Mar'en is a temperate terra located in the NGC 5986 cluster (the Th'ega Federation's native cluster). It is a colony world of the Federation, colonised in 198,834 CE. Mar'en is a mostly-residential world, with some large commercial centres sprinkled across the planet. Most Th'ega live in the oceans of the world, though some have moved onto the large continents.


Mar'en is a temperate terra located in the Krawja star system, in NGC 5986 (unofficially referred to as the Kavla Cluster by most superpowers). The average temperature on the planet is just below freezing, though it is around 5-8 degrees Celsius on the equator. The planet is about half the size of Earth with just over one tenth the mass, giving the planet a surface gravity of .469 G. The planet is mostly covered in land, unlike Earth, but its ocean also takes up a significant portion of the planet's surfaces.

Mar'en Map

Map of Mar'en using data from Th'ega satellites.

With a semi-major axis of 3.67 AU, the planet has an orbital period of 4.8 standard years. The reason the planet is able to orbit Krawja at such a distance and still retain its temperate surface temperature is because of Krawja's immense size of about 3 Suns. The planet has a thick atmosphere comprised of 55% SO2, 44% CO2 and trace amounts of argon.

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