Luxpetram is the first major moon of the ice giant planet Acconda of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a hot S-Class world with an unusually thick atmosphere.


Luxpetram is by far the most famous Salena world in the Hope System due to its beautiful glowing atmosphere. This world is considered so beautiful that only rich entrepreneurs inhabit it.

It got its famous atmosphere due to a failed attempt to terraform the moon by the Havenites during the Etymology era. This attempt failed due to the Cyrex destroying them before they could progress beyond the atmospheric stage. However this artificial atmosphere would remain on the moon for millions of years.

Ancient Havenite ruins are also located on its surface, as well as satellites in orbit however none remain functional. Luxaria, the capital of Luxpetram, was built around an ancient Havenite city.

The moon holds an abundance of precious metals such as iron and silver. Other precious resources include oil and diamonds, leading to the moon becoming a rather large mining colony.


Luxpetram formed alongside its parent planet Acconda, and its sister moon Coilsa around 4,795,900,000 standard years ago. It once held micro organisms in its early life however this life would go extinct due to an asteroid collision in 4,199,000,000 BCE.

Around 2,489,466,010 BCE the Havenites would begin to colonize Luxpetram, building small cites across the moon's surface. After the Etymology was formed the moon's population would grow exceptionally, as would the cites they occupied. With the ever mounting pressure of Luxpetram's populace, the Etymology was urged to terraform the moon into that of ancient Haven. Thus, around 604,000,100 BCE terraforming began. They created Luxpetram's now famous atmosphere however that was the only thing they managed to do. On 604,000,000 BCE the C.Y.R.E.X rebelled against the Etymology and completely destroyed all of its settlements. After this event, the artificial atmosphere would remain encircled around the moon for millions of years.

When human colonists arrived within the Hope System they would begin to radar map the system's many worlds. Once it was discovered that Luxpetram had an usually large atmosphere they sent robotic probes to map out the surface and measure its composition. After images of the moon were released to the public, many rich business owners took a liking to the moon's appearance. Because of this, the moon would eventually have a colony of the rich elite formed on it. Luxaria, in 10284 CE.


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