M 87 with hundreds of other galaxies in the background.


First image of M87's supermassive blackhole.


Last picture captured by the Everest probe. Before falling into the event horizon.

M87, or Messier 87, is a huge elliptical galaxy about 54 million light years from Earth. It was discovered in 1781 by human astronomer Charles Messier, and on 10th April 2019, its supermassive black hole was imaged for the first time in human history. 

As part of humanity's exploration of intergalactic space, they sent hundreds of probes into the galaxy to study it from the inside. Some of them were redirected into the galaxy's central black hole, where they attempted to study its event horizon and the singularity, before being ripped apart into atoms from the intense gravity.

It is home to thousands of civilisations, over a trillion stars and trillions of planets. Humanity has several colonies in M87, with a space station closely orbiting the supermassive black hole. 

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