Homeworld of the Untoa. Lyola (RS 3680-450-7-223632-1068 1) is a frozen T-Class planet in the Artria galaxy about 10.9 million light years from the Milky Way.


Lyola observed with it's large ring system of icy material, the remnants of a moon shattered into trillions of tiny particles,


Lyola is a frozen world orbiting it's home star every 21 years at a distance of 7.5 AU. It's ring system is made of icy particles, some a few millimetres across while some measure less than 10 metres. The planet is 23,228 km in diameter with a mass 4 times that of Earth.

In the past, Lyola may have had a fifth icy moon that broke up due to tidal forces and formed the ring system seen today. This may have happened 9 billion years ago.


Unless life arrived here on asteroids from interstellar space, life truely began 160 million years after it formed. It took a further few billion years until 7.5 billion years ago when the first marine and terrestrial multicellular creatures appeared. Even then, it would take another few billion years until the Untoa's step on to land for the first time.

It was 19,000 years ago that the Untoa began to develop civilisation with tribes all across the planet. Technology would be advancing at a slow pace but quickly gained speed as the Untoa's entered the Industrial Revolution; factories and better forms of technology would help with their dominance over the planet.

The Untoa founded the Artria Galactic Republic in 2500 CE to maintain peace and justice in the galaxy. Soon after the formation of the Republic, other civilisations joined them or pledged their alleigence to the Republic. In 9982, the Republic and the Amatrian Galactic Spherium engaged each other in armed conflict, known as the Amatria-Artria War.

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