Lunar Monkeys are the most intelligent genetically enhanced species on the Moon after Lunarians.

They were renamed to "Arachnichimps" after the Cobweb revolution.


They resemble monkeys with four arms, which was made for enhance the agility of these spider-like primates and allow them to thrive in the mysterious forests of the Moon. They also have four eyes.

They aren't much different from their Earth counterparts in terms of internal organs.

They are intelligent enough to use advanced tools (like spaceships) and to speak human languages.


The first ruler of their native forests was a large, gorilla-like emperor, and he ruled as a tyrant. However, after being eaten by a lunar shark-like species, new emperors got to his position as gentle monarchs. Some humans have brought the Lunar Monkeys to the planet HIP 7372 4, also called Arachnaschimmia. Due to the different radiation from the star HIP 7372, the Arachnichimps got a blue coloration due to a strange genetic mutation.

The "Cobweb revolution" of 130250-130300 made possible for Aracnichimps to have the same civil rights as humans.

In the 149th millenium, an experimental accident on Arachnaschimmia I (a moon of the planet) made the colonist evolve faster adapting to problems and difficulties only. This was fixed in 199853. These Arachnichimps are called "Evolved".


The concepts of physical monkeys from other planets is inspired by the character Spidermonkey from Ben 10.

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