A orbital shot of Lonrho's sunward face.

Discovered by a SepMin prospecting probe in 2512 Lonrho ( RS 8409-1353-8-11843533-496 in 9.7.3) a hot S-Class world. It became the company headquarters for SepMin Plc in 2518 and remained the center of operations for 460 years.


When Lonrho was discovered by a SepMin prospecting probe SepMin administrators were astonished at the concentrations of metals on the planet's surface. The planet was found to contain more titanium and platinum metal ores than any other world to date. The planet is a very dense, rocky world. Gravity here is slightly higher than that on earth at 1.3g's. Lonrho closely orbits a Red Dwarf roughly 38 light-years from Earth in the Pictor constellation which causes the planet to be tidally locked. The planet lies between the orbits of two large Jovian type class gas giants. They can both be easily seen from the surface, the inner gas giant occludes the Red Dwarf once every six days and causes a total eclipse roughly once a month.



A crater near the terminator that was marked for a mining platform. Both gas giants can be seen.

The first mining outpost on Lonrho was established in 2512 shortly after discovery and geological surveys of the planet were complete. By the year 2517 robotic mining facilities were operating throughout the planet. In the year 2518 SepMin plc decided to move their company headquarters out of Fort Jupiter and onto Lonrho.

Lonrho population continued to grow over the next 200 years. The majority of the population were employees in Sepmin. They were mechanics, explosives operators, salesmen and office jockeys. Lonrho is completely inhospitable. The surface is either boiling or freezing and the atmosphere is nearly a vacuum. Because of that most of the people lived in domed habitats along the terminator. The largest of these was the capital city of Lonrho and the SepMin company headquarters, New Lonmin.

A 2750 Census of Lonrho showed that the planet had a population of 312,000 SepMin employees. In the mid 2800's the population of Lonrho began to decline, by 2600 the population had decreased by one third, and the census read 209,000 people. In 2680 Lonrho exploded into conflict. Rough estimates say that the first day of the Lonrho riot claimed the lives of 12,000 rioters and security. The death-toll continued to climb for the next 5 days. On the 6th day of the Lonrho conflict terrorist or rebel forces detonated a nuclear warhead in the company headquarters of New Lonmin. With the planet in ruins, and so many people dead from the conflict the planet was quickly abandoned.

For the next 300 years the planet was frequently used as a hideout for various pirate crews or rebel forces. Inhabitants of local systems called the planet the Graveyard of Tyranny. In 2817 a notorious pirate by the name of Carter Ericson operated out of the ruins of Lonrho and became a local menace for several years.

With the formation of the Federations of United Star Systems, security patrols through the Lonrho sector were greatly increased. Scanners were placed in orbit to watch for any pirate or bandit crews who decided to hide in the ruins. Lonrho then became an abandoned, forgotten ruin.


Lonrho is a tidally locked world. It is scarred and pock-marked from meteorite strikes. Meteorite strikes are common as every couple of years the twin gas giants knock several meteorites out of the asteroid belt. It has a tenuous CO2 atmosphere, but its so thin it doesn't do much to circulate heat. Temperatures on the Sun-ward side can reach 400 degrees Celsius while temperatures on the night side hover around -78 degrees Celsius. At times the CO2 solidifies and snows down on the nighttime surface, but it quickly sublimes back to a gas.


A couple minutes before eclipse on eclipse day.

A two hour occlusion from the closer, inner gas giant occurs every six days. Once a month the occlusion becomes a total eclipse. Local calendars used six day weeks following the occlusion schedule and 27 day months following the total eclipse schedule. Its not much, but the weekly occlusion helps counteract the negative psychological effects of living on a tidally locked world. SepMin has generously given the employees every occlusion day off. And payroll lands on the day before eclipse day.

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