The Local Group is a region of the Virgo Supercluster in the Laniakea Supercluster. It is made up of thirty galaxies in gravitational resonance with each other.


The Local Group is a galactic neighborhood of thirty members. Each of its respective members contains countless worlds and civilizations, with most of the current civilizations existing in a large intergalactic cooperative alliance known as the Local Group Alliance of Mutual Protection.

This region of the universe would be named by the human species native to the Local Group member, the Milky Way Galaxy. It is known by other names from the other major spaces of the Local Group.

It is most notably the home galactic neighborhood of the Confederacy of Borealis and the Commonwealth, two of the most major nations in the Local Universe.

Its members have changed many times throughout the billions of years that the cluster has existed. Several galaxies have collided with each other, forming new larger galaxies.

By the year 300,000,000,000 CE, all of the cluster's current members will have collided with each other. Forming a large spiral galaxy nicknamed the Milkomeda Galaxy. Any intelligent civilization living in this new galaxy will exist in an empty universe, never being able to leave their home galaxy. Assuming they are unable to travel beyond the Cosmic Light Horizon.


Timeline of Major Events

The following is a simplified timeline of events taking place in the various galaxies of the Local Group.

Before Common Era

13,510,000,000 BCE:

10,207,000,000 BCE:

10,010,000,000 BCE:

7,700,000,000 BCE:

5,455,109,000 BCE:

4,853,000,000 BCE:

4,680,000,000 BCE:

4,600,000,000 BCE:

4,570,010,000 BCE:

4,540,000,000 BCE

4,503,000,000 BCE:

4,500,000,000 BCE:

3,586,000,000 BCE:

3,500,000,000 BCE:

3,000,000,000 BCE:

1,700,000,000 BCE:

  • The Anera rise to power.

1,680,000,000 BCE:

  • The Anera and the First Civilization declare war on each other.

1,190,000,000 BCE:

4,000,000 BCE:

  • Kya fully evolve on Europa.

2,000,000 BCE:

  • Humans fully evolve on Earth.
  • Life forms on Providence.

813,986 BCE:

557,141,000 BCE:

200,000 BCE:

  • Modern humans appear on the Earth continent Africa.

Common Era

1789 CE:

  • Humans discover Enceladus.

1846 CE:

  • Humans discover Triton.

1930 CE:

  • Humans discover Pluto


  • Humans land on Luna.

1973 CE:

  • First human probe reaches Jupiter.

1989 CE:

  • First human probe reaches Neptune.

2004 CE:

  • Humans discover Haumea.

2005 CE:

  • Humans discover Eris and Dysnomia.

2006 CE:

  • New horizons is launched.

2007 CE:

  • Humans discover Gonggong.

2011 CE:

  • First human probe reaches Vesta.

2013 CE:

  • Humans discover Aeros.

2015 CE:

  • First human probe reaches Ceres. First human probe reaches Pluto.

2024 CE:

  • Orion III mission is sent to Luna.

2025 CE:

  • Europa Clipper is launched.

2026 CE:

  • Humans discover the Kya, answering their Eternal Question.

2029 CE:

  • Humans land on Mars. Transit to Proxima is written.

2032 CE:

  • Fort Jupiter is established on Luna.

2035 CE:

  • Cassandra Goodman is born.

2039 CE:

  • Last human mission of Mars is launched.

2045 CE:  

  • Kuiper Belt Exploration Programis launched.

2057 CE:

  • First human probe reaches Helion.

2059 CE:

  • Humans land on Triton.

2060 CE:

  • First human colony is established on Pluto.
  • Humans send probes to the Proxima Centauri System.

2061 CE:

  • Humans send several probes to Eris.
  • First Human colony is established on Triton.
  • First human colony is established on Charon.
  • Humans land on Aeroes.

2064 CE:

  • First human colony on Eris is established.

2066 CE:

  • First human probe reaches Haumea.

2073 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Aeros.

2079 CE:

  • Humans send an expedition to see if the Sol System holds a ninth planet. Instead, they discover a black hole, now referred to as P9.

2090 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Ganymede.
  • Humans discover Simud.

2100 CE:

2142 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Luna.

2158 CE:

  • Humans attempt to put a moon around P9 but fail.

2170 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Europa.

2187 CE:

  • First human colony is established on Vesta.

2132 CE:

  • Humans find life on Enceladus.

2141 CE:

  • Cassandra Goodman dies.

2173 CE:

  • Aeros is terraformed.

2195 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Callisto.

2233 CE:

  • Mars is terraformed.

2251 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Titan.

2255 CE:

  • P9 Research Station in orbit around P9 is evacuated and falls into the black hole

2267 CE:

  • Luna is terraformed. Ganymede is terraformed.

2272 CE:

  • Europa is terraformed.

2290 CE:

  • Callisto is terraformed.

2321 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Mercury.

2335 CE:

  • Mercury is placed in orbit around Venus, turning it into a major moon.

2431 CE:

  • Titan is terraformed.

2501 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Simud.

2613 CE:

  • Mercury is terraformed.

2674 CE:

  • Evidence of the First Civilization is discovered by humans.

2752 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Io.

2811 CE:

  • Simud is terraformed.

2990 CE:

  • Human colonists of Pluto are relocated so the Confederacy of Humanity can use the dwarf planet as a weapon testing plant.
  • The Pluto Vault is constructed.

3000 CE:

  • Triton population reaches 25,000.
  • The United Republic of Space Settlements dissolves.
  • The Confederacy of Humanity is founded,

3008 CE:

  • Human mission to the Carina Nebula arrives.

3021 CE:

  • Vulcan becomes the first planet of the Sol System.

3047 CE:

  • The Zyvoori construct a base on Fidani.

3089 CE:

  • Humans discover the Zagrei System.

3090 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Kogaion.

3093 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Sabazois.

3100 CE:

  • Humans colonize Zalmoxes.

3112 CE:

  • Humans begin terraform Semele.

3124 CE:

  • Humans colonize Viana Prime

3127 CE:

  • Humans discover Mirana. Small human expedition is sent to Mirana.

3128 CE:

  • Humans discover Zyvoori.

3131 CE:

  • Io is terraformed.

3147 CE:

  • Human settlements are built on Mirana.

3164 CE:

  • Construction of Crystalia begins.

3190 CE:

  • Kogaion is terraformed. Humans begin to terraform Bendis.

3214 CE:

  • Crystalia is constructed on Mirana.

3241 CE:

  • Construction of Andvari's Ring begins.

3352 CE:

  • Semele is terraformed.

3360 CE:

  • Andvari's Ring is constructed.

3567 CE:

  • Bendis is terraformed.

3600 CE:

  • Humans begin to terraform Ceres.

3695 CE:

  • Ceres is terraformed.

4000 CE:

  • Triton population reaches 1,000,000.

4112 CE:

  • Aeros' stock collapses.

4212 CE:

  • Aeroes regains its economic footing.

4500 CE:

  • Humans discover the Gigantorua system.
  • Human probe lands on Varronviola.

4518 CE:

  • All of the Gigantorua System is explored and discovered.
  • Plans for the colonization of the warm terra planet Terragaea begins.

4525 CE:

  • Terragaea is colonized by humans.

4530 CE:

  • Terragaea population reaches 2,000,000,000.

4540 CE:

  • Poletritonia is colonized by humans.

4560 CE:

  • The Anti-Gravitational Metropolis Project is launched in attempt to make Zeuterharide habitable.

4600 CE:

  • Gigantorua System population reaches 15,000,000,000

5000 CE:

  • Gigantorua System population reaches 100,000,000,000

5200 CE:

  • The Anti-Gravitational Metropolis Project is completed, with a network of floating cities within the atmospheres of Zeuterharide, Saturielis and Sandostorma.

5500 CE:

  • The Conglomerate of Poleitritonia finish the creation of the Poleitritonian Utopia, creating two DOME cities which encapsulate the entire peninsula of the ice continents in both poles, while simultaneously creating societies underwater as well.

5678 CE:

  • United forces of Sabazios and Semele defeat the Najmuththaaqib.

6000 CE:

  • The Conglomerate of Poleitritonia sends a team of scientists into the parent body of Poleitritonia, Neptsaraset.
  • Scientists working for GAIA are sent to Desparitus, Scorcaduna and Aphrodision to study its atmospheric compositions and study Gigantorua itself.

6010 CE:

  • The Gigantorua System boasts a population of 200 billion people.

6100 CE:

  • Barronviola is colonised by GAIA; its low gravity of 0.47 g allows the colonizing peoples to travel in flight exosuits, protecting them from the high temperatures. This, coupled with its purple skies during daylight, makes it a prime tourist destination.
  • The Conglomerate of Poleitritonia colonize Neptsaraset.

6150 CE:

  • The Underground Barronviola Corporation is formed on Barronviola.
  • A movement to introduce water basins underneath the surface to create oasis environments, as well as construct cities underground.
  • The Desert Planet Triumvirate is formed
  • Scorcaduna, Aphrodision and Desparitus unite together under one collective group.

6300 CE:

  • Scorcaduna, Aphrodision and Desparitus have a collective population of over 100 billion people

6500 CE:

  • Briluna and Lunarielus are turned into trading outposts between the four innermost planets, Barronviola and Terragaea. The United Selena Movement is formed between Briluna and Lunarielus soon after. The Alipo evolve gills.

6995 CE:

  • The Conglomerate of Poleitritonia begin to divide into two separate governments after the rapid evolution of Poleitritonians within Poleitritonia and Neptsaraset.
  • Homo Oceanus, a humanoid species which live underwater and have adapted to sub-zero temperatures within Poleitritonia and Homo Desertaru.
  • The Poleitritonians which stayed on Poleitritonia become the True Poleitritonian Movement, while the Homo Desertarus become the Deserted of the Parent Body.
  • Gigantorua system population is at 500 billion.

7500 CE:

  • The Poleitritonian War begins after the True Poleitronian Movement Leader orders orbital strikes on Neptsaraset, eliminating much of its metropolitan population. GAIA begins construction on the Interplanetary Blockade, separating Terragaea, which sports a strong population of 30 billion Terragaean people, and seven other planets, from the conflict.

7700 CE:

  • The Poleitritonian War destroys much of Neptsaraset; the Deserted of the Parent Body begin to invade Poleitritonia in a counterattack that destroys the Poleitritonian Utopia which was created over two thousand years before. GAIA's inaction to protect Sandostorma and Saturielis to maintain neutrality upsets the inhabitants of both planets and divide themselves from the Gigantoruan Association, becoming the Duality Corporation of Sandostorma and Saturielis.

8000 CE:

  • The Poleitritonian War ends abruptly, after the Duality Corporation of Sandostorma and Saturielis seemingly wipes out both Homo Oceanus and Homo Desertarus, proclaiming the destruction of GAIA. The Interplanetary War of Gigantorua begins.

9000 CE:

  • GAIA and the DCSS begin their final battle on the ice world of Plutarorim, where the DCSS are finally pushed back after a 500 year long counterattack which saw surges of resistance from the previously thought dead Poleitritonians united together after over 500 years of fighting and 1000 years of animosity. The DCSS is eliminated completely by GAIA. After over 300 billion deaths and 1500 years of fighting started by a divided Poleitritonian society, the Interplanetary War of Gigantorua ends.

9005 CE:

  • GAIA makes the Underground Barronviola Corporation, the United Selena Movement, and the Desert Planet Triumvirate become part of its branches, finally creating a united government.

9050 CE:

  • To prevent another uprising like the DCSS, GAIA establishes a large military outpost on Plutarorim, built under the Gigantoruan Defense Agreement, to bolster the Interplanetary Blockade, which begins extension.

9100 CE:

  • The Desert Planet Triumvirate's inhabitants are now evolved to the point where they can live on the illuminated surfaces of their respective planets. Barronviola now boasts a large network of underground tunnels which house cities thanks to the efforts of the Underground Barronviola Corporation. It is still a prime tourist destination for most of the system.

9200 CE:

  • The damage caused by the Interplanetary War of Gigantorua is mostly fixed; Poleitritonians decide to revive the Conglomerate of Poleitritonia as the United Conglomerate of Neptsaraset and Poleitritonia, once again uniting Homo Oceanus and Homo Desertarus. Neptsaraset becomes a thriving planet once more.

9250 CE:

  • Triton population reaches 10,000,000.

9300 CE:

  • GAIA completes its extension of the Interplanetary Blockade to Plutarorim and takes the Conglomerate under its command. The Duality Corporation is revived under GAIA, quelling Saturielian and Sandostorman opposition over 300 years after its defeat.

9870 CE:

  • GAIA and its branches join the war against the Molkor, entering the Second Galactic War, its first war after 870 years of peace.

9890 CE:

  • WDS Isvoy is built on Earth.

9951 CE:

  • Supreme Leader Ixxenos is born on Europa.

9970 CE:

  • Supreme Leader Ixxenos indoctrinates his new adopted family to his ideology.

9980 CE:

  • The Confederacy of Humanity discovers the first Anera relic.

10,000 CE -

  • Zeuterharide's, Sandostorma's and Saturielis' floating cities now create an encircled network within the atmospheres of the planets. Population is now 300 billion, following a great migration to other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy after the Second Galactic War, aiding dead worlds to heal again. Gigantorua System population reaches 300,000,000,000

15,000 CE:

  • Humans build a Dyson Sphere around Zagrei.

18,000 CE:

  • Humans on Earth observe Zagrei Dyson Sphere.

19,804 CE:

  • War of the Decamillennial Transition begins.

20,286 CE:

  • War of the Decamilennial Transition ends.

22,000 CE:

  • The Brotherhood of Zalmoxes becomes absorbed in the Confederacy of Humanity.

22,039 CE:

  • Sabazios population reaches 1,000,000,000,000

22,058 CE:

  • Kogaion population reaches 500,000,000.

72,166 CE:

130,250 CE:

  • The Cobweb Revolution begins.

130,300 CE:

  • The Cobweb Revolution ends. Arachnichimps are given the same civil rights as humans.

149,000 CE:

  • An experimental accident on Arachnaschimmia makes Arachnichimps species evolved into the Evolved Arachnichimps.

175,600 CE:

  • Mercury is moved back into orbit around Sol, turning it into a planet once more.

193,757 CE:

  • The Former Mercurian Core is constructed.

200,000 CE:

  • Th'ega experiment with genetic modification to extend their life spans.

300,000,000,000 CE:

  • All of the Local Group collides into one large spiral galaxy, the Milkdromeda Galaxy.
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