Found by a rogue commerce vessel in the early 6000's, Lurentia, otherwise known as RS 8474-914-6-200691-117 5.2 (as of 0.980), is a ringed class E moon of the local gas giant, and is the only life-bearing body in its star system. It is located 3640.08ly from Sol. The moon has very little landmass, separated


into several islands, vast oceans making up more than 80% of its surface, not dissimilar to Earth. 

The moon is sparsely populated, with 300 million people living in tight clusters of habitats on each island. The Federations of United Star Systems had laid claim to this world 3 years after hearing of its discovery, and the moon had become a port of call for exploring nearby systems, and the local planetary nebula, the Cat's Eye.


The system has limited history, rarely seeing combat outside of the few pirate raids, and the moon is little more than a research outpost and limited starport. However, it is popular among tourists, with its crystal blue waters, and the spectacular view of both the gas giant and the ring system being the main (and only) defining features that attract them.

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