The Meerkeethus are an early type two species of arachnid organisms native to planet Falcar in in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 7,000 BCE to the present.


The Meerkeethus are a strange species that has existed for a fairly relative short amount of time, only fully evolving in 7,000 BCE. Despite this, they have managed to expand and colonize several star systems thanks to their rapid growth in technology. However when it comes to their overall belief structure, they are a fairly unenlightened people as they suffer from inequality of the sexes, as male Meerkeethus have little to no individual rights despite possessing the same level of intelligence as the females of the species. The reason for this remains unclear, but it seems to be ingrained in the most prominent religion of the Meerkeethus known as: "The Way of the Mother." which has caused it to become integrated in the mainstream public.

This resulted in a few civil wars and conflicts, the most famous and devastating of these would be the: "Mother-Daughter War" that began in 10,484 CE and would end thanks to the intervention of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 10,504 CE. Afterwards they would become the fourth species to join the ever-growing intragalatic civilization.

At their height as an independent type two species they managed to colonize around fifteen star systems in the Mid Arm, all in close proximity to each other.

The species never encountered any other world with life, and as such, they believed that planet Falcar was the only world in the universe with life. However after the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems intervened in the Mother-Daughter War, their Eternal Question would be answered.


The Meerkeethus are an arachnid species, and as such, they possess many features known across most arachnids in the universe. They have eight limbs arranged all around the Meerkeethus' body referred to as: "Legs". At the end of each leg is a sharp metal like bone that increases the Meerkethus' height by around twelve feet. These bones are used as an offensive weapon, allowing a Meerkeethus to strike at a target with incredible speed, giving them a striking power of, 145 psi, easily allowing them to break granite. Their legs are covered hundreds of billions of setules, allowing them to crawl most any vertical surface, and even skirt across water. They can also rotate their legs a full three hundred and sixty degrees thanks to then all joints they posses, turning their legs into rapidly spinning rotor blades.

At the front of their body are two four feet long pincers protruding outwards, allowing them to grasp multiple prey at once. As well, they have two large tusks, similar to those belonging to the: "Suidae" family of mammals. These tusks allow a Meerkeethus to buck and impale targets fairly easily. This, combined with their legs, and pincers have made them extremely effective predators.

They possess eight, compound eyes, arranged in a circle around their body, allowing them to see with an incredible three hundred and sixty degree range. They are also hidden from view to outside observers as they share the same color to the Meerkethus' skin-tone, this serves as a defense mechanism, making it hard for rival organisms to locate their eyes as a point of a attack.

They are extremely fast, moving around sixty five kilometers an hour, making them very effective at ambushing a target, as well as being neigh uncatchable. Because of this, and their lack of appendages that can grasp them, the Meerkeethus rely's on their natural abilities in combat rather then any form of weaponry.

As they are a form of spider, they can create webbing. And this webbing can be used to create massive structures, with a single Meerkeethus able to create a web around six kilometers in length on its own. However unlike most known spiders in the universe, they are not created to trap prey. Instead they are used to create a nest for a female Meerkeethus and her entourage of male consorts. They are also extremely durably, with it taking a force of 300 psi to break it They are also very versatile, with them being able to be used to numerous ways, including using them as the structure of space ships. Because of this, and the extreme versatility in their usage, these webs have become the backbone of all Meerkeethus structures and technology.

Despite all of these advantages, their skin is fairly weak, allowing almost anything to puncture it. This makes the Meerkeethus extremely vulnerable to ranged weaponry, so usually a Meerkeethus will keep on the move in order to not sustain any damage.

Their diet is exclusively made up of the neigh countless animals and insects of Falcar. And thanks to their incredible repertoire of offensive capabilities, they have become the apex predators of Falcar, unparalleled by any other.

The physical difference between female and male Meerkeethus is so minimal that only Meerkeethus themselves can tell the difference. This has caused other member species of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems to confuse the two, and since males are viewed as lesser then females in Meerkeethus culture, this is an extreme social taboo by them.

The Meerkeethus speak exclusively through vocalization in the form of clicking which can be translated through simple Morse code, with the emotion in the speech being conveyed through a unique form of punctuation.


The individual behavior of Meerkeethus depends on the gender of the individual in question. Typically, females will behave as the leaders of a small tribe of males that serve as her own personal consorts. As well, females will serve as the hunters, and political leaders.

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