Maurotal (1)

Current Hakoduil homeworld.


Located 5531.6 light years from Algwethmai and a mere 129.3 light years from a large globular cluster, the temperate E-Class world of Maurotal (RS 8584-63-7-1981015-348 in 9.7.3.) is remarkably similar to Algwethmai with a diameter of 12237.5 km and a gravity of 1.04 g. It has a semimajor axis of 0.8 AU giving it a year length of 291 days. Its day is 15 hours and 44 minutes. The planet has six moons, two of which are S-Class. The planet is 9.2 billion years old.


The atmospheric pressure on Maurotal is slightly higher than Algwethmai at 0.6. The planet is slightly warmer as well with a mean temperature of 8.9 °C. With an axial tilt of 172° and 6’ the planet’s seasons are a bit more varied than Algwethmai’s own but it’s adaptable.

Maurotal (2)

Image of a river and two moons from the planet's surface

Despite there being more land than surface water the abundance of underground aquifers and marshes are enough to keep this planet alive with native plant and animal life.


Maurotal technology is highly advanced thanks to their ancestors preserving their technology on ancient computers but even so upon their rediscovery they had regressed and had only begun to colonize systems a few dozen light years away.

With a global population of 15.3 billion Hakoduil, 151 million Ingla and 231 million Githu the planet is one of the most highly advanced and intellectual planets in the CIS. They are ruled by a council consisting of the most intelligent of their kind.


Maurotal (3)

Map of Maurotal

Upon its discovery around 1.2 billion years ago by the Hakoduil ark ships, the planet was deemed suitable for colonization. The ships took ten years to get there due to an unknown catastrophic malfunction in the FTL drives. However, a malfunction in the ships systems didn’t allow the crew to be brought out of suspended animation until around 150000 years ago.

The Hakoduil found a lush world teeming with plant and animal life but no intelligence. They quickly set up a settlement and began to rebuild their civilization.

They experienced many dark ages due to the strangeness of the land but after many thousands of years they had begun to reach for the stars again. They spread far across their planet, forming large technologically advanced cities until they were contacted by the other two races of Algwethmai and they formed the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres.

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