A list of the most advanced civilizations known to Humanity.

Note: this page only lists advanced alien species, preferably around Type III. Civilizations consisting of multiple species also do not count.


Name Homeworld Home Galaxy
Bolga Unknown Yegassin
Calites Calidium Sombrero
Conqrix Idaris Ida Galaxy
Gorvats Unknown M81
Humanity Earth Milky Way
Kulkin Unknown Phoenix Dwarf
Observers Unknown Voyager
Polinian Polini Milky Way
Xa'Thins Lo'Kira Peleunsk
Xcathli Xcathlia Milky Way


Name Homeworld Galaxy
Anera Unknown Milky Way
Archids Unknown Indulus
First Civilization Di'hwaj (possibly) Milky Way
Tsund Unknown Andromeda I
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