Menosia (RS 8476-2708-8-739711-868 4 to humans) is the homeworld of the Menosian Race, a race of sentient humanoids. The system it lays in is about 41.56kly from Sol. The planet has five asteroid moons, which are named "Thespa", "Artorius", "Centair", "Quinties", and "Isasia".



The Menosian People converted to Christianity when a group of Christian Missionaries came and preached to them. The current government is a republic, which controls the Salinia Star System, as well as a few systems nearby.

The planet was discovered by Human Explorers in 2721 when a group of Menosian Scientists tried to make contact with another civilization.


The Planet Menosia was formed early on in the universe, however, sentient life only arrived about 100,000 years ago. As such, it is amazing how far the Menosians have come since first becoming sentient. Civilization it'self only formed about 12 - 13,000 years ago, with the first cities being formed. Soon after, the Menosians, learned how to make bronze weaponry. About 2,000 years later, they learned how to make iron weapons. Around this same time, the first great empire was founded, which was known as the Centaurian Empire. They created the first form of indoor plumbing, as well as provided roads to their people. About 800 years ago, the Menosian People began space flight, and 200 years later, they created their first interstellar spacecraft, which they used to visit the nearby Soliena System, which to their surprise, did not have any habitable planets. Very recently, the Menosians made contact with Humanity, which they benefited much from.


The atmosphere is composed of CO2, Oxygen, and Nitrogen, but mostly Carbon Dioxide. Other than that, there is H2O and Argon in the atmosphere.

The atmosphere reaches to 57.31 km, and the tropopause height is 3.84 km. Pressure is 0.731 atm, while the temperature is 19.063 °C.

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