"Brief" overview

The Ski'pec have been around for much longer than humanity. In ~2,000,000,000 BCE, they reached Type I with no outside help from Scenth. The Ski'pec could be thought of as an alternate humanity. However lax and comfortable they may seem now, there was a time when they were not so. Brutally murdering each other over resources, laws, beliefs, and rights. This was Smohera for almost 400 million years. The wars were like California's earthquakes. There was always some war going on, but nobody cared about or even noticed the small ones. This article will cover the major wars that wiped out more than 30% of the population of Smohera. The only reason that the Ski'pec still  have so much genetic diversity is because of gene editing.

Giakhersta War

This war took place in 1,999,999,921 BCE. Very shortly after solar energy was popularized with the completion of the Lavnedan Dyson Swarm, which used some materials mined from the moon Lavneda, oil companies revolted. One country, Okayeenur, made most of its money off of oil, so they went to war with the ret of the world. It took sevaral large countries, some ov which were Hunaski, Ulakestik, Vawaruu, and Loqeta, to hold the rogue country back. A heavily militarized country named Plotirei flooded Okayeenur with 1.3 billion soldiers. Okayeenur fell, but no before dropping one of their orbital nuclear hyperbomb. It had the power of 200.000 nuclear warheads. the country was decimated, and all countries nearby lost at east half their people. In an instant, the population dropped from 8.3 billion to 5.6 billion. 32.5% of the population was wiped out in that war.

Racial Acceptance War

Before coming to this wiki, maybe even as a child, you thought of aliens as only little green men in flying saucers coming to abduct cows and maybe frighten a lone famer. Why did humans think this way? Conditioning by media. As humans discovered the Kya, these assumptions were washed away. Smohera shared a similar fate in 1,998,732,186 BCE. The only difference was that Ryleiths came to Smohera to say hello. Ryleiths used their psychic abilities to learn Slitaru and speak with the Ski'pec. The reaction to this visit was not expected by the Ryleiths and the entirety of Scenth. Though some Ski'pec were intrigued by the visit, most were horrified. Thinking that they had come to conquer Smohera and use the Ski'pec as slaves, they attacked. The Acceptance Alliance, or Hwiu L'pacht in Slitaru, responded by seceding from the planet. At this time, Smohera was one country. The Hwiu L'pacht could not win on their own. Using the conections they had with the Ryleiths, they exterminated the others. One common insult was Joihuuv, which means "racist hypocrite". the aftermath left only 2.6 billion of 7.4 billion Ski'pec still alive. 64.9% of the population died in that war.

Religious Purge

The Ski'pec had hundreds of religions. As Scenth influenced them, most Ski'pec slowly moved into areas of higher density of their religion. Over time, these religious communities became more stubborn, openly rejecting scientific information. The only shield the Ski'pec had against them were pieces of evidence that they agreed with. Borders arose, and the secular country focused inward. Fighting began between neighboring religious countries. The wars killed few, but that was just the beginning. The secular country of Sacheri built an energy shield, and a superweapon to end all other Ski'pec. In 1,500,003,054 BCE, the superweapon was launched. Besides the bubble of safety in Sacheri, the temperature rose to -150 degrees Farenheit for a full Smoheran day. All the other Ski'pec died, as well as most plant and animal life. Sacheri foresaw this, and kept rather large populations of most species within their borders, the "safe zone". 97% of the Ski'pec died, leaving 195,003,291 living. This event marked the true end of religion and other languages on Smohera.

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