The Losuuai are a humanoid species and the only remaining inhabitants of Bakari.

Physical description

They have four limbs, two eyes, a mouth, a split tongue and reach up to 1.98 meters. They communicate through their mouths, though they prefer to communicate by signs. They breathe the nitrogen in the atmosphere, mixed with a bit of methane. Although they prefer meat, they only get to eat plants. Their lifespan varies between 30 and 46 years.


Before the Angriel-Bakari war in 21153 BCE, the Losuuai had an atheistic culture. They believed that if there was any god, he would help them to deal with their problems. The war was such a problem where a god should've helped them, they believed. Now, the Losuuai are forced by the Tarcav to believe in their gods, which is something they do because the alternative would be death. Some Losuuai are still trying to claim back their independence, but they get killed in public shortly after.

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