General Info

Marduk is a E-Class world somewhere in the Pergoni System, a Red Dwarf with 10 planets. The planet is tidally locked, and it's night side is a frozen wasteland. The other side, however, is very different, and has many lifeforms.


The surface of Marduk is mostly land, with one primary ocean and many other lakes. The biome is similar to the everglades of Florida, but jungles also cover some of the surface. The jungles are so dense that the undergrowth is as dark as night. Many animals lurk there. But the plants are also bioluminescent, and produce a blue-green light in the dark zones.


The lifeforms one Marduk are very diverse, ranging from bacteria to giant trees. Algae, fungi, and grasses inhabit the swamps, while large trees, vines, and other shrubs grow in the dense glowing forests. The animal life there are also diverse. Swamp fish inhabit the murky waters, while many snake and crocodile creatures wander the swamps and occasionally in the forests. The most advanced lifeforms there are the Gozima, a humanoid frog-like creature that live in tribes in the dense forests and hunt the other lifeforms for food. They celebrate many pow-wows and rituals to their gods and spirits.

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