M110 is a small dwarf galaxy that is orbiting Andromeda about 113 thousand light years away. It is home to a few powerful civilizations and some very interesting worlds.


M110 is often called "Cradle", or "Milkdrop" by many people, as it is like a terrarium of countless forms of life, and very interesting wonders of the Local Group. It is the starting galaxy of many empires, including the prosperous Xa'Thin Empire, the smaller Xorthon and Gorvadian empires, the young Nok'Chu-Raa, and the precursor Thesoki. All empires that exist within M110 are united under a large trade pact, and help each other out occasionally.

Because of the Rapid Xa'Thin expansion, it claims 76% of M110. The Xa'Thin people are trying to give the other empires that exist more space, and have leased them entire clusters or galaxies in the past. Every empire within M110 is closely linked together, and they all have positive relationships with each other.

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