This list represents the estimation of how powerful the militaries of superpowers are. Military power does not necessarily mean nation size, population or even ship amount, but rather, how much money a nation puts into maintaining a large, advanced and trained force. (A nations ranking is not permanent, if it makes sense to be higher or lower on the list, it can change.)

  1. Confederacy of Borealis Power Index: 0.998
  2. Commonwealth of United Economic Nations Power Index: 0.993
  3. The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony Power Index: 0.982
  4. Empire of Mankind Power Index: 0.981
  5. The Union Power Index: 0.977
  6. The Intergalactic Federation 0.975
  7. The Supreme Power Index: 0.972
  8. DELYATU Power Index: 0.971
  9. The Sha-Kara Remnant: Power Index: 0.963
  10. The Elite Nora (claims) Power Index: 0.958
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