“Standing as a bold economic and industrial powerhouse for millennia, Lowrokira has remained in the Universe as a testament to time. As history came and went, Lowrokira was there. As vast changes in the intergalactic climate arose and grew, Lowrokira was there. As the CUEN faced near extinction, Lowrokira was there, and even thrived... During its most troublesome hardships to its most opulent eras, Lowrokira has just stood, silent and peaceful. It baffles me to say this - but I think Lowrokira exceeds even that of Mother Earth herself”

-Donatus Shuker, Leader of the Confederacy of Borealis.


Lowrokira is the fourth planet in the Saykya System, and is the capital planet of the Lowzyol Federation and the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. Lowrokira is one of the most illustrious planets in the Local Universe, as it is the most important economic and industrial center in all of the CUEN. Currently, Lowrokira is the most powerful member of the LZF Core Worlds, and is also the top member of the Commonwealth Intergalactic Council of Planets. In the CICP, Lowrokira makes countless decisions, and its representative is extremely powerful inside the CUEN itself.

Lowrokira is of utmost importance to the Commonwealth, which is a result from its extremely high revenue, historic symbolism, economic production, and booming industries. A myriad of opulent business centers exist on the lands of Lowrokira, which dot the ancient cityscapes. Innumerable by most standards, Lowrokira safeguards the treasures of the planet through honed government forces, as well as privatized corporate mercenaries. 

As a far-reaching and domineering planet in the Local Group, the Intergalactic Council has accepted Lowrokira as a high standing and prominent planet member. Lowrokira officially takes up two seats in the Council High Court, a feat only done by planets as major as Earth or Poratus. Countless major decisions have been influences by Lowrokira's government, including the banning of all sentient-robot-slavery in the Local Group, the banning of weapons of mass destruction, and the creation of an intergalactic police force.

Since The Exhumation, Lowrokira has been put on a ‘High Risk’ alert, as much of the CUEN’s population fears an imminent attack from The Administrator and the The Vlanoan Intergalactic Republic. However, the Quintet Puontari Federation has backed up the Commonwealth, assuring them that good military ties would help Lowrokira stay secure. Every day, countless things coming in and out of its borders are extensively checked for any trace of The Administrator’s reconnaissance programs. Currently, such searches have become seemingly ubiquitous.

Economic Impact

“Lowrokira is respected for countless things… If I were to say what it would be respected for the most, it would most definitely be its vast economic impact. I mean, it's the center of an intergalactic superpower! Of course it’s gonna have a good economy in some way…”

- A certain economics expert, remarking at Lowrokira’s high economic value.

Lowrokira is renowned for its endless economic potential, which is constantly expressed by its enormous specializations in imports and exports. Countless objects go through the Lowrokiran trade line every day, which generates much of the planet’s needed revenue. As a result of its almost infinite earnings, life on the surface of Lowrokira is pristine and highly developed, with minimal hardships ever happening.

Perfect economic status is not only obtained by imports and exports, but also by massive corporations on the surface and area around Lowrokira. Many intergalactic businesses have started on Lowrokira, with their massive headquarters being the complete center for all of their financing and trade between systems. The sheer impact of some corporations has even extended to other nations, like the Federations of United Star Systems or the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye.


Tundra, as a corporation, has been greenlit by Lowrokira in countless ways. From its intergalactic television networks to its massive entertainment and education platforms, Tundra has gifted the population of Lowrokira with amenities unlike any other. Tundra has also given Lowrokira ‘Permanent High Access’ to new technologies, with the newest release of entertainment products always coming there first. The impact of Tundra has increased tourism to Lowrokira slightly, as millions of people come to see the cultural and educational centers which are funded by Tundra.

Since the CUEN branch of Tundra was fully accepted into Lowrokira, a variety of constructs, including foreign and ancient games, started to be sold inside Lowrokira and all of the CUEN. Entertainment and touristic centers were built in the most major cities, soon branching to even rural towns to maximize enjoyment and profits.

Takanashi Antimatter

Takanashi Antimatter has a much more serious approach to Lowrokira, constantly funneling advanced military technology and energy in the form of antimatter to the planet. So far, Takanashi Antimatter claims much of the power grid on Lowrokira’s surface, all controlled by the high quality reserves of antimatter that this megacorporation gives. Takanashi Antimatter, being a rather suspicious but beneficial corporation, has been forced to follow CUEN national guidelines on treatment and quality, which has generated the Takanashi Antimatter CUEN Branch.

While they did not construct it, Takanashi Antimatter upholds and powers the massive planetary megastructure of Brungginkter Molopszia, which protects much of the planet from hostile attacks, and keeps a heavy sense of power and solidarity on the surface. Takanashi Antimatter even lent the CUEN their high quality policing drones, which are sometimes active in the more crime-ridden areas of Lowrokira as a whole.

Quintet Puontari Federation

The Quintet Puontari Federation, shortly after the War of the Ancients, promised to make good with the nations of the Local Universe. After millennia of coaxing and pleading, the QPF has gained a solid foothold in the Lowrokiran economy, constantly supplying the planet with advanced military weaponry, defense technologies, and more advanced computers. This has in turn helped the CUEN branches of Tundra and Takanashi Antimatter, which use this to their advantage.

As of 200000 CE, The QPF has promised protection for the CUEN, offering new and innovative technologies to them. These have stretched to Lowrokira, giving the cities a minor boost in checking for malicious imports, as well as major improvements to policing technology and effectiveness. Crime rate has slightly dropped as a direct result of QPF intervention.

Zythyn Industries

The industrial impact of Zythyn industries is very phenomenal, as countless products from every last corner of the planet are created constantly. From extensive mining corporations to its furiously speedy product companies, Lowrokira has been kept high as a marvelous industrial powerhouse. As many products are produced in clean and efficient factories, there is minimal environmental impact. All mining under the Lowrokiran surface has also ceased, as it has been replaced with asteroid mining and Star Lifting many millennia ago. Since the ancient days of the crude Lowrokiran industry, it has all evolved to become one of the most clean and streamlined systems of production, spanning over thousands of major companies.

Thanzippe & Co

Thanzippe & Co is one of the biggest corporations in the CUEN, stemming from a large headquarters in Lowrokira. Thanzippe & Co has helped Lowrokira by being the one of the top manufacturers for countless products, from cleaning services, to clothing, and construction material. Resulting from its broad selections of products, Thanzippe & Co is also the highest manufacturer anywhere in the Local Group, rivaling that of Tundra in the fields of electronic sales.

Being native to the areas of Lowrokira, Thanzippe & Co has kept a very solid foothold, even since Tundra expanded to the CUEN. Being the center for most entertainment and streaming centers, and holding its diverse markets of everyday items, Thanzippe & Co is by far the most widespread corporation on the surface of Lowrokira. However, Thanzippe & Co is still outproduced by a large mining company named Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining. These two corporations have grown cordial to each other, with one supplying the other useful materials for expansion into other regions of business.

Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions

Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions is the largest agricultural corporation in Lowrokria, and operates in countless cities across the globe. With headquarters all around the Saykya System, Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions has produced countless common and exotic consumables, which feeds all of the populous on Lowrokira. Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions has its most advanced factories and fields in the plains of Vubluagrath, where megastructural farming complexes pierce the skies and dig far underground. Many smaller complexes exist in Toqapkal City, near the commercial center of the city.

Being the primary food source for almost all people on Lowrokira, Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions is the richest corporation on the surface. It is also one of the oldest corporations ever to exist, being around 800 years old. The center of Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions is also famed for its past in agriculture, making tourism increase for the area since this corporation's founding.

Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining

Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining is a very major corporation in the Peleunsk, supplying many businesses with cheap and processed ores and materials. Originating in Sector Toihiri of Solomakusubak City in the ancient days, they have since grown and prospered to be a staggering entity. Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining has also singlehandedly made their entire continent much richer, just from their influence and origin alone.

Trading with high-class corporations like Thanzippe & Co, Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining has gained a very positive reputation in the community of business and companies. These partnerships with other companies also makes Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining a very profitable company, with trade being increasingly more common with other corporations. Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining has a fleet of thousands of ships, all dedicated to the transportation of ores, materials and other resources. They have mining stations in several star systems, including their head office in the Saykya System.

Defense Systems

Toqapkal City Defense

"Brungginkter Molopszia", placed strategically above Toqapkal City. This is the largest feature on all of Lowrokira.

Lowrokira has a large array of advanced weapons and defense systems, mainly funded by the Lowrokiran government. A small portion of planetary defense originates from corporations, seeking to protect their economically valuable areas. The defense system of Lowrokira has been noted to be some of the most fierce networks in the Local Universe, with countless contributions and fail safes. Even civilians have given to the defense network, creating their own defense systems and creating an alarming number of effective low strength weapons.

The Lowrokiran defense network stretches far from the ground, being heavily prevalent in orbit and even in Lowrokira’s moon system. One of Lowrokiras moons, Frasilor, has actually been turned into a giant militaristic moon, with massive and advanced weaponry built on its surface. On the ground, where more conventional weapons are used, things like massive laser arrays and railguns are seen floating above the oceans and low populated areas. These innovative weapons have the ability to melt and destroy many things in low Lowrokiran orbit, driving away potential invaders. In modern day, these ground arrays are usually used for defending against pirates and rogue groups of hostile people.

Major corporations on the surface of Lowrokira have also created a loose but strong section of their own private military, created for the purpose of protecting their valuable assets, and furthermore protecting the planet of Lowrokira as a whole. Large and voluntary personnel sectors are also dedicated to protecting these valuable areas, partially being apart of the corporation while still being under jurisdiction of the Lowrokira government.

As Lowrokira holds close some of the most advanced technologies, these defense systems have kept the planet secure for about 170,000 years. It was not until Commonwealth's Eclipse did they get destroyed, and Lowrokira's symbolic sector of Sector Loikaro got destroyed. Since the tragic events from Commonwealth's Eclipse, Lowrokira has been untouched, save for rare instances of terrorism, which have been reduced in the years.

With terrorism on a downwards spiral, Lowrokira has been noted to be some of the most secure planets in the CUEN. With the CUEN's high activity of government programs, designed to aid the people, crime rate has become very low, and very ethical ways of dealing with criminals are the norm. While other places, such as Poratus of the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye have lower crime, its simply a result of an intimidating amount of police presence. Unlike most other places with low crime, Lowrokira has a smaller-than-average global police force, as it is mostly allocated to Toqapkal City.

Lowrokiran Planetary Guard

"Grit, Perfection, and Toughness... This is the slogan for the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard. And, let me tell you... it fits very well. I mean, you're protecting the flagship planet of one of the most important nations... I remember during my time there, I saw nothing but opulent performance and determined people... People who would no doubt sacrifice a million of themselves for someone else... People with only the highest level of determination... People who expressed excellence in everything that they did. I recall the strict but reasonable teachings, and the near impossible amount of education which we had to learn. So many dropped out, unprepared for being Lowrokira's Guardspeople."

-Kryrono Lomir, Again recounting his experience of the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard before becoming a pilot for the CUEN Space Force. (199937 CE)


A group of Human soldiers, pictured on the surface of Lowrokira. Humans are innately war-like, and as a result have a high curiosity for joining the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard.

The Lowrokiran Planetary Guard is a government funded defense system, which is primarily based on the foundation of conscription. The Lowrokiran Planetary Guard is known to be very gritty and harsh, training their soldiers with ancient but effective methods. Environmental training, technology training, alien language learning, and spotting malicious packages are just a few of the many things that the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard is expected to do. The facilities which are owned by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard are constantly watched, and every trainee to every general is watched constantly.

As the soldiers in the Lowrokiran Planetary guard are protecting the heart of trade in the Commonwealth, they are trained vigorously and endlessly. The process of becoming a low-ranked soldier, (Oom-Lakbita) is hard to the point that only a fraction of the people come in achieve this rank. Many more drop out in the processing of ranking up to a middle-ranked solider, (Rizum-Lakbita) and only the most determined soldiers can ascend beyond this rank. High officials and generals of the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard have been consistent and trained for many decades, with their high status being clearly earned.

With the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard being focused on war-like defense of Lowrokira, many of the participants have been Humans. This is a result of their primal instinct for war and protection, while other Humans have a bigger sense of submission and service. Nonetheless, Humans have had a big influence in the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard. Humans are also the ones treated the most harshly, as their innate sense of determination overcomes many other training procedures.

Comprising about 97% of the total military around Lowrokira, the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard is very influential. Much of the corporate forces of Lowrokira fall under the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard, another reason for its very high influence. Any other kinds of protection are either from foreign corporations, or from civilian networks. The high influence of the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard allows them to thwart pirating and terrorism very easily.


The Lowrokiran Planetary Guard has a multitude of notable bases on the surface of Lowrokira and the Lowrokiran System, with a heavy presence on the dwarf moon system and Keroia. Much of the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard is stationed around this area, controlling countless space stations, trade stations, and overlooking almost all trade which comes in and out of Lowrokira. There are also bases on the surface, such as the major ones on the continents of Tolenthesisk and Pelenthesisk. Many other military outposts exist from the rural areas to the urban areas, scattered around the Lowrokiran landscape.

With a planetary force which extends beyond the Lowrokiran moon system, the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard holds the most presence of any military force in its area. The massive amounts of funding from the CUEN has also given the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard several branches, such as the Vondyan and Holyupsk Planetary Guard. These branches are very much influenced by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard and the Lowrokiran government.

The most dense place with the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard is the Brungginkter Molopszia, the largest defense construct on Lowrokira. Easily visible from space, Brungginkter Molopszia is clearly the central for all of the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard. Brungginkter Molopszia is stationed at the populational and cultural center of Toqapkal City, and the security force has the potential to be very imposing. In space, the most dense area with the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard is the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, a massive wormhole station and checkpoint, which is one of many around Lowrokira. This area has the most dense number of pilots, with the lack of any atmospheric drag around the station. Surrounding wormhole stations are also heavily protected and regulated.

Population Strata

Lowrokira, being a core planet of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, has a very massive population, which has been compounded upon by the many millennia of urbanization. Since the founding of the vast Lowrokiran trade networks, many species from around the Local Universe have come and lived on Lowrokira, giving it a wide selection of major groups on the surface. The large interconnectivity between Lowrokirans is also great, spanning all across the urban and rural regions of Lowrokira.

As the population grew, and many historical events came to pass, Lowrokira has gained billions of people, which thrive on the surface. With its wide array of cultures and groups, the urban and rural surfaces have since turned into many serrated but united groups of Zythyns and foreign species. Cultures are also endlessly expressed almost anywhere. A comprehensive list of Lowrokira's population is below:

Species Homeworld Description Affiliation
Zythyns Lowrokira Zythyns are the native species to Lowrokira, and are the most prominent species on the planet. Being the founders of Lowrokira's government, and heavily influencing the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, Zythyns have become a massive interstellar species. Zythyns are also accustomed to the climates of Lowrokira, which have given them a very distinct stalky and blubbery body type. The freezing temperatures of Lowrokira rarely bother them, with blizzards being commonplace. Zythyns are also accustomed to breathing the carbon dioxide in Lowrokira's atmosphere.

Comprising about 21% of the surface population, Zythyns are the most dominant species on their planet. Many Zythyns inhabit Toqapkal City, the biggest urban network on Lowrokira. The highest percentage of Zythyns in a single city is in Deraokirade City, as it holds many traditional and cultural capitals for Zythyns. Zythyns are known to be very friendly and hospitable towards other species, with most of the population being accepting towards other races. Their friendly demeanor has made them major players in politics and economics, and has allowed them to be a part of the intergalactic community.

Lowzyol Federation
Rhickshans Agroria Rhickshans are the second most dominant species on Lowrokira, being the oldest interstellar species to enter the Lowzyol Federation. Predating the formation of the Commonwealth, Rhickshans have thrived around Lowrokira for many millennia. Rhickshans also have a high compatibility with the climate on Lowrokira's surface, which allows them to prosper alongside Zythyns with minimal assistance. Rhickshans, with their durable limbs and tough skin, have historically been used for the projects of more difficult labor in more underdeveloped areas. Rhickshans are usually praised for founding many cities on Lowrokira for this purpose.

Making up approximately 17% of the surface population, Rhichshans are clearly widespread. Resulting from their long history of presence on Lowrokira, many generations of Rhickshans have risen and fallen on the surface. Rhickshans have also spread out and created many cultures, based on Lowrokira's varying environment and surrounding cultures. The tradition of ancient religion has also been carried by Rhickshans, and a religious influence has been instated among many places on Lowrokira.

Lowzyol Federation
Timporians Poratus Timporians are the third most dominant species on Lowrokira, and are some of the most economically dominant species on the planet. Having a cultural and primal background for trade and bartering, Timporians have been some of the most successful species to step foot on Lowrokira. Joining the Commonwealth amidst its creation, Timporians have existed beside Zythyns for almost all of their existence as a sapient species. Since their admission into the CUEN, Timporians have been known for their specialization into economics. The biology of Timporians prevents them from breathing the atmosphere of Lowrokira, but it has not stopped them from thriving with simple respirators and filters.Most Timporians are of the wealthier class, being able to preform high-paying and high-standing occupations.

Comprising about 13% of the population, Timporians have made a very huge mark in Lowrokira's history. They are responsible for funding revolutionary movements in technology and economy. Having a primal behavior of taking risks, many timeless and historic deals have been made by Timporians. Most recently, Timporians have spearheaded the trade alliance with the CUEN and the Aprax Intergalactic Collective Systems.

Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye
Humans Earth Humans are the fourth most dominant species on Lowrokira, and are very influential around the area of the Local Group. Resulting from their expansionist and kind of nomadic nature, many groups of Humans have migrated to Lowrokira for tourism and for opportunities. An abnormal percentage of Humans work as weapons managers, and as personnel for the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard. This is a direct result from the primal instinct of war and protection for Humans, and it has served Lowrokira greatly. The fragile respiratory and thermal systems in Humans prevents them from living comfortably in the natural Lowrokiran environment. This has caused many housing facilities to be tailored to Humans as a result. Most Humans avoid this by living in the much warmer and highly developed undercities on Lowrokira. The urbanization of Earth has also made Humans very much used to the life on Lowrokira.

Making up about 9% of the population, Humans' hardy and defensive nature clearly does not prevent them from living on Lowrokira. The deep and contrasting creativeness of Humans has also let them explore many vanity jobs, such as art and architectural design occupations. Humans also have a very adamant behavior, which allows them to spread rather ruthlessly in areas which are suitable for them. The geothermal jungles on Lowrokira are a popular spot with Humans for example.

Federations of United Star Systems
Qhaunkruds Lipiclite Qhaunkruds are the fifth most dominant species on Lowrokira, and are a very exotic kind of sapient species on Lowrokira. Being composed from silicon instead of carbon, Qhaunkruds have a high resistance to varying temperatures, and are able to live primarily on radiation. The gravity and atmosphere of Lowrokira also does not bother Qhaunkruds, as their strong structure lets them flourish in almost any environment. Their distance to the Lowzyol Federation and the Saykya System has dwindled their potential population. Living their life in rich crystal forests and with other silicon-based life forms, The Qhaunkruds have many closed off environments with their native flora and fauna.

Out of all people on Lowrokira, about 7% are Qhaunkruds. This rather high percentage is fed by their bold and strong base forms. Qhaunkruds are also some of the most popular species with ground personnel, and for manual work. Qhaunkruds mostly live in rural areas, as to avoid complications with their large base size. Qhaunkruds are also very focused on a passive and defensive lifestyle, and as a result their settlements on Lowrokira are very welcoming. Qhaunkruds in the urban environment have areas tailored for them, much like other species.

Foswoaca Intergalactic Union
Sah'Ors Cromxe Sa'Ors are the sixth most dominant species on Lowrokira, and are the most dominant species from outside the Local Group. Many Sah'Ors come from their refugee ancestors, which fled from the QPF during the War of the Ancients. Having a major presence on Lowrokira and in the CUEN for about 20,000 years, Sah'Ors have become to be very trusted, and are a staple in Lowrokiran life. Sah'Ors also have a very high tendency towards defense and pacificity, which has led countless Sah'Ors to refuge to Lowrokira in harsh times. The subjectively harsh and differing climate of Lowrokira has prompted most Sah'Ors to reside in the vast array of undercities, which are dense, warm, and very developed.

About 5% of Lowrokira's population is made up of Sah'Ors, as they comprise much of the undercities. Barely any Sah'Ors exist on the surface, save for the geothermal or arid areas. However, the surface areas of Toqapkal City are riddled with Sah'Ors, as climate controlled buildings are commonplace for them. This has allowed Sah'Orn culture to breach the surface, diversifying the climate of Lowrokira. Their innately desert culture has also spread to arid spaces of Lowrokira, where Sah'Ors have constructed intricate undercities there.

Economic States of Saw-Yos


On the surface Lowrokira, hundreds of bustling and advanced cities are spread far and wide. Transcending cultures and species, these cities are known to be the most developed and high quality places in the entire Local Universe, spanning much of Lowrokira’s landscape. Since the ancient days of Zythyn city building, they have grown to cover a massive percentage of Lowrokira’s surface, making Lowrokira home to some of the biggest cities as well.

Containing countless economic, industrial, commercial, and entertainment facilities, the cities of Lowrokira are some of the most active in tourism. Citizens from far and wide, seeking to visit or spread their culture, have all come and gone from Lowrokira. Lowrokira's very attractive outward appearance also makes it one of the only places in the Saykya System with a fast growing population. It is expected that much more of Lowrokira's surface will be consumed by urban areas in the coming eons.

While Lowrokira has an unlistable amount of cities, there is a selection of more prominent and well-known places. Comprising over 80% of the urban population, the major cities of Lowrokira are unrepresented - with size only fit for a successful and massive empire. A list of very important cities all across Lowrokira is below:

Toqapkal City


The center of Toqapkal City, with the Lowrokian High Citadel located in the middle of the image. Famous leisure centers and business buildings surround the cityscape, giving the area high economic value.

Toqapkal City is a remarkably ancient, as well as the largest and most prominent city on the surface of Lowrokira. Over the course of its lifespan, Toqapkal City has been present for all major historical events, even preceding the unification of the Zythyns on Lowrokira. In Toqapkal City, there exists countless cultures, which range from almost everywhere in the Local Universe. Huge databases of ancient history, massive corporate buildings, and its immense commercial districts are what majorly define the city from the outside.

Toqapkal City, having influence over an entire continent, is understandably the most dense region on Lowrokira on average. While there are areas denser than Toqapkal City in total density, the sheer area of Toqapkal City makes its density sustained and imposing. With high population, many representatives originate from the city, as well as countless important historical figures from ages before. Layers of history cakes the surface as well, making it a perfect spot for Zythyns and other species to observe their past.

Currently, Toqapkal City is designated as a Colossopolis, which means that it influences much of a continental landmass. Its total size comes in at roughly 4.106 million km², making Toqapkal City clearly visible from space. Many sectors in Toqapkal City are as massive as entire cities, dominating the urban landscape heavily. As a consequence of its massive size, Toqapkal City is divided into hundreds of economically powerful sectors, the most major of which are compiled in a list below:

Sector Chizumakari

Toqapkal CenterCity

A dense area of Sector Chizumakari, which used to be another city entirely. Note the massive building in the middle, which usually marks the middle of old cities.

Sector Chizumakari is a dominating selection of countless business headquarters, economic centers, historical monuments, and luxury living spaces. Often referred to by citizens as “The Economy's Heart”, Sector Chizumakari is the most lively economic and industrial place in all of Lowrokira. Much like the rest of the city, Sector Chizumakari produces countless goods for other sectors, with Xolniucarro Agricultural Productions being the most influential corporation in this area.

Sector Chizumakari is named after the ancient city of Chizumakari, which is known to be a very ancient historical site for Zythyns. Through history, the name Chizumakari has come to represent peace, grit, and bountifulness. Starting as one of the first confirmed cities built by Zythyns, incredibly ancient prehistoric artifacts have been archived in only the most advanced facilities. Sector Chizumakari is also theorized to be the starting point of Baseline Zythyns, as groups of primitive Zythyns ventured out and conquered nearby lands.

Since its construction, Sector Chizumakari has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. From things as low as natural disasters to the unspeakable acts committed in Commonwealth's Eclipse, Sector Chizumakari has been through countless hardships. With its many destructions, layers of old have been built upon, making the city rise higher, and giving it a rich and rather violent history. Much like Sector Loikaro, Sector Chizumakari also contains a trapped underground network of old cities.

Sector Chizumakari, being one of the most populated and famed areas in Lowrokira, contains many landmark buildings which are heavily associated with Lowrokira itself. Technological miracles, architectural wonders, and cultural marvels all reside in Sector Chizumakari. The sectors inhabiting the landscape around Sector Chizumakari are also famed for their value, as their proximity to Sector Chizumakari affects them in many great ways.

Being the fastest growing urban area on the surface of Lowrokira, Sector Chizumakari has consumed a substantial amount of old cities, absorbing their cultures, populations, and giving them a new system on laws every time. Currently, there have been hundreds of major cities absorbed into Sector Chizumakari, which grows constantly. With the intake of different cultures, Sector Chizumakari is also one of the most diverse areas on Lowrokira's surface. Sector Chizumakari houses a plethora of different species across the

As an area designated for the richer population, Sector Chizumakari has many luxury living spaces, claimed by lavish and well-known vanity companies. These areas usually house very important people in Zythyn culture, occasionally housing Leader Kyrono-Lomir during meetings with Intergalactic Council members.

On the outskirts of Sector Chizumakari, there are countless shopping districts, designed with tourists and customers in mind. Every single major culture is expressed in massive plazas, where any sapient species can express themselves and succeed with their own small businesses. Deep and thorough cultures are endlessly alive in this area, also being shown and expressed in the forms of shops, display events, and gatherings of like-minded people.

Notable Areas of Interest:

In the center of Sector Chizumakari, there is the Lowrokira High Citadel, a marvelous housing, industrial, economic, and commercial center which is located in the most active regions of Sector Chizumakari. The Lowrokira High Citadel holds countless people inside, acting as a city of its own in terms of population, cultural diversity, climate, and legislature. While the outskirts of Sector Chizumakari have shopping districts, they are unmatched by the ferocity of the ones in the Lowrokira High Citadel.

The Lowrokira High Citadel is one of the tallest buildings with a base on the ground, only being outmatched by a network of space elevators along Lowrokira’s equator. Regardless of its height, the Lowrokira High Citadel still pierces the atmosphere with its almost scary size. Inside its numerous amount of shopping centers, there is a diverse selection of foods, cultures, and species that are equally represented. This allows almost every major species to find a perfect restaurant for them, increasing tourism and revenue.

The most obvious feature in Toqapkal City is the mammoth-sized defense array, named "Brungginkter Molopszia", and is the largest feature floating above Lowrokira's surface. Topped off with only the best and most efficient technologies, this ensures that no kind of hostile threat even thinks about coming close to the fiercely guarded planet of Lowrokira. Brungginkter Molopszia is primarily powered by Takanashi Antimatter, which funds and upkeeps the area for the Lowrokiran government, in turn for more representation in the market. This defense system has stood as a mighty and effective megastructure that supplies much of Lowrokira with its planetary defense.

Gripping Toqapkal City in a foreboding attitude, Brungginkter Molopszia is easily visible from many areas of Vulubagrath, the continent which houses Toqapkal City. Occasionally, on certain planetary holidays, Brungginkter Molopszia will show dominant displays of CUEN military power, often showcasing retired but powerful technologies from all across history. These events understandably attract millions of people per year, as Zythyn military history, and other species' military history are shown in traditional parades.

Toqapkal Undercity

A section of the Toqapkal Undercity. While it looks gritty in appearance, the population has mostly stayed content with life underground. These areas are also remarkably popular with species who originate from the underground.

Below the bedrock in Sector Chizumakari, there lies a ginormous and sprawling undercity, simply named the "Toqapkal Undercity". The Toqapkal Undercity is a sight to behold - as a heavily diverse and remarkably happy culture of aliens exist, such as the Sah'Ors. During the construction of the Toqapkal Undercity, many artificial environments were ported underground, to bring a sense of life and prosperity to what is normally harsh and poor.


Another section of the Toqapkal Undercity, showcasing a more developed area. In this specific area, the richer population resides in large hotels, surrounded by an artificial lake.

The population of the Toqapkal Undercity is slightly poorer than average, as there are many open and cheap housing areas. Easily attainable jobs that pay less for professions on the surface are also scattered all over, making the workforce a bit minor and very manageable.

Unlike most undercities, the ones residing under Toqapkal City are noted to be teeming with life, progress, and happiness. As the Toqapkal Undercity grows every day, many people come in to view the massive underground arrays which pierce through the bedrock. This area is also very popular with species that do not need sunlight, or with species that were created underground in the first place. Some of the richer population also lives in the Toqapkal Undercity, seeing is as a historic marvel and novelty to live in.

Sector Dazamia

Sector Dazamia is the second most major sector in Toqapkal city, with an endless amount of housing and commercial areas. Unlike Sector Chizumakari, there are many spread out areas of the sector with parks, amenities, housing, and a rather large selection of cultural centers. Sector Dazamia is mostly known for its tidy and high quality high rise housing, which carries much of the city center’s working population.

With a surrounding temperate environment, Sector Dazamia's popularity rivals that of Sector Chizumakari's, at least with tourism and population. The massive structures which inhabit its land are also famed for their symbolism to Lowrokira, and their importance for Lowrokira's outward appearance.

Sector Dazamia is inhabited mostly by the upper middle class, as rent and utilities in this area are a lot cheaper. While still holding up as a heavy tourist center, many people who live here experience a more quiet life. The constant appearance of nature reserves and old cultural landmarks make this sector appear to be older, and more appealing to Zythyns. Containing one of the biggest nature reserves on all of Lowrokira, Sector Dazamia is more rural when compared to the greater Toqapkal City. However, dense areas and bustling cityscapes still exist in a large quantity.

Built on formerly wet and marshy land, many years of urbanization and landscape modifications have made this place into a temperate valley, teeming with Lowrokiran life. Surrounding the dense parts of Sector Dazamia is a mountain range, which extends to Sector Loikaro and ends with Toqapkal Peak, the most symbolic mountain on Lowrokira.

Notable Areas of Interest:

Wailing Arch

One end of the Wailing Arch, which stops near an artificial river.

In the southern areas of Sector Dazamia, there is a massive monument called the “Wailing Arch”, a large public display made in a joint operation by the Lowrokiran government and the now dissolved art corporation “Kelokasajik Arts”. The Wailing Arch is a massive 53 km long arch structure which holds some shopping districts, but is mostly reserved for tourism, shopping, and a small section of local museums detailing the former forested environment. 

The purpose of the Wailing Arch is to show a sign of general peace and prosperity amongst the Zythyn people. Once every Loworkiran year, on the day of Zythyn unification, a massive celebration is held near the Wailing Arch. This is where the Wailing Arch gets its name, as it plays harmonious tunes and ancient Zythyn music. Occasionally, the Wailing Arch plays music on important Zythyn holidays, such as Kzingvimporforst, Zschuznik Vladbala-Ioko Day, and Sakmiok Day. 

Surrounding the Wailing Arch, there is a fairly large redirected river, named Koliosinke RIver. Formerly dominating the marshy and slightly arable landscape, it has since been diverted and used as a minor area of drinking water, but mostly as a natural section which diverts to a massive plaza area. 

Yramoro Lomirsol Park

Yramoro-Lomirsol Park, with Lowromiayar Toqapchia showing off in the center of the entire area.

Other than the Wailing Arch, Sector Dasamia contains a large nature reserve, called Yramoro-Lomirsol Park. Much like the other parks in Sector Dazamia, Yramoro-Lomirsol Park has garnered a lot of attention. It is the highest ranking nature reserve in the Saykya System in tourism, and as a result it generates a large amount of revenue. Many historical monuments, beautiful views of the urban landscape, and authentic Lowrokiran wildlife have strategically been placed here.

Deep inside Yramoro-Lomirsol Park, there are also many geographical features, such as the marshy lakes, enclosed alien environments, and a massive trail system with campgrounds and amenities centers. Yramoro-Lomirsol Park, much like the Wailing Arch, is also the center of many cultural shows and celebrations, which highlight unity, prosperity, opulence, and oftentimes military might with occasional military parades executed by the Lowrokiran government. 

The most notable feature inside Yra-Lomirsol Park is a massive Citadel, named the Lowromiayar Toqapchia, which directly translates to "Home City Tower". It is the only urban feature in all of Yra-Lomirsol Park, and it contains a hefty population of 50,000,000 individuals. Lowromiayar Toqapchia primarily houses people belonging to the upper class, as the demand is high and the views are unlike most on Lowrokira. 

Sector Liokaro

Sector Liokaro is the third most major sector in Toqapkal City, and is the ancient center for the greater Toqapkal City. In the area inside Sector Liokaro, there exists bustling heritage sites, ancient architecture, and facilities dedicated to showing off old Zythyn history. Many high-class museums and also libraries exist in Sector Loikaro, overall making the entire sector act as a historical monument and catalog. Housing in this area has also exploded in availability since Sector Loikaro got revamped long ago.

Built on more mountainous terrain, Sector Loikaro is closely linked to Toqapkal Peak and its surrounding environment, making it a very symbolic place for all Zythyns in and out of Lowrokira. It is told that the first recorded Zythyn settlement was built around Toqapkal Peak, as a form of defense against the formerly hostile flora and fauna. This has attached Sector Loikaro with heavy historical value, seen nowhere else on Lowrokira.

Notable Areas of Interest:


The Chunindrin Ring, floating harmoniously above Sector Loikaro. Many old artifacts from timeless eras are displayed here,most notably the ones from the War of the Ancients.

Near the center of Sector Loikaro, a massive and eye catching miracle of architecture exists, called the Chunindrin Ring. The Chunindrin Ring floats harmlessly above all of Sector Loikaro, with its primary purpose being a large aerial storage site and museum for countless Zythyn and alien artifacts from faraway ages. Numerous amounts of artifacts from other cultures and species also exist, with advanced displays showing only the most intricate and valuable objects. Most of the museum's content comprises of artifacts from the War of the Ancients.

Constructed in the late 199000s, Chunindrin Ring was a very risky and precise construction to create. However, with the Chunindrin Ruing lying above one of the largest districts on Lowrokira, the tourism revenue would be very high. Construction was carefully plotted out over a decade, with it finishing at around 199073 CE. It has since been expanded upon, with new leisure areas, relaxation centers, and plazas inside many places of the Chunindrin Ring.

Throughout the Chunindrin Ring, there are also recovered artifacts from prehistoric Zythyns, which showcase the once primal behavior of them. Most major species have prehistoric artifacts inside the Chunindrin Ring, as they are shown off to thousands of newcomers every day. The total size of Chunindrin Ring is approximately 7.2x7.8 kilometres, with an internal structure large enough to the point that it can fit dozens of stacked rooms, filled with countless displays of biology, history, and activities.

One of the most important artifacts from the War of the Ancients, The Hummer, is stored in the largest room of the Chunindrin Rings, surrounded by carious enigmatic technological pieces. Approved by the Quintet Puontari Federation themselves, it has stood as a testament to what war could innovate and inspire. It also shows the horrors of war, detailing the sheer power of The Hummer in surrounding pictures and experiences.
Toqapkal Peak

Toqapkal Peak, with Terishuminia-Suplomiar, a spectacular mountainside attraction. Note the heavy amounts of foliage, which is kept safe by the Lowrokiran government in a reserve.

To the west of Sector Loikaro, the most symbolic and culturally important geographical feature on Lowrokira exists. It is named Toqapkal Peak, which is a massive mountain made of serrated volcanic rock. Likely being a fragment of another continent, Toqapkal Peak stands isolated, surrounded by an endless urban environment. Near its vicinity, Toqapkal Peak is protected with a large nature reserve, with native Lowrokiran fauna and flora being protected by the government. Many resorts and Zythyn cultural sites exist on the base and sides of Toqapkal Peak, with a constant flow of tourism keeping the areas alive and opulent.

The top of Toqapkal Peak is situated with a grandiose viewing area, which is meant for looking at the surrounding reserved environment, as well as for observing the high rising cities. The most common attraction on Toqapkal Peak is Terishuminia-Suplomiar, a massive tourist center and shopping area for all things about Lowrokira. Several ornate historical centers also dot the insides of Terishuminia-Suplomiar, making it a pristine attraction. Inside the lower areas of Terishuminia-Suplomiar, there are section which contain cultural stores, alcoholic sales areas, and several plazas near the base of Toqapkal Peak. Light shows are often shown on the base and sides of Toqapkal Peak, which appear on important holidays or anniversaries.

Far underneath the lively surface of Sector Loikaro, a massive array of ancient and abandoned city buildings lies broken and defeated. Forgotten and worn down with time, many of these buildings since succumbed to slow erosion, and have turned into mangled piles of rubble. Some preserved buildings, in the process of turning into limestone, still stand weakly among the ruins of what once was.

This abandoned city arose in the first place from a massive revamp of Sector Loikaro, after surrounding cities began to no end. Soon enough, the Commonwealth's Eclipse happened, with all of Sector Loikaro and much of Toqapkal City being cast into a fiery blaze. When the fires stopped and civil war ended, only a meager percentage of the infrastructure was left. As a result, the Lowrokiran government built above the ruins, and salvaged anything that they could. They then sectioned any openings off, soon building over those to banish the past from any memory.

Since its demise, the upper levels of Sector Loikaro has flourished and rebuilt many of their important structures. However, the underground areas have rotted away into a shell of their smoldering remains. It is told that countless artifacts from forgotten ages were left behind in these cities, and it has spurred up infrequent recovery expeditions. Multiple plans for museums were also tried, but failed from concerns of negative public opinion and structural concerns.

Since 34000 CE, structural pylons were constructed in the abandoned cities, and they have greatly held up the surface area of Sector Loikaro. Since Sector Loikaro's new expansion, structural concerns have been decreasing as the old cities only cover a small area near the west of Sector Loikaro. During the time from 34000 CE to 200000 CE, many unsolicited dwellers have attempted to spelunk the underground cities, finding massive pylons and rubble piles from a war somewhat forgotten.

Toqapkal City - Population Strata

Toqapkal City, comprising much of the population on Lowrokira's surface, has a dense and diverse array of the population. This includes culture, species, and even various areas around Lowrokira itself. Since the dawn of mass tourism to Lowrokira, several hundred unique alien, Zythyn, and rare interspecies cultures have formed on the surface, making it a diverse place to live. Toqapkal is exceptionally diverse with their population, as much of the population resides in the city.

Deep in the city streets and bustling roads, dense selections of other species are often seen dotting the areas, showing off their foreign and unique tastes in culture, food, and important everyday objects to them. A comprehensive list of the population inside Toqapkal City is below:

Species Name Cultural Description Native Planet Precentage
Zythyns Zythyns are the most major and culturally impactful species in Toqapkal City, as their ancestors were the ones that originally built and expanded the intricate layers of the city. Being the native inhabitants of Lowrokira, Zythyns have expanded to all corners of the planet, especially in the streets of Toqapkal City. A marginal percentage of the stores and buildings are owned and manufactured by Zythyns, making them a heavy presence all over the city. Lowrokira 34%
Timporians Timporians are some of the most important and influential species in Toqapkal city. Deriving from their natural ability of trading and bartering, Timporians have propelled much of Toqapkal City in a state of high quality life. Claiming much of the richer areas, Timporians are also responsible for creating much of the inner city structure, with notable Timporians creating beautiful works of art designed for tourists. Poratus 21%
Rhickshans Rhickshans are a very ancient and symbolic species to Lowrokira, as they are the primary species to a founding CUEN nation. Since the early days of LZF colonization, Rhickshans have stayed a part of Toqapkal City's life, mostly from the similarities in climate and social structure. Much of Lowrokira’s exotic food imports are thanks to Rhickshans, as they are more than willing to share a piece of their culture to the residents of Toqapkal City. Agroria 15%
Sah'Ors Sah'Ors are fairly incompatible with Lowrokira's climate, as the species originated from a desert-like planet. However, that has not stopped a large section of Sah'Ors from moving to Toqapkal City for its high quality of living. Many Sah'Ors are temporarily staying in Lowrokira, only searching for work until they can get on their feet. In history, the Sah'Ors have heavily contributed to Toqapkal City's enigmatic undercity, creating a calm and diverse environment of the middle and lower class underneath. Laveolia 10%
Humans Humans are a very widespread and adaptable sapient species, naturally drifting to Lowrokira as it developed and became more friendly to other species. While the native environment of Lowrokira is hostile to Humans, Toqapkal City has countless installments build specifically for Humans and Human subspecies. Being a more war-like species among the others, Humans have a majority of the war monuments, dedicated to the LZF and the CUEN. Earth 7%
Thruuncuins Thruuncuins are the newest major species to Lowrokira, coming to the economic capital of Toqapkal City for economic opportunity. Since the mass incursion of Thruuncuins happened in the mid 190000s, a cultural and political shift took place on Toqapkal City as a whole. Intricate constructs such as the Chunindrin Ring have been greenlit by the QPF as a while, increasing relations and tourism in both nations. Nozalia 4%

Toqapkal City - Cultures

Cultures in Toqapkal City are understandably urban-oriented, with many species slowly evolving a taste for the city environment. The ease in access of day-to-day items also makes the population very reliant on the imports from other areas. Other than the blanketed urban culture, there thousands of sub-cultures, which line the streets. Cultures usually come in the forms of other species or from people from around Lowrokira, which are scattered around the area. Holding the identities of shops, art pieces, and various monuments, almost every sapient species has expressed themselves in some way on Lowrokira.

With a high amount of representation, many sapient species over the years have come and lived in Toqapkal City, and in Lowrokira as a whole. Thousands of generations of people have cemented their lifestyle in Toqapkal City, making it much more than normal for other cultures to appear in the city. It is also known that these differing species and cultures helped uplift Toqapkal to its elevated status, filled with unity and contentment.

Deraokirade City

Derakoirade City

The center of Deraokirade City, which formerly housed the largest agricultural centers on Lowrokira. The centers are now upkept in the outer rims of Deraokirade City.

Deraokirade City is a massive neighboring megacity, which directly neighbors the titanic urban area of Toqapkal City. Existing as one of the oldest and largest cities on Lowrokira, Deraokirade City has been revered through Lowrokira’s intricate history. While it may be proportionally smaller than Toqapkal City, Deraokirade City holds a very dense center and inner city, which compares to the density of Toqapkal City’s most packed areas.

With its high density, Deraokirade City holds some of the highest populated areas on Lowrokira, being only marginally below Toqapkal City. Its high population is a direct result of its corporate and tourist-friendly features, which arose soon after Zythyns became interstellar. The history of Deraokirade City gives it a kind of corporate legacy, with many prominent companies rising in Deraokirade City.

What gave Deraokirade City its high corporatism was its very high value in the fields of agriculture, which extends from pre-industrialization to modern day. With its deep catalogues of handling agriculture, from basic farming to megastructural wonders, Deraokirade City attracted many businesses looking for feeding the population for major profit. While many corporations used Deraokirade City’s agriculture as a mere branch of their company, a few others went further, specializing in interstellar food networks which spanned many star systems. These companies eventually won out Deraokirade City, as their popularity was unmatched. Deraokirade City has since been a major hub for corporations, mostly consisting of regular and exotic food industries.

However, since the uprising of interstellar colonization, Deraokirade City has focused much less on agriculture, and instead succumbed to the ever increasing urban life which spread all across Lowrokira. While the outer sectors of Derakoirade City still have agriculture present in many areas, the historical and cultural centers are too urbanized with residency, economic centers, and industrial zones to hold any substantial farming potential.

Sector Goshoyan

Maxime Delcambre

A fairly dense area of Sector Hoshoyan. Notice the many historical and vanity-centered buildings which dominate the cityscape. Major activity in airways and freeways also exist. (Credits to Maxime Delcambre on ArtStation!)

Sector Goshoyan is the most populationally and culturally dense area in almost all of Lowrokira. With massive bustling skyscrapers, huge public displays of art, and busy airways and freeways, it has since become a simply massive place for tourism and travel. Huge parades and vanity shows are also played here, making it a leisurely place to live for almost anyone to live in.

In between all of the cultural centers and unity, there are endless amounts of commercial centers, reliant on tourism and the high population. Several major corporations have come and gone, sprouting from Sector Goshyan’s rich inner cities. Many historical figureheads have also originated from this sector, as its development is very high. From its very hand standard of development, almost anyone could start and live a successful life here.

Being the primary agricultural capital of Deraokirade City, Sector Goshoyan is renowned for its glory in its past history of Zythyns. Museums, dedicated to mimicking ancient architecture, as well as showing off recovered artifacts from abandoned ages. While a certain museum in Sector Ryonmiyr outperforms every single one in Sector Goshoyan, they still are a subtle nod to ancient history. Modern day agricultural wonders are expressed in the forms of massive farming facilities, which synthetically create all kinds of food from many different major planets.

Notable Areas of Interest:


One of many buildings in the Tumboora Shopping District, showing off a fancy light show. Combined with its sleek architecture and appeal to almost any species, this specific building generates a lot of revenue.

An area of importance within Sector Goshoyan would be its Tumboora Shopping District, a massive surface level and underground area dedicated to shopping and economics. Much like the rest of Lowrokira, it contains a large selection of culturally diverse stores, as well as restaurants and exotic food sales areas.

As there are many levels of the Tumboora Shopping district, there contain many prominent cultural and homeland structures, built for profiting off of merchandise, consumables, and helpful items littered in the areas of many stores. Most restaurants mimic ancient styles of food eating areas, as biological workers usually give a better feeling to customers. However, most other stores are simply depositories for many products, which can be ordered and fabricated almost instantly. Automation is also heavily prevalent in Tumboora Shopping District, while most other try to re-create a more immersive shopping experience.

Tumboora Shopping District, being near the center of Deraokirade City, sells countless agricultural goods, which are brought in my massive food synthesizers. In the most visited areas, there are internal and external food courts, which are dedicated for showing off and selling high quality goods. These mostly exist as social areas, allowing close people to socialize and for many species to intermingle with each other. Some have referred to Tumboora Shopping District as the 'Melting Pot of the City' for this reason. Cultures and displays of many species are shown here as well.


A clean and less dense area of Sector Goshoyan, called the Tryonomyr Plaza Complex. This area is fill of Lowrokiran flora, which fills up the buildings and landscape.

Rather far from the bustled areas of Sector Goshoyan, a very renowned entertainment area exists, called the Tryonomyr Plaza Complex. The Tryonomyr Plaza Complex is a spectacle, containing many heritage sites and ancient architecture, which has been preserved since its construction. Not only has it lasted through the Commonwealth's Eclipse, but it has also kept its old styles of buildings. The Tryonomyr Plaza Complex has barely any new additions have been added to this area, save for the new museums and a complex network of entertainment systems. Security and technology has also been greatly improved here.

Being fairly reminiscent of ancient Lowrokira, the Tryonomyr Plaza Complex has resonated well with Zythyns and Rhickshans. Many residents of this area are Zythyns, with many other species residing here for the aesthetic of minimal urban complexes. Countless tourists of many origins flood the streets of the Tryonomyr Plaza Complex, seeking to observe the complex life of olden Lowrokira.

Throughout the edges of the Tryonomyr Plaza Complex, murals and statues of important people are presented. From innovative scientists to fierce politicians, this area showcases some of the most well-known people in Lowrokira's history. There are barely any new additions to this area, save for a statue of Kryrono Lomir, as he is revered for his service in the War of the Ancients. Keyrono-Lomir is celebrated as a fairly good leader, as he has served three terms as the Lowzyol Federation's president, and one term as the Commonwealth Head. His recent acts against The Administrator have also given the CUEN's population a high approval rating towards him.

Sector Ryonmiyr


An area of Sector Ryonmiyr with a lot of foliage. Zythyn architecture is presented near a mervelous natural landscape.

Sector Ryonmiyr is the outer ringed section of Deraokirade City, consisting of a more rural environment. In this area, a deep and interconnected spirit of the main city, once thought lost, thrives and dwells in the short and hardy houses. While a lot of the population in this region is a bit poorer, they still hold the ideals and thoughts of central Deraokirade City many millennia ago. Acting much like Sector Liokaro in Toqapkal city, there is a large selection of historic sites, artifacts, and a massive heavily protected underground museum, with some of the most important items in Zythyn history.

As Sector Ryonmiyr being the embodiment of ancient Zythyn customs and cultures, contains one of the highest percentages of Zythyns in any major city. There also exists many old buildings, representing the past, history, and future of Lowrokira. Much like the central area of Sector Goshoyan, Sector Ryonmiyr contains many tourist hotspots, usually built for Zythyns, or tourists looking at history. Buildings in this region are also a lot smaller, with the population tapering out as the urban landscape decreases.

While Sector Ryonmiyr is the largest 'rural' sector, there are still many dense urban areas, located all over in these small 'core' areas. These areas are usually filled with various artistic and residential buildings, scattered all around. Even massive agricultural towers, designed to feed the city's population, exist and produce goods opulently. Some notable buildings in Lowrokira's history also resides here, which results in Sector Ryonmiyr garnering a lot of tourism per year.

Notable Areas of Interest:


The Kuhlatchio Mokhyatsiar, located in some of the most dense areas of Sector Ryonmiyr. Note the intricate and high design of this museum, contrasting with the lower buildings.

In the denser areas of Sector Ryonmiyr, an very intricate and complex museum of colorful relics from ancient Lowrokira are held. The name of this facility is named the Kuhlatchio Mokhyatsiar, a phrase in ancient Zythyn language which stands for “Gallery of Progress”. The Kuhlatchio Mokhyatsiar exists as a massive historic site, as well as an area geared towards Zythyns and tourists. Over the years, many people have come to see the artifacts left behind by countless generations. scattered all across Kuhlatchio Mokhyatsiar, there is an ancient Zythyn symbol, "Chik", which stands for peace, tranquility, and progress. Littering the major areas is a selection of rare and original Lowrokiran flora, purebred over millennia to keep their ancient forms.

Deep in the upper areas of the Kuhlatchio Mokhyatsiar, a massive display of ancient Zythyn arts, tools, scriptures, and general history is present. With the purpose of sharing and linking the past with modern day, this area allows viewers to appreciate the past, and what it was. The stunning gallery of art is named the Ryonmiyr Zilleter, which means "The Holy Selection". Most notably in the Ryonmiyr Zilleter, there is a central boxed in area, and it contains many important artifacts from Zythyn history. To the first FTL drive to the first discovered piece of art and music, these have been preserved for an untold amount of time. They even survived the Commonwealth's Eclipse, as they were evacuated from Toqapkal City only hours before war set in.

Throughout the areas of Kuhlatchio Mokhyatsiar, there are vast hemispheres of glass which extend out, shining light to many wonders of of Zythyn history. These mighty artifacts include documents for historic events and replicas of ancient technologies. It has been noted that this place in particular captures deep-seeded Zythyn passion and spirit, something which was once lost to time.

Biology is also heavily represented in the Ryonmiyr Zilleter, with plastinated bodies of sapient and non-sapient organisms being the centers of many rooms. The innards of Zythyns, Timporians, Rhickshans, and Humans are presented for example. These show off the many differences in biology, cellular structure, and explain the heavy biodiversity on Lowrokira. Dissections of animals and vast terrariums are in their own areas, as well.

Near this grandiose museum, a small but symbolic national park has been constructed, carefully replicating ancient Lowrokiran conditions. Historic figureheads are also carved into intricate stones, scattered around the park. These are also set up as a reminder of old Zythyn history, commemorating the ones and letting everyone remember the reason that they are there today.


The Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar, constructed by ancient Zythyns over 205 millennia ago. How they got such structures up despite Lowrokira's high gravity is a mystery.

In the forested areas of Sector Ryonmiyr, prehistoric architecture rules over the lands. Reserves have been instated by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard, which are home to some of the most authentic and historically prominent buildings on Lowrokira. Pertaining from religion to ornate structures and historically prominent locations, these areas have been protected for the purpose of preserving the past. Tourists are not usually allowed to these, areas as many delicate check-ups on these structures happen every year. However, on global holidays and cherry-picked days, limited passage to these areas is allowed.

A notable artifact built by ancient Zythyns is the Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar, which translates to "Mighty Pillars of the Home People". The Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar is located in a deep cavernous system, and is known for its pristine and almost impossible size. It is theorized that the Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar was constructed over many years, my a group of many nomadic people. It is known that the Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar is built with a very light stone compound. The only reason as to why it has not crumbled was because of a large cave-in, which blocked the Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar from the elements outside. It was soon uncovered by geologists in a very poor state. It was since carefully reconstructed, with most of the source material being used for the restoration. Other constructs like this are located all around the caverns, but they are mostly rubble save for a few restored pillars.

The links to the Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar are surprisingly massive, as it is almost directly tied to the ancient Chark-Olio Zythyns. Being the first to master constructing complex buildings, the Chark-Olio Zythyns used their creativity to create something almost impossible. The astonishing integrity of the Jul'itah Zytherisno Lowakar suggests that it was constantly maintained for thousands of years, until the Chark-Olio Zythyns dwindled off in population, and integrated into other cultures.

Solomakusubak City


One of the many massive centers of Solomakusubak City, which form the Solomakusubak Central Plaza. Many touristic areas flood the places in this area.

Solomakusubak City is a very major and contributional city on the surface of Lowrokira. Located on the small continent of Xerutauki, Solomakusubak City has become a Megaopolis since its construction many millennia ago. Solomakusubak City had a very opulent start, being a massive city by the time Zythyns became interstellar.

Ever since Lowrokira was opened up to the greater intergalactic community, Solomakusubak City has become a hub for much of the incoming and outgoing travel in the northern areas of Lowrokira. It has also become the biggest consistent entertainment and leisure center, providing the population with countless games and activities from across the Local Universe. Solomakusubak City is also a very northern and colder-than-average city, and is the most successful city near the poles.

With Solomakusubak City being the top tourist center, it has garnered a sizable population, being very dense and very massive. While not in the caliber of Toqapkal City, Solomakusubak City still contains a vast system of semi-autonomous sectors. However, due to its smaller size, it only has two large sectors, both serving very important duties for the city's success. Much smaller sectors dot the inner and outer areas, sprinkling the city with luxury tourist centers.

With an economy based almost entirely on tourism, Solomakusubak City has become heavily reliant on its vast and unique entertainment centers, a broad selection of high quality restaurants, and its massive cultural centers located all around the city. Gambling is also a very heavy factor in Solomakusubak City's revenue, pulling in countless tourists and inhabitants to play every day. Some of the most prominent buildings in Solomakusubak City are gambling areas or casinos.

Sector Toihiri

Iván ManriqueSectorToihiri

Sector Toihiri, showcased with its very vast, dense, and tall cityscape. Many entertainment centers litter the area, making them a staple in Sector Toihiri. (Credits to Iván Manrique on ArtStation!)

Sector Toihiri is the largest and most tourist-centered sector for Solomakusubak City. Sector Toihiri is very economically active because of its massive industries in the form of gambling and entertainment. Industries like Tundra are also heavily active here, with a small headquarters and many subsidiary buildings scattered around. A large prevalence of television shows and networks are also present in the streets of Sector Toihiri, ranging from Human shows to more outlandish Sedruan networks. Geared towards appealing tourists of all species and ages, Sector Toihiri has performed well in captivating the population of northern Lowrokira.

Containing only the most high quality constructs on Lowrokira, Sector Toihiri contains some of the newest and most advanced architecture, with buildings rivaling that of Toqapkal City in size. Many architectural wonders, such as floating facilities, are present in this area. These mostly serve as vanity, while others take advantage of the high heights to avoid weather, and install vast systems of climate control. Floating areas are controlled with advanced ion engines, making them rather expensive.

Sitting next to one of the largest travel hubs on Lowrokira, Sector Vestrapus, Sector Toihiri garners a massive amount of tourism per year. This is what led to its focus on entertainment and tourist appeal. The streets of Sector Toihiri are often filled with many tourists and residents seeking to go to one of the many entertainment centers, cultural wonders, and stores. The new age architecture of the region also gives it a technological charm, suggesting that the sector is very advanced and bustling with life.

Notable Areas of Interest:

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The largest entertainment center in Sector Toihiri is the Vastriapra Casino, a massive multi-level gambling facility, with countless species coming here to drink, socialize, and compete in the ancient sport of gambling. Connected in this complex is a complex of luxury hotels, a selection of domed entertainment centers, and consistent light shows that play throughout the night. As a result of the windy polar climates that the lower city constantly experiences, the casino has been built into a massive floating center, avoiding most complications with weather and climate. Inside of Vastriapra Casino, there is a thorough and deep sense of alien diversity, which originates from the deep tourism and attractions in all of Sector Toihiri.

Through the many floors of Vastriapra Casino, there are many areas for people of all ages. To open entertainment areas to secluded and age-restricted hangout areas, Vastriapra Casino seems to have everything geared to everyone. Many social areas, restaurants, and entertainment sectors all reside inside Vastriapra Casino. However, the most notable thing is the heavy influence of gambling, a tradition brought in by more greedy species, looking to risk a sum of money for profit. Addictive gambling has been eliminated after several incidents inside Vastriapra Casino, though. A maximum spending limit of currencies has also been implemented, save for special conditions.

A deep “melting pot” kind of culture is represented inside Vastriapra Casino, which is simply a result of the mass tourism. As a positive consequence, there are many culturally diverse shops, several small bazaars, and a huge prevalence of interspecies friendship and enlightenment. Little reserves of foreign life are also available in the area around Vastriapra Casino, making it a fit place for almost any sapient species.


The Schiroziamo Entertainment District, with massive areas dedicated to entertainment, social areas, and corporate buildings. Many people who visit Sector Toihiri also visit this place.

Deep in the denser areas of Sector Toihiri, there are many major economic and touristic attractions. The most notable of these, which is named the Schiroziamo Entertainment District, contains the highest density of tourists, as well as many corporate centers for entertainment. High-standing corporations, such as Tundra, have deep connections in the area. They also run most of the entertainment facilities in the Schiroziamo Entertainment District.

Regular corporate activity also resides over the Schiroziamo Entertainment District. Some of the most profitable corporations are not even ones which focus on entertainment. Instead, they specialize in weapons manufacturing, communications industries, or produce corporations. This means that the Schiroziamo Entertainment District is one of the few places where corporate representatives can find both entertainment and business interests at the same time.

Resulting form its very high tourist value and revenue, the Schiroziamo Entertainment District has a heavy security presence. Private security forces are employed by the various large and small businesses, though the largest security force is provided by the Lowrokira Planetary Guard. As a result of this increased security, the Schiroziamo Entertainment District is one of the safest parts of the city.

Sector Vestrapus

Kevin Jick Sector Vestrapus

A lesser dense area of Sector Vestrapus, with a large edutainment showcase on an important ship. Surrounding this area is a very important sector of arcs, which are mostly there for vanity and historical showcasing.

Sector Vestrapus is a highly contrasting area when compared to the bigger sector of Sector Toihiri. Sector Vestrapus is mostly focused on economical and commercial development. Scattered in the underworld of Sector Vestrapus, there lies numerous docking places and trading stations, which are constantly active throughout the Lowrokiran day. These areas are the primary sources of travel to the greater Solomakusubak City, and it fuels the tourism and trading markets.

As most of Solomakusubak City's trading is carried out in this sector, there are several large-scale businesses that focus on transporting and trading. Most of these businesses are owned by major intergalactic trading and transportation corporations, such as Thanzippe & Co. Sector Vestrapus also has a heavy security presence, though it is not as extreme as the one in Sector Toihiri. The Lowrokiran Planetary Guard does not have any major presence here, though corporate security forces are still employed to protect trade.

Near the center of Sector Vestrapus, massive spaceship docking gates are aligned to various areas around Peleunsk. As a result of Lowrokira's minimal axial tilt, Sector Vestrapus is constantly pointed to a few major star systems, where the ease of travel has allowed countless more people to shuffle in and out with ease. Cultural diversity, much like Sector Toihiri, is very high and it allows for almost any major species to feel represented.

While Sector Vestrapus and Sector Toihiri may appear to heavily contrast, many areas of Sector Vestrapus are still dedicated to entertainment, built by citizens of who moved in from Sector Toihiri. These centers are some of the most prominent and successful, as they are usually the most eye-catching, as well as some of the first areas that tourists arrive near. Nonetheless, these areas are still dwarfed by the Vastriapra Casino.

Notable Areas of Interest:


The areas around Sentinel Point, which are surprisingly used as a park. This is because Sentinel Point's needs are all fufilled in its own facility. The sheer size of Sentinel Point also allows for things like troop housing and ship compartments to be stored all around the tower.

Near the middle of Sector Vestrapus, a giant ship docking gate and tourist center called “Sentinel Point” lies. Sentinel Point is a massive travel area and a commercial citadel, surrounded by adjacent industrial buildings. Countless docking spaces and dense travel regularly around this building, giving it a busy and important kind of aura. This place has become a symbol of the city's space industry, and is often considered to be the heart of it.

Throughout all of Sentinel Point, there are numerous floors that serve many different purposes. Near the top of Sentinel Point, the docking bays and arrival centers for countless tourist ships are present. Throughout the lower and more intricate areas, there is a vast array of culturally diverse restaurants, tourist traps, and a network of local Zythyn and city history.

Not only are there leisure areas in Sentinel Point, but there is also a massive park surrounding the area. This park is one of the most prominent tourist attractions, and is filled with trees, plants, and wildlife. The park is usually filled with many people who wish to enjoy the blue Lowrokiran scenery. In the middle, there is a statue, which is dedicated to all of those who died in Commonwealth's Eclipse. A similar construct which honors the veterans from the War of the Ancients is also nearby. The park is not the only place for relaxation, as there are several luxury hotels surrounding Sentinel Point. The hotels are usually filled with tourists and vacationers who wish to stay on Lowrokira.

There is also a massive defense network on the top areas of Sentinel Point. One of the most notable constructs is called Zhoulamok Eranoa (translated to "The Sentry Eye"). The Sentry Eye is a massive planetary defense cannon, that is permanently stationed above Sentinel Point. The Zhoulamok Eranoa is one of the most powerful weapons in the sector, and has a very massive potential for combat. The Zhoulamok Eranoa is also claimed by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard, and is used to protect the city in case of an attack. Sections of the Zhoulamok Eranoa also have many base compartments, for housing soldiers or small ships.

A space elevator and docking port, on the bank of a river and surrounded by Lowrokiran foliage. This one in particular is in a lesser dense area.

Also connected to Sector Vestrapus is a space elevator network, providing a quick and easy way for tourists to reach the surface. As they are built with comfort and availability in mind, there are countless people who frequent this area every day. An especially notable space elevator would be the Chimtokpliak Elevator, which is the largest and most direct space elevator in the area. Taking tourists down to the center of the city, it has since allowed for fast travel to Solomakusubak City. So far, it is the only elevator to be completely dedicated to tourist use. The other space elevators are more mixed. Many of them serve as a way to get from orbit to the planet, while others are used for cargo transport.

The space ports around the base and top of Chimtokpliak Elevator are the busiest parts of Sector Vestrapus. As a result, it has become one of the most important parts of it, with much of Solomakusubak City's trade coming from this elevator alone. It is also the biggest, with several docking bays able to fit even the largest of ships. as the ports serve as one of the most important centers for the organization and trade. As such, a large portion of the complex is dedicated to security and military operations. The security forces of the sector are trained here, in order to patrol and protect the space around Lowrokira. The complex is also filled with large military-grade ship docks, as well as a heavy military presence. It is one of the most heavily guarded places on the planet, since its trade intake is massive.

Milopazorio City


A lower section of Milopazorio City, with its famous ion engines and ionic wind devices in view. In this area, there are many power plants and industrial areas, out of sight from the residential areas far above. (Credits to Paul Chadeisson on ArtStation for this picture!)

Milopazorio City is best described by the people as a technological wonder. Utilizing massive ionic wind propulsion, as well as smaller ion engines, Milopazorio City has managed to float up above, kilometres from Lowrokira's ground. The propulsion is clearly very expensive, and a large array of power plants on the city and the ground help keep the city afloat. Milopazorio City is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with a wide selection of parks, industrial districts, corporate territory, and residential areas.

Milopazorio City is one of the most technologically advanced places on Lowrokira, with its own dedicated power plant to keep it running. The city is always illuminated by hundreds of lights in the sky, and many of the buildings have their own internal power source. Several districts also have their own power source, and are separated from the rest of the city. As such, many districts have their own atmosphere and ecosystem, geared to species not native to Lowrokira. It has become a massive symbol of wealth, technology, peace, and power.

Milopazorio City is heavily defended by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard, which is stationed on the ground and in the city walls. Milopazorio City is also one of the safest places on the planet, as crime is incredibly rare and usually very harshly punished. Corporate activity here is also at a minimum, as the city is mostly owned by the local government, and the greater Lowrokiran government. However, this has not stopped many companies from setting up areas here, and some of the businesses here are owned by large, powerful, and wealthy companies.

This city is also filled to the brim with tourists, and those wishing to study the latest in technology. The diversity in Milopazorio City is very large, as many cultures and species can be found here. As such, the local businesses and economy are mostly dedicated to serving these people. Hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other types of entertainment are very common in this city. Furthermore, the military presence in Milopazorio City has granted it a very wide array of defense systems, rivaling that of much larger cities. This has given Milopazorio City the name "The Floating Shield" by numerous people.

Surrounding Milopazorio City is a vast selection of other floating cities, all staying close and far from each other. This has given a large sense of interconnectivity between Milopazorio City and its satellites, and as a result there is a big presence of travel between floating cities. These routes are also heavily patrolled and defended, much like the greater sectors of Milopazorio City. The other cities are much smaller than Milopazorio City, although they still maintain a high level of technology. These cities are all owned by the Lowrokiran Government, and as such have their own laws, regulations, and rules. Though, these aren't even noticeably different than the ones in all other Lowrokiran Cities.

A prominent headquarters for the Lowrokiran government is located in Milopazorio City, which makes this one of the most important places on the planet. The city houses all levels of government, from the local sector level all the way up to the planet-wide level. It is also the home to an Intergalactic Council Representative Building, with Chyzara-Lomir, the secondary leader of the Lowzyol Federation, being the representative. The city also has a massive, sprawling parliament building located at the heart of it. The building houses all the levels of government and is a massive, complex of legislative power and authority.

As it floats harmoniously, Milopazorio City has traveled all across Lowrokira, most famously staying above Toqapkal City for several years. It has gone all around famous landmarks, and above every continent. However, Milopazorio City avoids the poles as there is heavy military presence in the areas. Milopazorio City also generally avoids the ocean, but has made many consecutive tours through them.

Sector Uraloht-Toqalo

Paul Chadeisson Flying City 2

A very industrial part of Milopazorio City. Note the arrays of corporate buildings, which serve as factories, agricultural centers, and shops. Most buildings here are non-corporate, and serve more or less as other shops or as schooling centers. (Credits again to Paul Chadeisson for the artwork!)

Sector Uraloht-Toqalo (translated to "The Old City") is a large and culturally strong sector of Milopazorio City. Originally being a troublesome but large city on the ground, Sector Uraloht-Toqalo was destroyed during Commonwealth's Eclipse. When it was re-founded as a new city, it was placed in the sky, and is now a bustling industrial and housing sector. It was since expanded upon, and now boasts a large population and a fair bit of area. It is also a major center of education, with several universities, schools, and other learning centers.

Consisting somewhat of older housing areas, Sector Uralohu Toqalo is a mostly residential area, providing homes for most of the citizens that do not have to work in other parts of the city. This also makes it a very social sector, as people live together and enjoy each others company. Refurbished road systems from many millennia ago have also been rebuilt since the city's construction, giving easy access to transportation among residents.

Other than this, Sector Uraloht-Toqalo is known for its deep industrial districts, which provide resources for the rest of the city. The industrial districts also provide many jobs and opportunities to the population, as many people work in the facilities that provide resources and goods. Automation however has taken over most of the work in this area, leaving all civilians free to pursue other endeavors.

Containing some of the largest docking ports on Lowrokira, many areas around Sector Uraloht-Toqalo are home to some of the biggest industrial ships in all of Lowrokira. From these docks, massive shipments of goods are transported all over Lowrokira for trade and profit. Many people have made their living working on these docks for decades, and the jobs are always in high demand. With the docks comes the law, and many security forces patrol the docks to ensure safety for all those who work there. Trade is also heavily inspected, like all Lowrokiran cities.

Notable Areas of Interest:

Deep inside Sector Uraloht-Toqalo, there is a large presence of high quality education and jobs, providing the citizens with many choices in their fields of study and work. This plaza/services area is named the Dunatuok-Lipmispia (translated to "Floating Plaza") Many schools, colleges, and universities are located here, as well as a large number of high-tech jobs. Sector Uraloht-Toqalo is the home of the University of Lowrokira, which is one of the most prestigious centers of learning on Lowrokira. With some of the most advanced learning methods, countless people have been trained to expand their minds and to learn about valuable professions.

With its heavy influence of old architecture and high quality services, Sector Ura-Toqalo is also known for its vernacular feel, and is reportedly one of the most desirable places to live in all of Sector Uraloht-Toqalo. The many museums that display relics and ruins from before the city was destroyed in the cataclysm of the Commonwealth's Eclipse also make it an attractive place for many tourists. From architecture to ancient artwork, Sector Ura-Toqalo has a little bit of everything to offer.

To the rear of Sector Uraloht-Toqalo, there exists a massive array of fusion power plants, which power the city. These power plants are some of the biggest, and are a core feature in the industrial sectors of Milopazorio City. As one of the most advanced and highly valuable additions to Sector Uraloht-Toqalo, many people flock to this sector to get jobs in the high paying, high tech companies that populate this area.

Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo

Sector Zeraloht Toqalo

Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo, with its denser cityscapes and high ship activity. Many people forget that they are even floating high above the Lowrokiran landscape.

Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo (Translated to "The New City") is a sector dedicated to the fields of commercial sales and large-scale housing. Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo also has some of the most beautiful and largest residences on all of Lowrokira, and many people flock to this area for both work and living. Many people who are successful in business or are wealthier than average choose to move into this area of the city. However, this does not segregate Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo from the lesser wealthy population, with a majority of the people living here being of the middle class.

Much like Sector Uraloht-Toqalo, Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo has an intricate selection of docking ports, most of which functioning as tourism stops or refueling stations for ground-to-air ships. Spacecraft do not frequent this area, considering that there are many re-fueling stations placed in orbit. This has made many incoming spacecraft go to the larger and more dedicated ports in Sector Uraloht-Toqalo.

Built with the people in mind, Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo is host to many sightseeing and recreational areas, as well as boasting some of the best pieces of art on all of Lowrokira. There are also a number of museums located here, for those people with a passion for art and history. Since Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo is floating high above, many unique spheres of glass, attached to the side of the city, look down to the surface of the planet. People often use these spheres to view the surface, without having to experience the effects of Lowrokiran weather, such as wind, cold rain, and snow storms.

Being the heart of tourism in the entirety of Milopazorio City, Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo is host to many hotels, inns, hostels, and resorts. Many people come from all over the planet to stay in the city for vacations and excursions. Many artificial areas of land also riddle the city's landscape, making it feel as if it was on the ground. A small selection of parks also exist, filled with normal Lowrokiran flora.

Notable Areas of Interest:

Jung Park Lowrokira Area

Chokalopa Park, with its apartments and wondrous flora. Note the edge of the city, as well as surrounding buildings which encapsulate the park. (Credits to Jung Park on Artstation for this art!)

Chokalopa Park (translated to "Paradise Zone") is the largest park in the areas of Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo. Built near the edges of Milopazorio City, Chokalopa Park has spectacular views of the landscape below. The landscape is a massive field of blue Lowrokiran flora, filled with trees, flowers, and grass. Many people come to the park to lay out in the sun or to just enjoy the park's natural beauty.

In the center of Chokalopa Park, a selection of communal areas and plazas exist, such as restaurants, hotels, and small cultural centers. Built for all species in mind, there happen to be a multitude of functions in all of these buildings, which are made for comfort and relaxation. Some of these buildings even house large art galleries, which showcase Lowrokiran art. Chokalopa Park has many winding stone paths that lead people throughout the park. These paths can lead to small lookout points, where one can see the landscape of Lowrokira below.

Further containing a vast number of high quality apartments, Chokalopa Park is home to some of the more luxurious living quarters in the city. Many people who wish to live in a safe and secure environment, while still having access to all the fun parts of urban life, move into Chokalopa Park. Some of the most advanced safety systems are in place, making crime nonexistent, much like the rest of Milopazorio City. The opulence of the region also adds to this, making poverty vanish as well.


An area near the Verolamaniy Kylomaqal, with a very high amount of density and urban coverage.

Far from Chokalopa Park and in the center of Sector Zeraloht-Toqalo, a tall and massive structure of amazing proportions stands. Named the Verolamaniy Kylomaqal (translated to "The Sky's Citadel"), this structure pushes the limits of modern architecture by creating one of the tallest constructs in Lowrokira. Standing as tall as 27 km, this building has had a massive impact on the appearance and lifestyle of Milopazorio City. Many sections of the Verolamaniy Rebamon serve as museums, art galleries, and libraries for all of Lowrokira. All around this building are many works of art, implemented by the Lowrokiran government for all to see. The exterior of the building is designed with a mixture of glass and many designs between floors, that creates an awe-inspiring sight to anyone who sees it.

In the proximity of this building, massive commercial buildings and housing buildings, much like the ones in the rest of the sector, populate the area. The most notable ones are the luxury apartments, which are some of the nicest in the city. The rest of the area is filled with places to eat, places to shop, and other recreational buildings. Shopping districts also litter the area, which take advantage of the massive population of the sector. From luxury shops to high-end electronics stores and pawn shops, there's a plethora of places to go shopping near the Verolamaniy Rebamon.

Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso

Sector Wyvertaum

A partially corporate and residential area of Sector Wyvertaun-Kylolopso, showing many tall and important buildings.

Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso (translated to "The Economy of the Sky") is the most corporate center in all of Milopazorio City, containing a rather high density of corporate places and important government constructs. Along with many skyscrapers for businesses to take up residence in, the area is also home to the Milopaziro Stock Exchange, where many people come to trade various assets and goods. The Milopaziro Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in Peleunsk, allowing for trillions of Carosi to be exchanged on a daily basis. The area also contains many hotels for people to stay at while doing business in the area.

With its larger corporate presence, Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso is also home to many high-end stores and luxury shops. From clothing stores to jewelry stores, from grocery stores to book stores, the area caters to the wealthiest of the wealthy and those with enough money to occasionally purchase expensive goods. Well-known CEOs and business executives usually frequent and live in this location, making it a very popular hub for business. Corporations like Thanzippe & Co thrive in this location, as one of their most prominent buildings is located at the heart of Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso.

While Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso holds a high amount of businesses, it still contains a very high percentage of housing, industrial, and commercial areas. The majority of the commercial areas are located towards the center of the sector, where as the residential and industrial areas take up more of the outskirts. The residential areas of the sector are home to many wealthy and middle-class families that work in the businesses located in the sector. Several notable constructs, like massive areas for selling products and promoting industry, all populate the area.

With business sprawling opulently, Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso still manages to maintain a rather surprising amount of wilderness and nature. There are still many parks, hiking trails, and nature reserves that make up a good portion of the area. This has made Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso simultaneously one of the most and least urban places in all of Milopazorio City. Businesses have shifted their attention towards this growing market, and as a result, more and more nature-oriented business areas are being created.

Notable Areas of Interest:


The Milopazorio Stock Exchange, which is a small district on its own. Massive economic buildings flood the skyline as countless amounts of trade happens.

In the center of Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso, there is a rather large and important district, pertaining to the economy and business regions of Lowrokira. This area is named the Milopazorio Stock Exchange, and it is not limited to one building. Acting as an important center of trade, the Milopazorio Stock Exchange spans across several areas in the heart of Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso.

Since the economy of the Commonwealth is massive, countless centers of the economy are held in numerous locations around Lowrokira. Other planets share this trait, holding their own economic cores across large areas. Lowrokira however has the most opportunity and potential out of all the worlds, and it's no surprise that much of the stock exchange is located here.

One of the more important buildings in the Milopazorio Stock Exchange is the Zolobe Financial Building, which is a fairly tall and prominent building. Being founded shortly after Milopazorio City's creation, it is the oldest financial building in the district. It is also one of the most successful, even with newer and more technologically advanced buildings around. The Zolobe Financial Building is owned by the Zolobe Bank Corporation, which was founded by a rather wealthy Timporan. It has since influenced Milopazorio City, and other large cities of its caliber.

The Zolobe Bank itself is a very large bank, dealing with all sorts of customers. From the richest and most successful business owners, to the average working class citizen, everyone can do their banking here. It is located in the core of the Milopazorio Stock Exchange, with many high-class citizens looking to safely transact their currency. This is also the place of the most currency exchange, where many people convert C-Units to Carosi.

Titus Simirica MilopazorioPlace

A certain building in the more natural areas of Sector Wyvertaum-Kylolopso. This one happens to be very obvious, but does not impede on the surrounding landscape much. (Credits to Titus Simirica for the artwork!)

Farther from the center of the city, several parks with integrated business buildings and viewing sights exist. Built on the landscape, many of these buildings are quite obvious in their structure and stand out a lot. However, many others choose to be built underground or with the land to preserve the flora and environment. As a result, the buildings become harder to notice, but their names and signs make them more conspicuous.

This area, aptly named the Zolobe Nature Reserve, has a connection with the creators of the Zolobe Bank Corporation. The original architects, aiming to satisfy the citizen and the businessman, looked elsewhere in the city. They created a massive artificial reserve, and populated it with life. Soon enough, this place became a hotspot for tourists and citizens to visit. In several locations, the buildings that were integrated into the reserve became tourist attractions in their own right.

As the creators of the reserve, the Zolobe Bank Corporation also holds an influence in this area. Many corporations in here are focused around the economy or local trade, with any deviators consisting of large companies like Tundra. With the Zolobe Bank Corporation having so much influence, it is clear to see that they are the ones to own the Milopazorio Stock Exchange.

Chark-Olio City

Chark-Olio City is a colossal network of raft settlements, floating atop Peroizippe Ocean. Constantly moving from day to day, the city is a massive trading center that has only become larger as the years have gone on. The city itself is made up of hundreds of interlocking rafts, which are all held together by a massive web of chains. The city is so large, that it is easily visible from space and at night. It is so bright that it can be seen even from Lowrokira's moon, Kerioa.

Covering a vast amount of Lowrokira's ocean, it is safe to say that Chark-Olio City is a Colossopolis. Its inner cities are also massive, containing the most buildings of almost any city. Docks line the borders, and ports for incoming ships are completely commonplace. The city is also massive in its economy. It is the largest trading hub across the entire ocean, with thousands of trade ships docking in the city daily to sell and buy goods. The economy of Chark-Olio City is also based largely around trading, being well known all across Lowrokira.

As the city's economy is so large, it is also very influential. Many businesses from all over Lowrokira have offices in Chark-Olio City, and many banks have a presence there as well. The most notable influences include conglomerates like Tundra, which monopolizes on the entertainment industry in Chark-Olio City. The biggest corporation in this city happens to be Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining, since they specialize in the trading of resources. Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining even has dedicated trading ports in Chark-Olio City, siphoning more than just natural resources.

There are many kinds of settlements in Chark-Olio City's area, including ones on natural islands, or ones built entirely artificially. Most cities consist of artificial rafts, floating from massive turbines and buoyancy. Most of these rafts float around, or stay put, interlocking with the greater sections of Chark-Olio City. These rafts are built by a variety of races, with many different designs being implemented by many species. They are all connected by walkways, docks, bridges and tunnels, all built in varying levels. The city's local government is also very lenient, allowing many corporations and organizations to set up shop in the city. Many of these groups have their own docks on the outskirts of the city, where they can trade freely.

The largest section of Chark-Olio CIty is completely interlocked and connected, moving as one giant piece. The obviousness of life on a floating body is almost gone, resulting from the size of Greater Chark-Olio City. This size has allowed for a more natural feel, with cultures from the seas being diminished from the urban environment. The city also has a large population, with hundreds of millions of people living in it. Due to this, its urban areas happen to be fairly crowded.

Much of Chark-Olio city is propped up on a massive array of 'stilts', which allow important sectors of the city to rise above sea level, hundreds of metres into the sky. These stilts are also massive, with the capability of holding up entire urban districts. This allows threats like tsunamis and other natural phenomenon to be completely averted, letting the populous at the shores of Chark-Olio City to feel safe and secure. These stilts are very large, made of the strongest materials that Chark-Olio City can provide. They consist of a metal alloy, created by combining various kinds of metals, forged from distant asteroids. There is usually no one living in the stilts, save for engineering overseers.

Sector Tektukwanolia-Peroizippe

Sector Tektukwanolia-Peroizippe (Translated to "The Sea's Trading Quarters") is the largest area of Chark-Olio City, being made up of Greater Chark-Olio City and several outlying urban districts, which make up the entire area. The city is very orderly, with a system of roads and streets that criss-cross over the entire city. There are many buildings in this sector, which are all very far apart. The buildings are also very large, being comparable to the ones in Toqapkal City. The entire sector is run on a system of raft-megastructures, each being many kilometres in length and width. Many of these raft-megastructures have clean and advanced waste systems, which let out excess water or filtered waste water. Any harmful waste water is thoroughly cleaned in the process of going through the waste systems.

Throughout Sector Tektukwanolia-Peroizippe, massive areas of wildlife and landscapes have been implemented in the raft-megastructures, allowing for a lot of more natural sectors to be places inside. This makes Chark-Olio City have a large selection of parks, since much of the population appreciates inland nature. The city's engineers can also easily divert water to these areas, allowing them to be essentially self-sustained.

Standing as the largest urban area on Peroizippe Ocean, Sector Tektukwanolia-Peroizippe is the most visited place in Chark-Olio City. The buildings are much larger and taller in this sector than in any other area of the city, and sometimes sway with the slightly turbulent waves below. The tourism market in Chark-Olio City has also made its mark, as countless foreigners come to visit the sector on a daily basis.

With the entertainment industry being massive in Sector Tektukwanolia-Peroizippe, most Zythyns are very fond of the arts, as well as monuments and very vanity-related things. This has allowed them to create many popular artists, who are also well-known for their works. These artists are often used as product and brand names by businesses, to promote a kind of "Life of beauty in the seas". This has helped tourism gain somewhat.

Notable Areas of Interest: Since Chark-Olio City is located far into Lowrokira's ocean, there happen to be many underwater complexes, reserved for residence or commercial uses. These are some of the most vanity-related areas, and are usually reserved for the wealthier of people. The most notable of these is the Unteratil-Peroizippe Junction, which is a fairly common place for underwater constructs to meet. Many constructs stay here for a long time, or pass on by slowly. All constructs in this region are also connected to Greater Chark-Olio City in some way, moving around the shorelines of the core.

In the Unteratil-Peroizippe Junction, some of the most famous and luxurious constructs exist, allowing for people of higher status to stay in these hotels. The most notable of these is the 5-star hotel, the Unteratil Resort. This is a sort of hotel and resort which sticks above the water, and it has many amenities attached to it. The Unteratil Resort is a gigantic underwater hotel, with many floors and rooms to accommodate guests. Unteratil Resort is also an entertainment hotel, and has a large swimming pool, several bars, restaurants, and an extravagant concert hall. Displays of Lowrokiran wildlife are also common, and usually line the interior halls.

Other than Unteratil Resort, many small pop-up shops which sell many different kinds of food across the Unteratil-Peroizippe Junction's lanes. Advertisements are also common here, floating above the water while showing many different products and services. This alone generates a lot of monetary and cultural revenue, not only for local people but for businesses as well. The Unteratil-Peroizippe Junction is a very important part of the city, as it not only generates revenue and important for trade connections and travel, but it also is home to many people who live on the many constructs that exist in the area. In fact, many people come to this area specifically to get away from the city and its many distractions.

Since this area is mostly surrounded by the Peroizippe Ocean, there are many recreational activities to be had here. Swimming, fishing, and surfboarding are popular pastimes, and the area is a good place for people who like to relax. Since Lowrokira's gravity is fairly high, tides are not too dangerous, and post not much a threat to any travelers around Unteratil-Peroizippe Junction. Many artificial safeguards are put in place to prevent incidents as well. Not much can be said about the wildlife here, as aside from a few aquatic creatures and some flying creatures there is not much else. This is a result from the deep waters, which makes surface-level creatures rather sparse.

Chark-Olio Outer Sectors

A group of Dellicte Puknata, emerging from the seafloor after a harsh tsunami swept above. These safeguards allow for minimal amounts of damage. The largest Dellicte Puknata can survive a tsunami wave head-on, and usually do not require submersion.

One of the more interesting sectors of Chark-Olio City is the vast outer sectors and its technologically advanced urban spires, named the Dellicte Puknata. Existing rather far from Greater Chark-Olio City, these spires usually exist in distant groups. Many of these spires are dedicated to Chark-Olio City's industry, while others are centered around housing or other areas of social importance. One of the more interesting features of these spires are the docking systems and rail systems that exist on them. These allow for easy travel between different parts of the spire network, as well as to other high-speed rail stations found on Lowrokira's surface.

All of the Dellicte Puknata has a very advanced disaster response system, being able to submerge and reemerge in case of a tsunami or weather event. Because of this, these spires are fairly safe and isolated from the dangers of Lowrokira's surface. Their connections with the advanced rail system also lets them have an easy evacuation route, in the case of an emergency. The larger class of Dellicte Puknata usually to not submerge, unless it is for shows of vanity, or in the case of planetary bombardment. These are known as the Dalloma-Puknata, and are usually the spires in which residents live.

Other than the notable safety systems, the Dellicte Puknata have a renowned system of citizen residence. Acting as a part of Greater Chark-Olio City, travel between all sectors is completely free, and moving from area to area costs much less than emigration from elsewhere. However, not much emigration happens in the Dellicte Puknata, simply because of their high quality of life and massive capabilities for satisfying the needs of its citizens.

The people the Dellicte Puknata usually consist of high-class citizens, as well as many famous names from all around Lowrokira. The Del-Puknata also consist of the leaders of the city, or those who have important administrative positions. These people are satisfied by the many systems of entertainment and luxurious living arrangements, provided by the Chark-Olio City Council. Individuals of administrative importance are also free to live in the several government-related offices, which are scattered around the many Dellicte Puknata. Large companies have also bowed down and has made living in the Dellicte Puknata much easier.

The life inside the Dellicte Puknata is considered to be almost lavish, since very important people live out in these spires, floating on Peroizippe Ocean. Similar to that of the Unteratil Resort, there are many activities and sections of leisure for all citizens. The usual selection of cultural centers and shops, as well as plazas exist all inside the Dellicte Puknata. As previously mentioned, there is also areas of government-related areas, which is where high officials reside.

Sector Arakzippe 


A notable and very urban artificial island chain on Sector Arakzippe, with many overhanging buildings and dense areas. These areas account for over 95% of the population in Sector Arakzippe. Most artificial islands are much more rural.

Sector Arakzippe is completely separated from the greater Toqapkal City, consisting of a much more rural oceanic environment. Much of the buildings here include many small raft-settlements, still connected to the Toqapkal City Metro Area. There are also many islands floating through here, with very dense and rather unstable settlements dotting the land. Islands are usually packed with urban structures, which serve a multitude of purposes. Much of the livable area is built into the side of islands, or artificially constructed.

A large portion of Sector Arakzippe's islands are made artificially, connected to the deep sea floor. These islands are known as the Zoilomma Zippiyo (Translated to "The Newlands"), and is where a majority of Sector Arakzippe's population lies.These islands can also range from small settlements with a few thousand people, to massive ocean-going cities, each containing millions of people. Nevertheless, Sector Arakzippe is a marvel on its own.

Sector Arakzippe, being fairly isolated to the rest of Lowrokira, does not have that many people in its vicinity. The more rural conditions of most places also makes it a less popular place to live, although there are still millions of inhabitants. Most inhabitants of this sector are of a seafaring nature, although most cities nowadays also have a few citizens from the nearby Dellicte Puknata. Many tourists also flood the areas of Sector Arakzippe, seeing the very culturally rich population and unique landscapes.

Most of these islands appear to be very urban in nature. However, a select few islands with very rare specimens of fauna have been preserved. On these islands, it is possible to find species of animals or plants which are native to the area. These natural wonders are rare, and can not be found on other islands. This makes them prized in this sector, and famed all around Lowrokira. There is a strict set of rules and regulations governing the ownership and usage of the species mentioned. These rules are enforced by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard, in order to protect these species.

Notable Areas of Interest:

Sergii Golotovskiy Offshore Site

One of the many offshore industry sites of Sector Arakzippe, with many ongoing construction projects. Usually, there would be several other sites, but the one imaged here is fairly large, and controls much of the output in the area.

While Sector Arakzippe is fairly broad and loose, it still contains many useful areas, such as its booming industrial production centers. Named the Xeraik Taloqir Wide District (Translated to "Item Making Wide District"), it is clear to see as to why they obtained this name. Being far from Greater Chark-Olio City, emissions (while low) can not bother any citizens, and noise pollution is also reduced. Most facilities stretch kilometers into the sky, and are able to produce many kinds of products for the citizens of Chark-Olio City.

The main problem with this district is its vast distance from Greater Chark-Olio City, and the massive amount of upkeep that is needed for such a large industrial area. This makes it quite expensive to build on, and also increases the amount of cost per factory. This is mitigated by the fact that many of the factories are public, and built to a lower or equal standard than private factories. These public factories usually hire certified employees, or simply use automation to do most of the work.

Relying heavily on imports and exports, the production and manufacturing facilities in Sector Arakzippe are excellent at keeping production flowing. Accepting deals from almost any nation, these facilities are clearly opulent in their field of industry. Most of the trade happens to come from outside corporations, such as electronics from Tundra or mining equipment from Gishmintiraka Intergalactic Strip Mining. Many other kinds of objects are traded in as well, such as refined metals, parts for advanced technologies, or goods designed for leisure.

Much of the Zoilomma Trade and Manufacturing Alliance is built on shallow waters, extending out even to the shorelines of other continents. Still technically under the jurisdiction of Char-Olio City, even the most remote factories of this caliber produce goods for it. The stretched out area also makes Chark-Olio City massive in its area, spanning a large portion of the Periozippe Ocean.

These areas also have a notable aerial and naval force, protecting the valuable factories from outsiders. These forces are brought to the Xeraik Taloqir Wide District by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard, and are fiercely protected by them. Only scattered cases of mild piracy and looting have been reported in this area, making it fairly safe for employees and the goods inside. Over many millennia, advanced technologies have also helped containment and storage be all the safer.


An area of the Uukazon Flora Complex, isolated to a specific island. This is one of the many megaflora areas in the vicinity of Chark-Olio City. (Credits to Raphael Iacoste for the artwork!)

On a more island-based district of Sector Arakzippe, there lies some of the most prominent and interesting flora on the planet. These life forms are megaflora, which are unusually massive and very culturally impactive. In a small selection of low-lying swamp-like islands, there are several areas for such plants to grow. These islands are connected to the rest of Sector Arakzippe via secluded roads, which allow only trusted members to cross and visit the islands.

The largest of these swamps, as well as an island with the most massive megaflora, is called Uukazon. This area is known for its large populations of trusted tourists and residents, who seek to see the massive and important flora. This region is also free from almost all crime, and holds only the most prominent of areas. It is also patrolled by the Lowrokiran Planetary Guard, which keep the megaflora alive and the area protected.

The megaflora themselves consist of trees which pierce the clouds, flaunting their emerald leaves down to the ground. There are hundreds of these massive trees around Uukazon, and many more in its respective island chain. The most prominent flora on Uukazon are the ones with integrated skyscrapers, which use the tree as a kind of support. Delicate care for the flora always happens as well, keeping the tree and tree-born community alive.

On the ground of such islands, the plant life takes a distinctly less extravagant form. The swampy and muddy ground (save for mossy plains and drier areas) is mostly smothered with a dense undergrowth of what could only be plants. The ground is also constantly soaked with water, which drips from above or washes in from Periozippe The megaflora on Uukazon Island also have a cultural impact. Combined with this and their cultural significance, the towering trees have made this area a very profitable location. Visitors are permitted to take a background check as to deter any criminals, and enter tram through the swampy areas. Such yourists are even able to stay in little communities nested in the trees, which are not only connected with each other but are also able to connect to the aerial tram-lines.

Orbital Constructs

Gahl'Vuhr Sehn

Gahl'Vuhr Sehn

An engine district of the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, which highlights the massive size of the station itself. The main wormhole gates are located in Sector Sehirion, far away from where this picture was taken.

The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn (Translated to "The Great Opening") is a massive and the most renowned wormhole station in orbit around Lowrokira. It is the biggest of its class, being able to send and receive thousands of ships per hour. Buzzing with activity, the Gahl'Vuhr Seh is simply colossal, with its endless selection of industry and tourism markets. Unlike many wormhole stations, the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn manages to hold multiple distinct gates, all connecting to important places around the Local Group. There are gates leading to the Sol System, to Poratus in Triangulum, the center of Peleunsk, the outskirts of Andromeda, A gate to the Saykyan Wormhole Hub, and a final gate which is rather small, and restricted to military personnel. The final gate leads to a nearby military base, which is very valuable for the protection of Peleunsk. There are many engineering and constriction quarters on the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn as well, and even tourist destinations. The station is also a major source of money, being a prime location for docking and trading. Often times, other end points for different wormholes will be interchanged, but this only happens occasionally because of traffic issues.

The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, being a massive hub for wormhole travel, is understandably popular in its field. With it being very popular around the Local Group, some have claimed it to be a 'Wonder of the Universe'. This status is held up by the high quality, almost premium wormhole services that the CUEN offers for the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn. These services are also held up by the countless amount of trade that passes through the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn every day. The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn has made a name for itself as a very reliable and safe station to do business with.

The Gahl'Vuhr Sehn is divided into two sectors, of which are named the Sehirion and the Miyabodon Sectors. These are dedicated to many different tasks, such as docking, receiving, trading, and engineering. All of these areas are self-contained and independent from each other. They all have multiple docking bay rings which can hold thousands of ships or containers at a time. There are also sub-sections of these sectors, which perform many of the mentioned tasks above. These sectors also contain a multitude of 'arms', which help with automated construction and maintenance of the station. Deep arrays of computers are also commonplace, which maintain the wormholes.

Sector Sehirion

Sector Sehirion is the most popular and hardworking sector the the Gahl'Vuhr Sehn, since the multitude of wormholes are located here. Connecting to very popular tourist destinations, Sector Sehirion generates much of the station's revenue, and is popular among many travelers. The vast majority of its arms are dedicated to maintenance of structural integrity, and have come to be known as the 'Corridor Arms'. The Corridor Arms also help with computer management and help upkeep the wormhole gateways themselves.


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