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Lyca IV is the fourth planet in the Lyca system, a red dwarf with 10 planets. The planet is a cold E-class world with large and dense conifer forests and tundras in the colder areas. Ice flats cover the land near the ice caps, which are giant glaciers that are increasing at a slow rate. A large human colony set up by Russians are studying the planet's resources, atmosphere, and climate and plan to eventually excavate the extremely high amount of iron within it's core.


The climate of Lyca IV is very cold, with the highest temperature ever recorded being 1.2 degrees Celsius. High winds sweep across the ice flats coming down from the glaciers, making it a very harsh environment. The area near the poles is calmer, but blizzards are frequent. It's atmosphere is mainly carbon dioxide, and the polar ice there is frozen carbon dioxide. The rest is water ice. There is also a band of ocean near the equator, with some islands dotting the cold brackish seas.


When the Russians discovered the planet in the 34th century, it had no life. Just a frozen wasteland. They then seeded the planet with the conifer trees from their home country, and oxygen started to build up in the atmosphere. The atmosphere eventually became barely breathable. Many bases were started up after that. Civilization started to begin, and the Lycanian Republic was born. But the original team that discovered it wanted to use it as a source of metal and rock to build more ships and buildings. The people didn't want their new home to be destroyed, and riots broke out in the colonies. Many government buildings were attacked, and eventually a full out wore broke out between the Lycanian Government and the Lycanian Resistance. After only 0.3 years of war between the two factions, the Lycanian Government won flawlessly. The Resistance was defeated easily, and tried to escape to other planets. Most were captured, and sent to jail in the planet. Only some escaped to other systems. The large cities on the world were token down, and destruction of the planet began

End of Lyca

The government started the mining operation. They dug a massive hole near the government's capital, and started to carve the planet from it's inside. Massive bombs were detonated beneath the surface. But they had not thought of the consequences. The mantle was emptied, and the crust started to collapse on top of the empty space. The planet's radius dropped drastically, and all the life on the surface was killed during the Great Shift. Most of the atmosphere was lost too. The mining operation was abandoned. But a few hundred years later, the European Empire was at war with a powerful alien race from a distant galaxy. The planet-wide government took over the planet from the Lycanian Government in the 36th century, and restarted the project. But it was not just to gather materials. They used the planet to make a superweapon.

The Dead-Star Army's Uprising

They used the immense power at the planet's core to produce a laser canon. It used the heat energy to boil gasses into a super-heating plasma and then projected that plasma with electromagnetic fields into a controlled laser beam. It could fire at a planet up to a thousand light-years away, and the plasma beam could scorch the planet's surface and rip apart it's crust, sterilizing it permenately. The project was finished in the 37th century, when the great war was at it's worst moment. The planet was left as a planet similar to Pluto, with the size of Mars. They then tried the super-laser for the first time. They fired at the closet terrestrial planet, Lyca II, a lifeless hot desert world. It worked flawlessly. The planet's atmosphere, crust, and part of it's mantle was destroyed, turned into a fiery hell. They were ready to fire at Zigorg, the capital of the alien species they were fighting, but something horrible happened. One of the directors was corrupted with power. He wanted control over the entire Federation. He then assassinated the lead director of the project, and took over. He ended the war with the Zorgs; the aliens they were fighting, and then they became a very powerful ally. They both took control of the station, and attempted to overthrow the prime leader of the European Empire, but failed. The inhabinats of the station formed their own faction. The Dead-Star Army. They took control of the Lyca System, and then fired the super-laser at the capital of the European Empire. The planet was destroyed, billions of killed, and one of the 6 human empires that managed the galaxy in peace was in shatters. (the other ones were the North American, South American, Africa, Asian, and Australian Empires) They then readied the cannons to fire at the capital planet of the North American Empire, but failed.

The Revenge of the Lycanian Resistance

A rag-tag band of rebels that were the grandchildren of the original escapees of Lyca during it's war between the government and people. They found a critical weakness in the superweapon's structure. The massive hollow barrel were the super-laser shot out from lead straight into the planet's core. If they shot a big enough payload into the barrel when the laser was about to fire, it would explode violently. They planned their mission to destroy the base. They slipped past their tracking systems with a new and illegal cloaking tech into the Lyca System, and encountered the great blockades that surrounded Lyca IV. Most were unsuccessful. 89 percent of the Lycanian Resistance was destroyed. Only 372 members remained. They almost were destroyed. They fired the last of their bombs and lasers that they had into the barrel when it was firing up, but did not have enough power to destroy it. They had to fly their ships into it to do any damage. They sacrificed all of themselves, flying into the laser beam like kamikaze pilots. They only barely had enough power to create enough of a fusion explosion to damage the ship. The explosion critically damage the electromagnetic field generators when the laser was seconds from firing, and ended up scattering the super-heated plasma in all directions. Small laser beams flew out in all directions, and the planet collapsed into a fusion explosion great enough to create a nova. The fusion-reactor core of the planet ignited into a very small but fierce star. Blasts of rock and metal flew out in all directions, colliding with the other planets. The small laser beams that were shot out in all directions mentioned earlier didn't have a magnetic field to concentrate them, and were harmless. The Dead-Star army was destroyed. The Lyca system and all of it's planets was in ruins. The galaxy was saved... for now at least...

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