Lopawaxeraustenuliusuwer is the 8th planet of the Xahor system.Its a very mysterious planet because of its huge white spots and "tracks". These tracks seem to be about 5 kilometers wide and they are everywhere on the planet and they are in a zig-zag. These tracks as reported by the surface base Lopaw Kale seem to have alot of synthetic rubber and some sort of a synthetic oil in them, the oil is also visble because you can see oil stains on the surface. They also have increased levels of Aluminium and Iron, this discovery leads scientists to belive that there were some sorts of huge rovers on this planet, maybe the rovers were used for mining? Whatever they were used for, it shows that there was an intelligent civilization here with much better tech than Yerts or Weuns. There is currently a space station orbiting Lopawaxer and a surface base.
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