. The next morning, on 2 February 3713, Senator Shah was appointed near unanimously as Supreme Minister of the "New Free State."

While all this was happening, the Boronskepp controlled Liminibus Special Administrative Zone had to deal with their own problems. Life in the LSAZ was hard and brutal, as civilians were required to devote the most of their day working in giant Boronskepp factories. The LSAZ was governed (or ruled, as some would call it) by the one who held the office of Benevolent Authoritarian, the ill-reputed Gregory Barney Webstock. Webstock was a major shareholder of Boronskepp, and wielded significant influence within the company. He was appointed to the role by the Advisory Board, the mysterious group that heads Boronskepp. By all means, Webstock was a puppet of the Advisory Board, and would obey as long as he could keep power. At the behest of his superiors, the Benevolent Authoritarian militarized society to prepare for the inevitable war with the Free State. The Liminibus Espionage Agency, established shortly after the end of the War of Three, was known to have funded several separatist groups within the Free State in order to sow discord. These groups would carry out acts of terrorism, such as the infamous "Friobolo Snyper Incident". Two radical Jerfofians, angered by the brutal death of Omar Jerfoff blew up the Bridge of Peace and Love on the Interlim 556 highway with Boronskepp supplied munitions. This resulted in the deaths of 661 Free State civilians and the total collapse of the Bridge of Peace and Love.

In the New Free State, Supreme Minister Shah's regime began to demilitarize, no longer mandating early morning drills and issuing ZPOM-17s to every household, as well as disposing of any of Jerfoff's cronies. One such notable Jerfoffian was Lyman Sandbridge, the Minister of the State. He was able to escape from the clutches of the New State, and though he was conditioned by Jerfoff to hate Boronskepp with every fiber of his being, he defected to the LSAZ, where he supplied Boronskepp with classified information about the Free State.

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