Lioliss (1)

The innermost moon of Nolaxelr, this warm D-Class moon was the ideal location for a scientific colony to be established by the Tkowes.

The moon has a diameter of 9575.4 km (5949.9 mi) and orbits its parent planet at 358464.4 km (222739.5 mi). It is tidally locked to its parent and orbits every 18 hours and 43 minutes. It has a gravitational pull of only 0.32 and an extremely low atmospheric pressure of 0.007 and a mean temperature of around 135.2 °C (275.4 °F).

The world was scouted by the Tkowes forty years before the first astronauts landed on the warm world. A mere ten years after a small research colony was established with the help and permission of the Iruahr. However, in its early years it experienced problems, the biggest one being terrorism from the Cult of Iruahr, a radical group who still believed that the old gods would come back and reset the world back to its former state.

Lioliss Map

Map of Lioliss

The Tkowes and Iruahr are working together to begin terraforming procedures on the moon. In order to begin, they will need to bombard the moon with ice asteroids, introducing cooling water into the atmosphere which in turn will create large rainstorms that will cool the atmosphere drastically. They would then mine the atmospheres of the various gas giants of the system and import a new atmosphere. Then the seeding of the moon could begin.

In orbit of the moon is the outline for a massive space station that can hold both species safety. It should be completed within the next fifty years if all goes according to plan.

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