Mayall's Object (or Arp 148) is the result of two colliding galaxies located 450 million light years away from the Milky Way.

Aside from its unique shape produced by galactic collision, this galaxy is among one of the many galaxies rendered reachable through second generation wormhole generators. Many Confederacy ships passed through the wormhole leading to the galaxy, only to stumble upon a treasure trove of intelligent life, with intelligent species on nearly half of the planets in the galaxy. The most advanced of these species discovered is only starting to experiment with spaceflight.

Although not involved in the First War, a century-long conflict called the War in Heaven split the territory in the galaxy that humans claimed into three separate empires. These empires are known as the Holy Church of God (Christianity), the Temple of Amaterasu (Shinto), and the Avalokiteśvara Empire (Buddhism). The Holy Church of God is an extremist cult spanning at least twelve hundred star systems. The members of the cult believe that the genocide of all non-believers and all alien species as well as a number of other things is the only way to keep the anti-christ from being born. The cult itself is shrouded in mystery and is desperately trying to expand beyond its current borders, only being held back by the combined force of the Temple of Amaterasu, the Avalokiteśvara Empire, and the Balor Collective. At this point in time, the cult seems like it's about to either implode internally or splinter apart spectacularly. The largest of the bunch, the Temple of Amaterasu, spans three quarters of the blue part of Mayall's Object, with some grassroots in the galaxy's 'tail'. The religion of the empire itself is very similar to how Shinto was during the fifteenth century. This empire is the most open of the three, with several million members of the empire being alien species, both from Mayall's Object and from other galaxies, with humans making up the majority. The Avalokiteśvara Empire is not as open as the Temple of Amaterasu, only allowing certain alien species that are not known for causing any trouble for their human neighbors. It occupies the remaining quarter of the blue part of Mayall's Object.

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