Lyra Koa (2nd December 49960 - 26th July 50135) was a human revolutionist, activist, author and former President of the Independent Systems of Humanity. A member of the Independence Party during her presidential terms, she was the first president of the Independent Systems to officially declare total war and launch a nuclear bombing and destruction of an enemy world.


Despite her heavily criticised presidential terms, she led a full career of politics for over a hundred years. Born to a kind, loving and wealthy family, she was raised on the planet Hyadolen with a twin sister and an older brother. She attended the University of Hyadolen when she was 18 years old, studying law and politics and space exploration for a four-year course. Leaving the university with a high-degree and an A-level in her subjects, she soon volunteered to join the Independency Party at the Supreme Court.

She married and divorced only once and gave birth to only one child throughout her early life. During her elderly years, she retired from the Independence Party and moved on to a remote planet with her husband. However, she still remained politically active for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, she died at the old age of 175, leaving her daughter to follow in her footsteps as a politician.

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